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the admonition, according to the rule of Chrift; that in the mouth of two or three witneffes every word may be eftablifhed.

XIII. And, because it is not given to every one to speak a word in season to a wearied or diftreffed confcience, it is expedient, that a person (in that cafe) finding no ease, after the use of all ordinary means, private and publick, have their address to their own paftor, or fome experienced Christian : but if the perfon troubled in confcience be of that condition or of that fex, that discretion, modefty, or fear of scandal, requireth a godly, grave, and fecret friend to be prefent with them in their faid addrefs, it is expedient that fuch a friend be present.

XIV. When perfons of diverse fainilies are brought together by divine Providence, being abroad upon their particu lar vocations, or any neceffary occafions; as they would have the Lord their God with them whitherfoever they go, they ought to walk with God, and not neglect the duties of prayer and thanksgiving, but take care that the fame be performed by fuch as the company fhall judge fittest. And that they likewife take heed that no corrupt communication proceed out of their mouths, but that which is good, to the use of edi fying, that it may minifter grace to the hearers.

The drift and fcope of all these Directions is no other, but that, upon the one part, the power and practice of godliness amongst all the minifters and members of this kirk, according to their feveral places and vocations, may be cherished and advanced; and all impiety and mocking of religious exercifes fuppreffed: and, upon the other part, that, under the name and pretext of religious exercifes, no fuch meetings or practices be allowed as are apt to breed error, fcandal, fchifm, contempt, or mifregard of the publick ordinances and minifters, or neglect of the duties of partiuclar callings, or fuch other evils as are the works, not of the Spirit, but of the flesh, and are contrary to truth and peace.



Of the chief Matters contained in the CONFESSION

Con. fignifies the Confeffion of Faith. The firft number de-
notes the Chapter, the following figures denote the

Cat. fignifies the Larger Catechifm, and the figures denote.
the numbers of the Queftions.

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Admonition of the church, Con.

Adoption, the nature and privi-

leges of it, Can. xii. Cat. 74.
Adultery, ajust ground of divorce,
Con. xxiv. 5, 6.
Aggravations of fin, Cat. 151.
Amen, the meaning of it, Cat.196.
Angels, God's decree concerning

them, Con. iii. 3, 4. Cat. 13,
How created, Cat. 16. God's
providence towards them, Cat.
19. They are all employed at.
his pleafure in the administra-
tions of his power, mercy, and
juftice, ib. Not to be worship-
ped, Con. xxi. 2. Cat. 105.
Antichrift, what, Con. xxv. 6. The
Pope is Antichrift, ib.
Antiquity, no pretence for ufing
the devices of men in the wor
fhip of God, Cat. 109..
Anxiety about the things of this

life, finful, Cat. 105, 136, 142.
The Apocrypha, not being of di-

vine infpiration, is of no autho-
rity in the church, Con. i. 3.
Immodeft Appach, forbidden,Cat.

Afcenfion of Christ, Con. viii. 4.

Gat. 53. Affembly. See Councils.
Publick Affemblies for the worship
of God not to be carelefsly or
wilfully neglected, Con. xxi. 6.
Cc Affurance

Affurance of grace and falvation,
attainable in this life, Con. xviii.
1,2. Cat. 80. Without extract
dinary revelation, Con. xviii. 3.
Cat.80. Upon what it is founded,
Con. iii. 8. xviii. 2. Cat. 80. It
is ftrengthened by good works,
Con. xvi. 2. Believers may wart
it, Con. xviii. 3. Cat. 80, 172.
They may have it diminished
and intermitted; and be depri-
ved of comfort, and the light of
God's countenance, Con. xi. 5.
·xvii. 3. Xviii. 4. Cat. 81. But
they are never utterly deftitute
of that feed of God, and life of
faith and love, &c. out of which
affurance may, by the Spirit,
be in due time revived, Con.
xviii. 4. Cat. 81. And by which,
in the mean time, they are fup-
ported from utter defpair, ib.
It is the duty of all to endeavour
after affurance, Con. xviii. 3.
And to pray for it, Cat. 194.
The fruits of it, it inclines not
to loofenefs, Con. xviii. 3.
Atheism, the denying or not ha-
ving a God, Cat. 105.
Attributes of God, Con. ii. 1g 2.
Cat. 7, 8, 101.

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Bios. To continue to the
Aptifm,what, Con. xxviii. 1, 2.

end of the world, Con. xxviii. 1.
Cat. 176. But once to be ad-
miniftered to any perfon, Con.
xxviii. 7. Cat. 177. By whom,
Con. xxvii. 4. xxviii. 2. Cat.
176. To whom, Con. xxviii. 4.
Cat. 166. Dipping not necef-
fary in baptifm; but it may be
rightly adminiftered by sprink
ling, Con. xxviii. 3. Baptism
not neceffary to falvation, yet
it is a fin to neglect it, Con.
xxviii. 5. The efficacy of it,
Con. xxviii. 6. How to be im-
proved, Cat. 167. Wherein it
agrees with the Lord's fupper,

Cat. 176. And wherein they
differ, Cat. 177.

Believers. See Faith, Juftification,
Acceptance, Adoption, Sanctifi
cation, Union, Communion, Li-
berty, Works, Perfeverance, Affu


Benefits which the members of the
invifible church enjoy by Chrift,
Cat. 65. The benefits of Chrift's
mediation, Cat. 57, 58.
The Body of Chrift, how prefent
in the facrament, Con. xxix. 7.
Cat. 170.

Themyftical Body of Chrift. True
believers are members of Chrift's
myftical body, Con. xxix. 1.
Cat. 168. Which is the whole
number of the elect that have
been, are, or fhall be united to
Chrift astheir head, Con. xxv. 4.
What that union is, Cat. 66.
See Communion.

The bodies of the elect after death,
and at the refurrection, Con.
xxxii. 2, 3. Eat. 86, 87. Of the
wicked, ib.

Lafcivious Books not to be read,
Cat. 139

Alling. See Effectual Calling.
To have a lawful calling, and
to be diligent in it, is a duty,
Cat. 141.

Vows of Celibacy unlawful, Con.
xxii. 7. Cat. 139.

Cenfures of the church, what,
Con. xxx. 2, 4. Their ufe, Con.
XXX. 3. Who are to be proceed.
ed against by the cenfures of the
church, Con. xx. 4. xxix. 8.
xxx. 2. They are to be mana-
ged according to the nature of
the crime, and the demerit of
the perfon, Con. xxx. 4. Peni
tent finners are to be abfolved
from cenfures, Con. xxx. 2.
Cenfuring, Rafh, harth, and par
tial cenfuring, finful, Cat. 145.
Ceremonial law. See Law.


Charity towards our neighbour,
wherein it confifts, Cat.135,141,
144, 147. What contrary to it,
Cat. 136, 142, 145, 148. Giving
and lending freely according to
ourability, and the neceflities of
others, is a duty, Con. xxvi. 2.
Cat. 141.

Charms, unlawful, Cat. 113.
Chastity, Cat. 138.

Children that die in infancy, how
faved, Con. x. 3. The children of
fuch as profefs the true religion
are members of the vilible
@hurch, Con. xxv. 2. Cat. 62.
And are to be baptized, Con.
xxviii. 4. Cat. 166.
Chrift, why fo called, Cat. 42.
Is the only Mediator between
God and man, Con. viii. 1.
Cat. 36. Who being very God,
of one substance, and equal with
the Father, Con. viii. 2. Cat.
11, 35. In the fulness of time
became man, Con. vii. z. Cat.
36, 37. The neceflity of his
being God and man, Cat. 38,
39, 40. He was ordained by
"God from eternity to be Medi-
ator, Con. viii. . He was fanc-
tified and anointed with the
Holy Spirit to execute the of-
fice of Mediator, Con. viii. 3.
Cat. 42. To which he was
called by the Father, Con. viii..
And willingly undertook and
difcharged it, Con, iv. 8. By
his perfect obedience and facri-
fice of himself he purchafed re-
conciliation and eternal life for
all the elect, Con. viii. 5. Cat.
38. To whom, in all ages, the
benefits of his mediation are ef-
fectually applied, Con. viii. 6, 8.
Chrift's offices of prophet, prieft,
king, Cat. 43, 44, 45. See Ac-
ceptance, Access, Body of Chrift,
Church, Death of Chrift, Ex-
altation, Expiation, Humiliation,
Imputation, Interceffion, Judge,

Merit, Meffiah, Name of Chrift,
Perfonal Union, Propitiation,
Reconciliation, Redemption, Re-
furrection, Righteousness, Sa-
crifice, Salvation, Satisfaction,

Chriftian liberty. See Liberty.
The Church is the object of God's
fpecial providence, Con. v. 7.
Cat. 63. Chrift the only head
of it, Con. viii. 1. xxv. 6. The
catholick church invifible, what,
Con. xxv. 1. Cat. 64. Given
to Chrift from all eternity, Con.
viii. 1. The benefits which the
members of it enjoy by Chrift,
Cat. 65, 66, 69, 82, 83, 86, 90.
The catholick church visible,
what, Con. xxv. 2. Cat. 62. Out
of it no ordinary poffibility of
falvation, Con. xxv. 2. Its pri-
vileges, Con. xxv. 3. Cat. 63.
Particular churches more or leis
pure, Con. xxv. 4. The pureft
fubject to mixture and error,
Con. xxv. 3. There shall always
be a church on earth to worship
God according to his will, ib.
Church-cenfures. See Genfures.
Church-government, appointed by
the Lord Jefus in the hand of
church officers, diftinct from
the civil magiftrate, Con.xxx.I.
Cat. 45, 108. But they are not
exempted from obedience to the
magiftrate, Con. xxiii. 4. They
have the power of the keyscom-
mitted to them, Con. xxx. 2.
What that power is, and its ufe,
Con. xxx. 2, 3, 4. They are not
to be oppofed in the lawful ex-
ercife of their powers upon pre-
tence of Chriftian liberty, Con.
xx. 4. See Councils. There are
fome circumstances concerning
church-government, which are
to be ordered by the light of
nature and Christian prudence,
according to the general rules
of the word, Con. i. 6.

Cea Circumcifior

Circumcifion, one of the ordinan-
ces by which the covenant of
grace was administered under
the law, Con. vii. 5. Cat. 34.
Civil magiftrate, or civil powers.
See Magiftrate.

The Ten Commandments are the
fum of the moral law, Can.
xix. 2. Cat. 98. They are a per-
fect rule of righteoufnefs, Con.
xix. 2. Rules for underftand-
ing them, Cat. 99. The preface
explained, Cat. 101. The first
commandment, Cat. 103,—106.
The fecond, Cat. 107,-110.
The third, Cat. 111-114.
The fourth, Cat. 115,-121.
Cat. 123-133.
Cat. 134, 136.

The fifth,

The fixth,

The feventh, Cat. 137,-139.
The eighth, Cat. 140,-142.
The ninth, Cat. 143,-145.
The tenth, Cat. 146,-148.
The fum of the first four com-
mandments, which contain our
duty to God, Cat.102. The fum
of the other fix, which contain
our duty to man, Cat. 122. No
manisable tokeepthecommand-
ments of God perfectly, Cat.149.
The Communion. See The Lord's

Communion of faints, wherein it
confifts, Con. xxvi. 1, 2. The
enjoyment of it is one of the
privileges of the vifible church,
Cat. 63. In the Lord's fupper
communicants teftify their mu-
tual love and fellowship each
with other, Cat. 168. That fa-
crament being a bond and pledge
of believers' communion with
Christ, and with each other, as
members of his myftical body,
Con. xxix. 1. The communion
of faints doth not infringe a
man's property in his goods and
poffeffions, Con. xxvi. 3.
Communion which the elect have
with Chrift, Con. xxvi. 1. In

this life, Cat. 69, 83. Immedi
ately after death, Cat. 86. At
the refurrection and day of judg
ment, Cat. 87, 90. It is a con.
fequence of their union with
him,, Con. xxvi. 1. It doth
not make them partakers of
his Godhead, nor equal with
him, Con. xxvi. 3. It is con-
firmed in the Lord's fupper,
Cat. 168.
Unchafte Company not to be kept,
Cat. 139. Nor corrupt commu.
nications to be used or liftened
to, ib.

Condition. Perfect, perfonal, and

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perpetual obedience, the condi-
tion of the covenant of works,
Con. vii. 4. xix. 1. Cat. 10.
God requires faith as the con-
dition to intereft finners in the
Mediator of the covenant of
grace, Cat. 32.

Confeffion of finalways to be made
in private to God, Gon. xv. 6.
And is to be joined with prayer,
Cat. 178. When to be made
to men, Gen. xv. 6. Upon con-
feffion the offending brother is
to be received in love, ib.
Confcience. See Liberty of Con
fcience. Peace of confcience a
fruit of the fenfe of God's love,
Con. xviii. 1, 3. Cat. 83. Re-
lievers may fall into fins which
wound the confcience, Con
xvii. 3. xviii. 4. The wicked
are punished with horror of
confcience, Cat. 28, 83.
Contentment. Submiflion to God
is our duty, Cat. 104. Difcon-
tent at his difpenfations is fin-
ful, Cat. 105. A full content;
ment with our condition is our
duty, Cat. 147. Discontentment
with our own eftate a fin, Cat.
Controverfies. It belongs to fy-
nods and councils ministerially
to determine controverfies of

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