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It is proposed, should the plan meet with encouragement, to present the public with a series of the clioicest devotional and practical pieces of the most distinguished old English writers.

From the time of Edward VI. to Charles Il. is in some respects the richest period of the English mind and language; and the devotional and practical religious writings of the 17th century, are among the finest productions of that age.

From these writings it is proposed to publish a selection, not of mere extracts, but of the choicest entire pieces of the most eminent authors.

In general, a volume at least will be given to each author, with an introductory notice of his life and writings. Though it is intended to print the volumes uniformly, so as to make a complete series, yet each will form an entire and distinct work by itself.

The proposed series will, for a small sum, furnish a collec. tion of the choicest devotional and practical pieces in the language, most of which are now to be found only in the voluminous and expensive English editions; it wili also afford a view of the state and progress of the English language, during, perhaps, its best and most flourishing period, and a specimen of the manner and style respectively, of the most eminent writers of that time.

BelinAP & HAMERSLEY have recently published, “SELECT DEVOTIONAL AND PRACTICAL WORKS OF BISHOP HALL, with an Introductory Notice of the Life and Writings of the Author ;" being the first of the above Series. From numerous editorial notices of the work, the publishers select the following:

* Each page of the work abounds with sentiments eminently devotional and instructive, or no less forcibly inculcating prac

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tical godliness. In our days there are almost innumerable pub-
lications claiming a religious character; but the contents of
which furnish what we know not how better to describe, than
to call it light religious reading. This production is not of that
class; it commends itself to the pious, both by the quality of its
contents and the style of its execution.-Christian Secretary.

A valuable accession to the libraries of the religious com-
munity --New-England Review.

We esteem the proposed series a great desideratum, in the
class of works to which it belongs.—Patriot and Democrat.
We think it will find favor with the religious public.

Conn. Observer.
It will be seen, by a notice in our advertising columns, that
a series of religious works has been projected and is now in
progress by Messrs. Belknap and Hamersley—an enterprising
publishing house, of Hartford, Connecticut. Their plan differs
materially from that of any library now in the course of publi.
cation, inasmuch as the editor intends to confine himself in his
selections to an early period of English literature; a period, it
may be remarked, in which many devotional and theological
writings were produced, that have never been, and probably
never will be surpassed for depth and strength of thought, gen-
uine, fervent piety, and eloquence of language. The first num-
ber, or volume, of the series is already published, and contains
the Select Works of Bishop Hall, with an Introductory Notice
of his Life and Writings The design of this library is excel-
lent, and deserves a general and hearty support.-New-York
Commercial Advertiser.

The design must commend itself to the approbation of every
person of piety and good sense.-The Churchman.

We are happy to find that the Editor proposes to publish in his series “a selection, not of mere extracts, but of the choicest entire pieces of eminent authors. This being the case, we heartily commend his labor. The store of practical piety, to be found in the writings of the older divines of the Church of England, is rich and almost inexhaustible.-Christian Witness.

The plan must commend itself to the favor of all who can appreciate the rich treasures of intellect and piety contained in that class of writings from which the proposed selections are to be made.-Conn. Courant.

It is a judicious selection from works which are throughout both practical and devotional.-Religious Intelligencer.

We have met with no new publication for a long time, which we have been so much pleased to see, as the present sélection from the devotional and practical writings of Bishop Hall, and shall rejoice to see it widely circulated and deeply and devoutly studied.-Philadelphia Recorder.

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