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V. 17



Five Thousand converted by the foregoing Discourse and

Miracle of the Two Apostles. The Jewish Council,
and Roman Captain, cause them to be apprehended,
and brought before them. Their Defence of themselves.
The Determination of the Council thereupon. The
Apostles Answer to it. Their Prayer upon that Occa-
fion; and the Effect of it. The Unity and Charity of
the new Converts. The particular Generosity of Joses,
firnamed Barnabas.

HIS Discourse of the A- A. D. 33.

AND as they

spake unto the

postles, and the Cure

people, the priests and they had wrought, being imme-

the captain of the tem- diately heard of by the chief .

ple, and the Sadduces Priests and Sadduces, and the

came upon them.

Roman Officer that guarded the

Temple, they took Cognizance of them as Disturbers

of the Peace

2. Being grieved 2. The chief Priests of the

that they taught the great Council being fretted to
people, and preached hear the Man whom they had
through Jesus the re. crucified as a Malefactor, preach-
surrection of the dead. ed up for the Messiah ; and the
Sadduces at the Doctrine of the Resurrection which
they violently opposed; but the Roman Captain's Fear
was, that it should prove a Riot.

3: And they laid 3. Accordingly they caused
hands on them, and them that very Evening to be
put them in hold un- apprehended and imprisoned, in
to the next day : for order to be examined and pu-'
it was now even tide. nished the Day after.

4. Howbeit many 4. But notwithstanding this
of them which heard Severity, about five thousand of
the word believed; the People were converted to the
and the number of the Christian Religion by that Dif- :
men was about five



5 & 6.



A. D. 33 5. And it came to 5 & 6. So the next Day the

pass on the morrow, High Priests Annas and Caiaphas, that their rulers, and aflembled all the chief Priests and elders, and scribes, Doctors of the Law, that belong.. 6. And Annas the ed * to the great Council

. There high priest, and Caia

was no Occasion for the Roman phas, and John, and

Commander's Presence; for the Alexander, and

many as were of the Pretence of Sedition was waved, *'Exgév kindred of the high being wholly groundless, and a BS ásx1n. priest

, were gathered mere Invention of the Jewish calixóc together at Jerusalem. Priests, who therefore were now

the only Members of this Court. 7. And when they 7. And ordering the two Ahad set them in the postles to be brought into Court, midit, they asked, By they demanded of them, by what what power, or by Art they had done the Cure upon what name have ye the lame Man, and by what done this?

Authority they preached to the

People. 8. Then Peter filled

8,9 & 10. Peter being affifted with the holy Ghoft, by the Holy Ghoft, with Readisaid unto them, Ye ness and Courage to speak before rulers of the people, fo great an Assembly, gave them and elders of Israel,

9. If we this day be this respectful Answer. That as examined of the good to the Cure wrought upon the deed done to the im- poor Man, it had all the Signs of potent man, by what an Act of Charity and Mercy, but

he is made nothing that could look like a whole,

Crime. And as to the Power by 10. Be it known which they did it, they professed unto you all, and to to them, and the whole Nation, all the people of Isra- it was derived from the very el, that by the name Jesus of Nazareth whom they of Jesus Christ of Na- had crucified, and from no other, zareth, whom ye cru. cified, whom God hath raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

1. This is the 11. Who by his Resurrection fone which was set at from the Dead, is now become, nought by you buil- what the Pfalmift described him, ders, which is now be- (Psal. cxviii. 22.) The Saviour of come the head of the Mankind, and Lord and Head of

the Church, though you of the Counçil rejected and despised him.

12. And



12. Nei

12. Neither is there 12. And then as to our Au- d. D. 33. salvation in any other, thority for preaching to the Peo- m for there is none other ple, we have it allo from the name under heaven same Jesus, * who has commifgiven among men, 'fioned and enjoined us to publish whereby we must be

to the World, 'That there is saved.

now no other Means of Pardon * and Salvation to Mankind, but that of embracing and living up to his Religion.

13. Now when they 13 & 14. The Council knowsaw the boldness of ing the two Apostles to have Peter and John, and been the Disciples of Jesus while perceived that they he lived and preached, and that were unlearned and they were private plain Men, marvelled, and they brought up to no Learning in took knowledge of the Law, they could not but them that they had marvel at the great Readiness been with Jesus. and Strength with which they

14. And beholding spoke; and the Man they had the man which was cured standing by them, they healed ftanding with could object nothing to the Truth them, they.could say and Reality of the Miracle. nothing against it.

15. But when they 15 & 16. And ordering them commanded them to to withdraw, they consulted toge. go aside out of the ther, and considering the Fact was council, they conferred so universally known and allowamong themselves, 16. Saying, What what to determine about it, or

ed, they were perfectly at a Loss shall we do to these

how to restrain the Apostles from men? for that indeed a notable miracle hath proceeding any farther, been done by them, is manifest to all them that dwell at Jerusalem, and we cannot deny it.


17 & 18,

* Ver. 12. W bereby we must be saved or be healed, or cured, as this lame Man was, ver. 9, 10. it is the fame Word used in both Passages. Salvation, in the spiritual Sense, as being owing to Chrif alone, as fole Mediator, is sufficiently proved from other Pallages; tho' we should allow it in this place to be meant of a temporal Cure. However, I have here given it the Acceptation commonly given by Interpreters.


4. D. 33. 17. But that it spread 17 & 18. However being re

no farther among the solved not to be convinced them-
people, let us straight- felves, and to keep the common
ly threaten them, that people from it as much as they
they speak henceforth
to no man in this could, they agreed to fend for

them in, and charge them, upon
18. And they called Pain of the utmost Punishment,
them, and command. to preach this Doctrine no more
ed them not to speak to any of the People.
at all, nor teach in the Name of Jesus.

19. But Peter and 19 & 20. To which the ApoJohn answered, and stles replied, That though they said unto them, Whe- had all just Regard for their

Auther it be right in the thority, yet in the present Cafe, sight of God, to

having an absolute Assurance of hearken to you mor than unto God, judge and a Commission from God to

the Truth of what they taught, ye.

20. For we cannot publish it, they referred it to but speak the things their own Consciences, whether which we have seen they could expect to be obeyed, and heard.

and so told them plainly, they

neither could, nor would do it. 21. So when they 21. The Council could do no had farther threatned more but repeat their Threats to them, they let them them, and lo dismiss them; for go, finding nothing the common People had such a how they might punith them, because of mighty Efteem, and religious the people for all Veneration for them, that they men glorified God for durft not arbitrarily punish them, that which was done. for fear of a Tumult.

22. For the man 22. And that which heightenwas about forty years ed “and confirmed the People's old, on whom this Opinion of the Cure, was, that miracle of healing was the Length of the Distemper Thewed.

had put it paft all natural Remedies, the Man being forty Years old.

23. And being let 23. The two Apoftles being go, ihey went to their dismissed, went immediately to own company, and the other ten, and the rest on reported all that the whom the Holy Ghost had fallen, chief priests and elders (chap.ii.) and told them what had


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had said unto them. pass’d in the Council, and how 4. D. 33. severely they were threatened.

24. And when they 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30. bad heard that, they Who thereupon addressed them lift up their voices to selves in earnest and solemn PrayGod with one accord, er to God the Creator and Goverand said, Lord, tbou

nor of the World, acknowledging art God which haft

to him, That the Sufferings of his made heaven and earth, and the sea and Son Jesus Christ, by the Hands of all that in them is.. the Jewish and Roman Gover

25. Who by the nors, and the Treatment which mouth of thy fervant they his Apostles and Disciples now David haft said, Why had, and were like to meet withal did the heathen rage, in the World, were the most wise and the people ima- and full Accomplishment * of what gine a vain thing? He by his Spirit had foretold by 26. The kings of his Prophet David, (Psal. ii

. 1;) the earth food up, and concerning the Meffiah. Befeechthe rulers were gai ing him withal to alift and inspire thered together againft them with sufficient Courage and the Lord, and against his Chrift.

Resolution, and with a Continu27. For of a truth ance of such miraculous Powers, against thy holy child as would enable them to preach Jesus, whom thou and propagate the Christian Relihaft anointed, both gion under all their Difficulties and Herod, and Pontius Sufferings. Pilate, with the Gentiles, and the people of Israel were gathered together.

28. For to do whatsoever thy hand, and thy counsel determined before to be done. *

29. And now, Lord, behold their threatnings, and grant onto thy servants that with all boldness they may speak thy word,

30. By stretching forth thine hand to heal: and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jujus.

31, And

• Ver. 27 & 28. Note, These Words, For to do whatsoever tby Hand, and tby Counsel determined before to be done, may, in fit Construction, bé referred to the Words, Telus wborn tbou bast Anointed - For 'lo do zobatsoever, &c. agreeable to Chap. . 38. God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Gbely and with Power, wbo went about doing Good, and bealing all obai were opprefed, for God was with bim.

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