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every Kind.

are naked, and are endure Hardships and Reproaches A. D. 57. buffeted, and have no of certain dwelling place.

12. And labour, 12 & 13. I maintain myself by working with our own my own Labour. When I am hands: being reviled, reviled, I bless those that revile we bless : being per- me; when persecuted, I bear it secuted, we suffer it.

patiently. When I am defamed 13. Being defamed, and Nandered, I only intreat Peowe intreat i we made as the filch of ple to have a more charitable Othe world, and

pinion of me; and by some I am the off scouring of all treated as no better than the things unto this day. most vile and impure Thing that



can be.


I write not there 14. Now, I do not mention things to shame you, this ill Usage of yours so much to but as my beloved sons shame and vex you, as to draw I warn you.

and persuade you like Children, to treat me more like a spiritual Father for the future.

15. For though you 15. And surely I may claim a have ten thousand in- just Respect from the Generality structors in Christ, yet of you Corinthian Christians. For have se not many far had you ten thousand new Teachthers: for in Chrift

ers, never so famous among you, Jesus I have begotten you thro' the gospel.

you cannot deny but I was the

Person that taught you the Gofpel, and first made you Christians.

16. Wherefore I 16. And let me intreat you all beseech



to keep to the same Rule of lowers of me.

Faith and Doctrine I at first instructed you in; and particularly your new Teachers not to set up themselves any longer against others, but to imitate me in a meek and uniform Behaviour. 17. For this cause

17. To convince them of which have I sent unto you Behaviour of mine, I now send Timotheus, who is my beloved son, and my beloved Timothy to you, who faithful in the Lord, trine and Practice in every Church

can sufficiently testify my Docwho fall bring you into remembrance of

I am concern'd in. my ways which be in Christ, as I teach every where in every church.

18. Now

A. D. 57

18. Now some are 18. Some of your new Teachpuffed up as though I ers perhaps may boastingly prewould not come to tend that I send Timothy, because you.

I dare not come and vindicate myself in Person. 19.

But I will come 19. But let them be assured, I to you shortly, if the shall shortly be with them, by Lord will, and will God's Help; and shall not only know, not the speech clear my self, but take an Acof them which are count of them too.

I shall not puffed up, but the examine what Eloquence and Phipower.

losophy they are Masters of, but what spiritual Gifts and Qualifications they are endowed withal.

Those are the Things that qualify a true Christian Apostle.

20. For the king 20. For the Christian Religion dom of God is not in is not to be understood, preached word, but in power. and propagated by the Powers of human Learning, but by the Inspiration and miracuJous Endowments of the Holy Ghoft.

21. What will ye? 21. And let them take Warnshall I come unto you ing, and chuse how they will be with a rod, or in love, treated by me. For if they will and in the spirit of reform and correct this proud and meekness ?

insolent Behaviour, I shall treat them with brotherly Love and Tenderness; but if not, I shall use my apoftolical Power, and inflict such severe * Punishment upon them as their Carriage deserves.


* Ver. 21. 'Ev pabrw. With a Rod, most probably fignifies such corporal Punishments as the Apostles were enabled by a miraculous Power, to inflict upon obftinate Offenders, as in the Case of Ananias and Saphira. See Cbap. y. 4, 5. 2 Cor. xiii. 10. and 1 Tim. i. 20.

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A. D. 57


The CONTENTS. One of the Faction against St. Paul had married his Mother-in-Law, even while her Husband lived.

Some of the Faction defend him. The Apostle severely handles him, and expostulates with them. Warning against the Sin of Uncleanness, and so much as converfing with any Chriftian that was notoriously guilty of it. He exhorts the Church to excommunicate and punish such Offenders. IT is reported 1.


Threatned (Chap. iv. 19,

21.) to come among you, there is fornication a- and take due Cognizance of your mong you, and such * Miscarriages; and 'tis Time for fornication as is not me fo to do, for I am certainly so much as named a

informed of one most scandalous mongst the Gentiles, Crime committed among you at that one should have his fathers wife.

Corinth. One of you, it seems,

has marry'd his Mother-in-Law; a Thing that many Heathens are ashamed of, if it be not exprefly forbidden in their Laws*.

2. And ye are puffed 2. And yet some of you, beap, and have not ra- cause perhaps the Man is of their ther mourned, that he Party, (and a leading Man in it,) that hath done this seem to encourage and glory in deed, might be taken him, instead of excommunicating away from among and lamenting him as a lewd and you.

profligate Person. 3. For I verily as 3. Now, though I am not preabsent in body, but fent with you, I give you my popresent in spirit, have sitive Orders about this Man, with judged already, as the fame Authority and Direction though


* Ver. 1. Fornication, togveia, Uncleanness; including all the several kinds of it. That of Incest here, and the res in the following Chapters, are easily diftinguish'd by an attestive Reader. See Mr. Lock's Nots on this Verse.

A. D. 57. though I were pre of the Holy Spirit, as if I were ac

fent, concerning him tually among you.
that hath so done this



4. In the name of 4 & 5. That in a full Affemour Lord Jesus Christ, bly of your Church, by the Auwhen ye are gathered thority of our Lord Jesus Chrif; together, and my spi- and under my spiritual Direction, rit, with the power of our Lord Jerus Chrift, you immediately expel this Man

from the Christian Church, and 5. To deliver such

deliver him to Satan, till by suffian one unto Satan' for the destruction of the

cient Punishment, both of Mind . See Cb. Hesh, that the spirit and Body *, he is brought to a iv 21. may be saved in the

due Sense of his Crime, and by a i Tim. i. day of the Lord Jesus. true Repentance may be restored

to the Church, and at last be saved. 6. Your glorying is 6. Certainly, to defend and not good : know ye boast in so notorious an Offender, not that a little leaven is of dreadful Consequence. Such leaveneth the whole

an Example thus unpunished, will Jump?

in a little Time, like Leaven, corrupt and spoil the Principles of your whole Church.

7.Purge out there. 7. Remember you are Christifore the old leaven, ans; that Christ the Son of God, that ye may

be a new the true Paschal Lamb, was Nain lump, as ye are un- for your Redemption from Sin leavened. For even and Misery; and that it is imposChrist our passover is fible you can be his true Church, sacrificed for us.

or perform any acceptable Service to him, unless you clear and purge yourselves of such Wickedness and wicked Persons as this, with as much Care and Concern as the Jews did their Houses of all Leaven, before they eat their Passover.

8. Therefore let us 8. No religious Duties, I say, keep the feast, not but especially that of the holy Sawith old leaven, nei.

crament, the folemn Commemother with the leaven ration of his Death and Sufferings, of malice and wickedness, but with the till you free yourselves and your

can be duly performed by you, unleavened bread of fincerity and truth.

Church of such open unclean Prac

tices, and vile Pretenders; and live up to the Gospel Purity and Sincerity.

9 & 10

9. I wrote unto you 9 & 10. I was intended * to A. D. 57 in an epistle, not to write to you before this, to warn company with forni

you not so much as to converse *"Egyescators t.

with any People given to notori-te. 10. Yet not alto

Ous * Uncleanness. I don't mean # nógvoss. gether with the forthat

See Ver. 1. nicators of this world,


should renounce all Conor with the covetous,

versation with your heathen Neighor extortioners, or

bourhood (whose very Religion with idolaters í for and Laws allows them in fome then mutt ye needs Kinds of this Vice, and) who go out of the world. are generally addicted to Covet

ousness, Extortion, or some such Immorality, for I know you cannot well avoid that; and I might as well bid you leave the World, as not converse with the People you live amongst. II. But now I have

II. My Meaning is (and I now written unto you, not particularly charge you to observe to keep company,

if any man that is called verse with, or take

you utterly refuse to con


Notice of a brother be a fornica

any Christian Profeffor, be he who tor, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or

he will, that is known to be guilty .a drunkard, or an ex

of such notorious Practices. tortioner, with such an one, no not to eat. 12. For what have

12. As for Heathens, I say, and I to do to judge them the Crimes they are guilty of, it also that are without? is not mine nor your

Business to do not ye judge them call them to an Account, or pass that are within? I

a judicial Sentence upon them. But 'tis your Business, and your indispensable Duty too, as Christians, to condemn and punith the scandalous Members of your own religious Society. 13. But them that

13. Leaving the Heathens therewithout, God fore to the Judgment of GOD, judgeth I. Therefore their juft and proper Master, do put


it) that


# Ver. 12, 13, Note, The true Pointing of these two Verses is, most probably, that which Theophyla&t observes to have been in some Copies; and the Reading hould be this, For wbat? Have I any Thing to do to judge them also that are without? No ; judge je obem ibat are within i them ibai are without God judgetb.

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