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upon him.

75 God preserveth his people. 9 His working miracles. Page 108

Page 114 76 God is the creator of his peo-10 That the Spirit of the Lord

ple.-Threats against those should be upon him.
who apostatized after they 11 That he should be a Prophet.
had been created.

12 That he should preach 77 God is the creator of Christians teach.

they are new creatures, God's 13. That he should not seek the workmanship.

Page 109 applause of men. 78 Duty of Christians as new 14 That he should be a sufferer. creatures.

-Infirmities he way touched 79 God is to his people their plan- with.

Page 115 ter, builder, &c. they are 15 That he should be despised of his planting, his vine-yard which he watereth and mak-'16 That he should be hated. eth fruitful, his house, his 17 Reproached. building, God planted the 18 The reproaches that were cast

Jewish nation in Canaan. 80 The Lord planted, watered 19 That he should be persecuted. and made fruitful the Jewish

Page 116 church.

Page 11020 That Jews and Gentiles should 81 Apostacy or unfruitfulness, join against him.

threats and reproofs against it. 21 That he should be sold for 82 The fruitful, whether Jews or money. Gentiles, are God's planting. 22 The use they apply the money

Page 111 to, foretold.

23 Prophecies concerning his CHAP. IV. Of Jesus Christ, pro- betrayer.

Page 117 phecy and miracles.

24 How this is expressed by Sect.

Christ. i The testimony of prophecy ap- 25 That Christ should be for

pealed to as a foundation of saken. faith in Chriat.

26 Peter's denying him. 2 The testimony of prophecy 27 That he should be beaten and urged by the apostles.

spitted on.

Page 11228 Christ's account of his treat3 Prophecies concerning Christ, ment.

fulfilled, in the incarnation29 What kind of death he should life, death, resurrection and

die. ascension..

30 Christ's silence. Page 118 4. The nation, tribe and family he 31 They gave sentence against was to descend from.

him, 5 The time of his life and death 32 They gave him gall.

fixed by other events fore- 33 They mock him on the cross. told in prophecy. Page 113:34 They part his garments.6 The country and town where His words on the cross.

Christ should be born. 35 Christ's prays for his enemies, 7 Prophecies concerning his 36 His death.

Page 119 forerunner John Baptist. 37 A bone of him was not to be 8 His purging the temple.


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38 Was to be buried with the rich. 2 His glory on earth.
39 That he should arise from the 3 His glory after his resurrec-


Page 126 40 Christ's rests the credit of his 4 Christ's exaltation at God's

pretensions on the certainty right hand.
of his ro brrection from the 5 Christ's exaltaion above man-

41 l be witnesses of his resur. 6 The church is subject to Christ

7 Christ is exalted above angels. 42 Other evidences of his resur

Page 127 rection.

Page 120 43 He was raised by the power of God.


Divine Titles given 44 Christ's ascension.

to Christ.
45 That he should sit at God's Sect.
right hand.

I Son of God. Page 128 45 The Holy Ghost promised. 2 Christ is distinguished from 47 The Holy Ghost promised by

the created sons of God. Christ.

Page 121 3 Christ is the iniage of God. 48 More prophecies of Christ con- 4 God. cerning the persecution of 5 Lord.

Page 130 Christians.

6 One with the Father. 49 The evidence of miracles ap- 7 The same things spoken of the

pealed to as a foundation of Father, and of Christ.faith in Christ.

Page 122

Chrit's titles ranged alphabet50 New Testament miracles, at- cally

Page 133 tending the birth of Christ. 51 Miraculous cures.

CHAP. VII. Christ's Works, 52 Devils cast out.

Page 123 Sect.
53 Sickness healed, blindness cu- | He created all things.

red, deafness, lameness, c. 2 He will raise the dead.
54 The dead raised.

3 He will change the bodies of 55 Christ calms the wind and sea, mankind. walks on

the water, feeds 4 He will judge the world. thousands, &c. Page 124

Page 135 -A great draught of fishes. 5 He will dispense suitable re-A piece of money taken in wards and punishments. a fish's mouth.-A fig-tree 6 Rewards from Christ to the cursed withers.


Page 136 56 Miracles accompanying the 7 Punishments to be inflicted on death of Christ.

the wicked by Christ. Pag.137 57 Disciples are impowered to work miracles.

CHAP. VIII. Worship offered to 58 Miracles wrought by the a

Christ. postles.

Page 125 Sect.

Acts of worship offered to CHAP. V.

Christ jointly with the Father. Sret.

2 Acts of worship offered to 1 Christ's glory before his incar- Christ alone. Page 139 Christ's presence with his CHAP. IX. Perfections of Christ. people. Sect.


20 Christ's excellencies and be1 Christ's knowledge. Page 140 nefits, briefiy expressed. 2 Christ's wisdom.

21 Titles given to Christ taken 3 Power and dominion.Page 141 from the highest offices on 4 Acts of Christ's power toward earth, denoting his benefits his people

and dignity. 5 Acts of his power against his 22 Christ a Prophet. Page 152 enemies.

23 This office foretold by the pro• 6 Christ's righteousness.


Page 142||24 Christ's account of his pro7 He promoted righteousness. phetic office. Page 153 8 Christ's holiness.

25 Christ is called the light of 9 -justice. Page 143

the world. 10 -truth.

26 Christ is called a Priest. 11 -goodness.

27 His offering a sacrifice. P.154 12 eternity. Page 14428 Christ was given and deliver

ed, the design thereof. CHAP. X. Christ's benefits to men 29 Christ gave himself, and for

or blessings they receive through what end. him as a Saviour, Redeemer, De-| 30 Christ suffered, the end thereof. liverer, Ec.

31 Christ's death the efficacy Sect.

thereof. | Christ is the Saviour, salva-|| 32 Christ's blood, the efficacy tion is by him. Page 144


Page 155 2 Christ is a Redeemer, redemp-133 Christ a propitiation.

tion is through him. Pa, 146|34 Atonement. Page 156 3 Christ a ransom.

35 Christ called a King having -a price.

dominion. 5 -a deliverer.

36 A Prince. 6 -Mediator.

37 A Governor. 7 Intercessor.

38 Christ called David. Page 157 8 Advocate.

39 The offspring of David. 9 Reconciliation by Christ. 40 The son of David. Page 158

Page 147 10 Peace with God by Christ. 11 Grace from Christ.

CHAP. XI. Baptism and the 12 Justification by Christ. Pa.148

Lord's Supper. 13 Sanctification through Christ. Sect. 14 Christ is life to his people. | Baptism before Christ's death. 15 Eternal life is from and by

Page 158 Christ.

Page 14912 Baptism after Christ's resur16 Eternal life is the gift of God rection.

Page 159 through Christ.

3 The institution of the Lord's 17 Benefits from Christ against Supper. sin.

Page 1504 It is to be received frequently. 18 Christ's love to his people. 5 To be received with suitable

Page 151

preparation. Page 160 19 Christ's care of his people.

CHAP. XII. Of the Holy Ghost.l 5 Omnipotence.

6 Goodness. i The Spirit's influence upon the 7 Works of God --Creation.

material and animal creation. 8 Sending teachers. Page 174 2

Upon the minds of man. 9 Teachers receive their knowkind.

Page 162 ledge from Father, Son and 3 -Upon the formation of Holy Ghost. Christ's body.

10 Father, Son and Spirit spake 4 Upon the endowments of by those that were sent.

Christ's mind. Page 163|11 Father Son and Holy Ghost are 5 -Upon the actions of in Christians as in a temple. Christ's life.

12 Sanctification by Father, Son 6 His miracles.

and Spirit. 7 Upon his oblation. 13 God's people are ledby Father, 8 His resurrection.

Son and Holy Spirit. 9 Upon the apostles, is a 14 Give life. witness to Christ.

15 Raising the dead. Page 175 10 -Upon the apostles, fur- 16 The Son and Spirit joined with

nishing them with the know- the Father, in acts of worship. Jedge of divine truths and ut

Page 176 terance to express them. CHAP. XIV. Duties toward God.

Page 164|Sect.
11 The scriptures written by the I Knowing God and Christ.

prophets and apostles under 2 Denying God.
the influence of the Holy|| 3 Prayers for them that know

Page 166 God, and promises to them. 12 Miraculous gifts of the Spirit 4 God will be known by his peo

upon the apostles and some ple. God is made known by primitive Christians.

his works.

Page 176 13 The influences of the Spirit 5 Christ called light as a teacher upon the minds of Christians

sent to give the knowledge of in general in their sanctifica- God. tion,

Page 167 6 Duties of the enlightened who 14 The Spirit's influences upon know God.

Page 177 governors, magistrates and 7 The wicked know not God. warriors.

8 Faith in God. Page 178 15 The Spirit proceedeth from 9 Faith in Christ.

the Father and the Son, or is 10 Faith in Christ, brief summagiven and sent by them.

ries thereof.

Page 171u Confessing Christ, promises 16 Sins against and duties toward to it.

his Spirit. Page 172 12 Denying Christ, threats. CHAP. XIII. Of the Trinity.

Page 179 The same things attributed to the Father, io

13 The certainty and assurance the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.

of faith, being strong, stedfast, Sect.

and persevering in faith. | Eternity.

Page 180 2 Omnipresence.

14 Graces and duties accompany3 Omniscience.

ing true faith, or marks and e4 Wisdom.

Page 173

vidences oftrue faith.Page 181


get God,

15 God the author and supreme 44 Looking to God. cause of faith.

45 Remembering God, and not 16 Prayers and thanks to God for remembering God. faith.

Page 183 46 forgetting God. 17 Christ the author of faith—The 47 Threats against those that forHoly Ghost the author of faith

Puge 195 18 Means of faith are God's word. 48 Waining against forgetting 19 A Gospel ministry. Page 184 God.

-The Gospel called faith, 49 Meditation upon Cod and his
and the law of faith.Page 185.! word.

Page 194
20 Promise of justification to bc-50 Fearing God.
lieving in God.

51 The excellency of fearing God. 21 Justification promised to be- 52 - A commanded duty.

lieving in Christ. Page 186 53 God is to be feared on account 22 Adoption or being sons of God of his perfections. promised to faith.

54 On account of his words 23 God's love promised to believ- and works. Page 195 ing in Christ.

55 Fear of the Lord promised and 24 Christ prayeth for believers. prayed for. 25 Sins of believers pardoned. 56 - Joined with obedience to26 Holy Spirit promised to be. ward God. lievers.

57 --With the worship of Cod. 27 Light and direction promised 58 It is a motive to duty, and to believers.

a restraint from sin. Puge 195 28 Grace and peace promised to '59 Promises to them that fear believers. Page 18711 God.

Page 197 29 Joy and comfort promised to 60 Other expressions setting believers.

forth the fear of God.-Trem30 Christ is precious to believers. blin.

Page 198 31 They have access to God in 61 Heaven and earth tremble at prayer.

God's greatness.- -Quake, 32 Sanctification by faith.

terror, reverence, afraid. 33 Salvation by faith in God. 62 Threatenings against those 34 Salvation by faith in Christ. that fear not God.

Page 188 63 The wicked sear not God with 35 Things extraordinary promis- that fear which is a restraint

ed to the faith of soine primi- from sin and motive to du-
tive Christians. Page 189


Page 199 36 These promises were fulfilled. 64 The wicked have a tormenting 37 Miracles wrought for persons fear of God. of eminent faith.

65 God delivers the wicked up to 38 Instances of approved faith. their fears of enemies.P.200 39 Want of faith reproved P.19066 Love to God commanded. 40 Exhortations against unbelief. 67 Promises to them that love God 41 Threatenings against unbelief 68 Prayers for them that love God toward God.

69 Exhortations to love God. 42 Threatenings against unbelief 70 Instances of persons loving toward Christ. Page 191 God.

Page 201 43 Causes of unbeliel assigned in 71 How love to God is produced in scripture.


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Page 192!

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