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The following Works, all in single volumes, or pamphlets, and recently published, will be found more or less to uphold or elucidate the general doctrines inculcated in these Tracts :

Bp. Taylor on Repentance, by Hale.Rivingtons.
Bp. Taylor's Golden Grove.- Parker, Oxford.

Vincentii Lirinensis Commonitorium,' with translation. Parker, Oxford.

Pusey on Cathedrals and Clerical Education.— Roake and


Hook's University Sermons.- Talboys, Oxford.
Pusey on Baptism (published separately).–Rivingtons.
Newman's Sermons. 4 vols.Rivingtons.
Newman on Romanism, &c.Rivingtons.
The Christian Year.Parker, Oxford.
Lyra Apostolica.-Rivingtons.
Perceval on the Roman Schism.-Leslie.
Bishop Jebb’s Pastoral Instructions.Duncan.
Dodsworth's Lectures on the Church.—Burns.
Newman on Suffragan Bishops.-Rivingtons.
Keble's Sermon on Tradition.— Rivingtons.
Memoir of Ambrose Bonwick.Parker, Oxford.
Hymns for Children on the Lord's Prayer.-Rivingtons.
Law's first and second Letters to Hoadly.--Rivingtons.
Bp. Andrews' Devotions, Latin and Greek.-Pickering.
Hook's Family Prayers.--Rivingtons.
Herbert's Poems and Country Pastor.
Evans's Scripture Biography.-Rivingtons.
Le Bas's Life of Archbishop Laud.-Rivingtons.
Jones (of Nayland) on the Church.
Bp. Bethell on Baptismal Regeneration.-Rivingtons.

Bp. Beveridge's Sermons on the Ministry and Ordinances.Parker, Oxford.

Bp. Jolly on the Eucharist.
Fulford's Sermons on the Ministry, &c.Rivingtons.
Rose's Sermons on the Ministry.-Rivingtons.
A Catechism on the Church.- Parker, Oxford.
Russell's Judgment of the Anglican Church.-Baily.
Poole's Sermons on the Creed. --Grant, Edinburgh.
Sutton on the Eucharist.Parker, Oxford.
Leslie on the Regale and Pontificate.--Leslie.
Pusey's Sermon on November 5.Rivingtons.
Bishop Wilson's Sacra Privata.Parker, Oxford.

Larger Works which may be profitably studied. .
Bishop Bull's Sermons.Parker, Oxford.
Bishop Bull's Works.—University Press.
Waterland's Works.-Do.
Wall on Infant Baptism.--Do.
Pearson on the Creed.-Do.
Leslie's Works._Do.
Bingham's Works.-Straker, London.
Palmer on the Liturgy.-University Press.
Palmer on the Church.Rivingtons.
Hooker, ed. Keble.- Do.


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