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A. D. 33. Ghost: as your fathers cil, told them plainly, That notdid, fo do ye. withstanding all these unexcep

tionable Evidences from their own Scriptures, he still expected that they would cortinue hard against the Word of God, and the miracuJous Testimonies of his Spirit, just as their Fore-fathers had too often done before them.

$2. Which of the 52. Only with this Difference, prophets have

not That they only abused those Proyour fathers perse- phets that foretold and described cuted ? and they have the blessed Times of the Meffiah; Nain them which Thewed before of the

but you (says he) by a more descoming of the just perate Degree of 'Wickedness, One, of whom ye have betrayed and murdered the have been now the very Mafiah himself. betrayers and murderers.

53. Who have re Ś3. And finally, That this ceived the law by the their Law and Temple; tho' the disposition of angels, one so augustly and solemnly deand have not kept it. clared from Heaven, the other so magnificent in its Fabrick and Worship, should be so far from being their Security, under such unrepented Violation of the Divine Will, that they would serve only as Arguments to ascertain, and increase, and aggravate that most exemplary Judgment that was coming upon them. 54: When they

54. This Discourse, and the heard these things, bold Application of it to them, they were cut to the fo incensed the Council, that heart

, and they gnash they expressed themselves against ed on him with ebeir him, with all the Signs of Rage teeth.

and Bitterness. 55. But he being 55. Stephen knowing what this full of the holy Ghost, Fury of theirs would end in, looked up itedfastly lifted up his Eyes and heart to into heaven, and faw Heaven, where his only Hope the glory of God, and and Confidence was placed ; and Jesus ftanding on the right hand of God,

God for his present Support,

vouchsafed him a Sight of the SHECHINAH, of glorious Appearance of the Divine


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Majesty, and Jesus in the highest Splendor and Great- A. D. 33.
ness, ready to save and receive him.

56. And said, Be. 56. And he declared to them
hold, I see the hea- all, what he saw.
vans opened, and the
Son of man standing on the right hand of God.
57. Then they cri.

57. But they, seeing nothing
ed out with a loud of the Vision as he did, took it
voice, and stopped as a fresh Instance of his Blaf-
their ears, and ran up- phemy, to confirm the former
on him with one ac- Charge; and exclaiming against

him in the loudest Manner, called upon the People to carry him off, and stone him as a Blasphemer.

58. And cast bim 58. And to put some face of
out of the city, and a legal Proceeding upon the Mat-
ftoned him :. and the ter; they ordered him to be car-
witnesses laid down ried out of the City, and the
their cloaths at a young Witnesses first to begin the Ex-
mans feet, whose name ecution, who accordingly stript
was Saul.

themselves for it, and gave their
Cloaths to be kept by one Saul, an eminent young
Zealot againft Stephen; who, by this Office, desired
to testify his Consent to his Death..
59. And they stoned

59. Thus they murdered this
Stephen, calling upon eminent Disciple, who all the
* God, and saying, while commended his Soul to
Lord Jesus, receive JESUS his Saviour. *
my spirit.

60. And he kneel. 60. And in the Midst of his
ed down, and cried Agonies got upon his Knees, and
with a loud voice, begged of God not to add this
Lord, lay not this fin to the rest of their heavy Crimes;
to their charge. And and so died with as much Calm-
when he had said this, ness and Composure, as if he
he fall alleep.
had fallen alleep.

Ver. 59. Calling upon God. Note, The Word (God)
is not in the Original, nor ought to have been inserted here
The Reading is, And they stoned Stephen, itixantusov,
Calling out to, or calling upon, or praying and saying, Lord
Iefus, &c. And if the Word God be supposed to be put in
this Place, yet the Sense may well be this, viz. Caliing upon
God, and also saying, Lord ejus Receive my Spirit.



A general Persecution again't the Converts to Christia-

nity. They are forced to flee from Jerusalem. Only
the Apostles stay there. Saul à chief Instrument in this
Persecution. The Preaching and Miracles of Philip
the Deacon in Samaria. Of Simon the Sorcerer. His
Proposal to buy the Gifts of the Holy Ghost with Mo-
ney. Peter's Reproof of him thereupon. Philip cón-

verts thë Eunuch, and baptizeth him. 4. D. 33. *. AND Saul was HE Rage and Malice of consenting un

the Council at Stephen's to his death. And at Discourse, did not end in his that time there was a Murder, but extended to all the great persecution 2gainst the church Christian Converts; all, or moft which was at Jerufa. of which, were forced therelem; and they were upon to retire from Jerusalem all scattered 'abroad into the several Parts of Judaa throughout the regi- and Samaria. But the twelve ons of Judæa and Sa- Apostles * continued there ftill: maria, except the a. And in the Execution of these poftles.

persecuting Orders of the Council, Saul was a principal Instrument, as he had before been of Stephen's Condemnation.

2. In


Ver. 1. Talo oy a mosórwy, Except the Apostles; who, in all Probability, would hardly have abided the Danger of this Persecution, but from some special Order from God; and

by a particular Providence over them. · The Reason for their Continuance at Jerusalem in a Body,' I conceive to be, That they might consult and give Directions to them that were scattered into several Parts, relating to the Converts they should make. See Chap. viii. 14, 86. and Chap. xi. 22, 86. See Bp. Pearson's Oper. Polis

pag. 62.


2. And devout men 2. In the mean Time, thoit A. D. 35. carried Stephen to his was against the Custom of the burial, and made great Jewis Nation to bury Malefaclamentation over him.

tors in the fame Manner with other People, yet Stephen's * Friends ventured to carry his Body off, and perform his Funeral with the usual Decencies and Respects. 3. As for Saul, he

3. To proceed now in the Acmade havock of the count of this Dispersion of the church, entring into Christian Converts, who could every house, and hal

now no longer endure their own ing men and

Houses, by reason of the Zeal committed them to

and Fury of Saul, who by Orprison.

der of the Council, entered and searched them all, dragging Men and Women out to Prison.

4. Therefore they 4. But these Endeavours to that were scattered a- iuppress the Christian Doctrine, broad, went every tended yet further to spread and where preaching the

propagate it. For such of those word.

that were driven from Jerusalem, as had sufficient Endowments of the Holy Ghoft, and Authority from the Apostles, went preaching, and confirming the Gospel, through the several Towns and Countries, into which they were dispersed.

5. Then Philip went 5, 6, 7 & 8. Among whom down to the city of Philip, one of the seven Deacons Samaria, and preach. or Stewards for the Poor, (Chap. ed Christ unto them. vi.) distinguished himself in one

6. And the people of the chief Cities of the Samawith one accord gave ritan Country ; in which he heed unto those things preached, and wrought Miracles hearing and seeing the with such Success, that the greatmiracles which he did. eft Part of the People believed, 7. For unclean spi- and embraced the Gospel with rits, E


"Arseas curalis, Devo:it Men. Whether this Phrase in this place, fignifies Jewish Proselyres, or Christian Gone verts, is hardly to be determined ; though most probably they were Jewish Profelytes turned Christians.

was some

1. D. 35. rits, crying with a the greatest Gladness and Satif

loud voice, came out fa&tion.
of many that were possessed with them and many taken
with pallies, and that were lame, were healed.

8. And there was great joy in that city.

9. But there was a 9, 10 & 11. Now there had
certain man called Si- been a good while in that City,
mon, which before.

one Simon, a famous Sorcerer,
time in the same city that declared himself endowed
used forcery, and be with moft eminent Degrees of
witched the people of
Samaria, giving out

divine Power; and indeed had
that himself

so long and often astonished the

People with diabolical and magi-
great one.

to. To whom they cal Performances, that he was
all gave heed, from cried up by all Ranks, for a
the least to the great wonderful and divine Person.
elt, saying, This man
is the great power of God.

11. And to him they had regard, because that of long
time he had bewitched them with forceries.

12. But when they 12. But upon hearing the
believed Philip,preach- comfortable and reasonable Doc-
ing the things con- trine of the Christian Religion
cerning the kingdom from Philip, and seeing the far
of God, and the name
of Jesus Christ, they Miracles by which he confirmed

more plain and unexceptionable
were baptized both
men and women.

it, they left Simon, and were

baptized into the Religion of
13. Then Simon

13. Nay, the Power by which
himself believed also: Philip wrought his Cures, ap,
and when he was bap; peared fo evidently to be derived
cized, he continued from the true God, that Simon
with Philip, and won.

himself was as much struck and
dred, beholding the
miracles and signs

astonished at them, as the Peo-
which were done.

ple had been at his; and finding

he could no longer stand in
Competition with him, pretended at least, to be his
fincere Convert, and so was baptized, and attended
upon his preaching.
14. Now when the

14 & 15. Now the twelve A-
apofiles which were at pofties at Yerusalem, having In-


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