The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal: Exhibiting a View of the Progressive Discoveries and Improvements in the Sciences and the Arts, Tom 33

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A. and C. Black, 1842

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Strona 137 - ... acknowledges the great difficulty of believing that solid masses of ice 3000 to 4000 feet thick, covered the whole region ; that no action of a glacier will explain the persistent striation of the surface of an entire continent from N. to S. and that the direction of the boulders and the striae is to a great extent up-hill. When these and many other difficulties shall have been carefully weighed, our transatlantic friends may be disposed to modify their views, particularly when they find that...
Strona 287 - ... •will produce this effect ; and there appear strong reasons for supposing that, generally, they are all in some degree concerned in the production of the observed results. The most common exemplification of the effect of heat in crystallizing fibrous iron, is by breaking a...
Strona 200 - All Communications must be written on Foolscap paper, leaving margins at least one inch broad, on both the outer and inner sides of the page, so as to allow of their being...
Strona 91 - Argand flame, while, by means of an accurate gas metre, the former was ascertained to consume only 4.4 times the quantity of gas consumed by the latter, demonstrating the economy of the Bude light over common gas to be greater than two to one; and this economy increases in proportion to the magnitude of the light.
Strona 287 - ... that part which he first operated upon- That part of the bar has, however, by this time, become comparatively cold ; and, if this cooling process has proceeded too far when it receives this additional hammering, that part of the bar immediately becomes crystallized, and so extremely brittle that it will break to pieces by merely throwing it on the ground, though all the rest of the bar will exhibit the best and toughest quality imaginable- This change, therefore, has been produced by percussion...
Strona 136 - ... desist, however, in this place from entering further into the many features under which the existing agency of ice may be viewed apart from the results of the movements of glaciers. More than enough has indeed already been said ; for so long as the greater number of practical geologists of Europe are opposed to the wide extension of a terrestrial glacial theory, there can be little risk that such doctrine should take too deep a hold of the mind.
Strona 130 - Welsh mountains of sea shells of existing species, at heights of 1500 and 1700 feet above the sea, where they are associated with mixed detritus of rocks transported from afar, all of which have travelled from the North, the hard chalk and flints of the North of Ireland being included. How are we to reconcile these facts with the theory that the greater part of the country in question was frozen up under the atmosphere in some part of the same modern period?
Strona 205 - ... produced. The inhabitants have a belief that the sounds are only heard on Friday; nor then, unless by the special permission of the saint of Reg-Ruwan, who is interred close to the spot. The locality of the sand is remarkable, as there is no other in the neighbourhood. RegRuwan faces the south, but the wind of Purwan (bad i Purwan), which blows strongly from the north for the greater part of the year, probably deposits it by an eddy. Such is the violence of this wind, that all the trees in the...
Strona 92 - Argand, it is manifest that the former, in equal degree, can disengage, at the utmost, only half the heat that the latter does. Thirdly. — The Bude light simplifies greatly the means of artificial illumination, since it concentrates in one flame as much light as will diffuse, throughout a large apartment, a mid-day lustre, which may be softened by shades of every hue, and reflected by mirrors in every direction. Fourthly. — From this property proceeds its value as a ventilator, since the single...
Strona 91 - From the report of a committee of the House of Commons, it appears that this light is so called from Bude, in Cornwall, the residence of its inventor, Mr. Gurney — a name bestowed upon it at the Trinity House, to distinguish it from the ignited light which he first described in his work on chemistry, in the year 1823.

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