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Beyond all Contradiction, the dange-

rous Tendency of a late POEM,


The Rape of the Lock,





To which are added,

Commendatory Copies of Verses, by the most

Eminent Political Wits of the Age.

Printed in the Year 1723.

THE Epistle Dedicatory to Mr. POPE.

it is that of making up and dispensing salutary Medicines to his Majesty's Subjeëls, (I might say my Fellow-Subjects, since I have had the Advantage of being naturalized) yet cannot I think it unbecoming me to furnish an Antidote against the Poyfon which hath been so artfully distilled through your Quill, and conveyed to the World thro' the pleasing Vehicles of your Numbers. Nor is my Profession as an Apothecary, so abhorrent from yours as a Poet, since the Ancients have thought fit to make the same God the Patron of both. I bave, not without fome Pleasure, observ’d the myslical Arms of our Company, wherein is represented Apollo killing the fell Monster Python: this in some measure admonishes me of my Duty, to trample upon and destroy, as much as in me lies, that Dragon, or baneful Serpent, Popery.

I must take leave to make you my Patient, whether you will or no; though out of the Respect I have for you, I fould rather chuse to apply Lenitive than Cor. rosive Medicines; happy, if they may prove an Emetic sufficient to make you cast up those Errors, which you have imbibed in your Education, and which, I hope, I mall never live to see this Nation digest.

Sir, I cannot but lament, that a Gentleman of your acute Wit, rectified Understanding, and sublimated Imagination, pould misapply those Talents to raise ill Humours in the Constitution of the Body Politick, of which your self are a Member, and upon the Health whereof your own Preservation depends. Give me leave to say, such Principles as yours would again reduce us to the fatal Necefity of the Phlebotomy of War, or the Causticks of Persecution.

iv The Epistle Dedicatory.

In order to inform you of this, I have fought your Acquaintance and Conversation with the utmost Diligence, for I hoped in Person to persuade you to a publick Confesion of your Fault, and a Recantation of these dangerous Tenets. But finding all my Endeavour's ineffetual, and being satisfied with the Conscience of having done all that became a Man of an hones Heart and honourable Intention; I could no longer omit my Duty in opening the Eyes of the World by ibe Publication of this Discourse. It was indeed written some Months since, but seems not the less proper at this JunEture, when I find so universal Encouragement given by both parties to the Author of a libellous Work that is designed equally to prejudice them both. The uncommon Sale of this Book (for above 6000 of them have been already vended) was also a farther Reason that call'd aloud upon me to put a stop to its further Progress, and to preserve his Majesty's Subjects, by expofing the whole Artifice of your Poem in publick

Sir, to address my self to so florid a Writer as you, without collecting all the Flowers of Rhetorick, would be an unpardonable Indecorum ; but when I speak to the World, as I do in the following Treatise, I must use a simple Stile, since it would be absurd to prescribe an universal Medicine, or Catholicon, in a Language not universally understood.

As I have always profesed to have a particular Esteem for Men of Learning, and more especially for your self, nothing but the Love of Truth Mould have engaged me in a Design of this Nature. Amicus Plato, Amicus Socrates, sed magis Amicus Veritas. !

Your most sincere Friend,
and bumble Servant,


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To my much Honoured and Efteemed

Friend, Mr. E. BARNIVELT, Author of the Key to the Lock. An ANAGRAM and ACROSTICK. By N. CASTLETON, a Well-willer to the Coalition of Parties.




arrels conceal the Liquor they contain,
And Sculls are but the Barrels of the Brain.
Ripe. Politicks the Nation's Barrell fill,
N one can like thee its Fermentation still.
Ingenious Writer, left thy Barrel split,
V nbarrel thy juft Senfe and broach thy Wie.
Extract from Tory Barrels all French Juice,

L et not the Whiggs Geneva's Stumm infuse,
T hen shall thy Barrel be of gen’ral Use.

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