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Abner is slain by Joab.


David mourneth for him.


B. C. her from her husband, even from 28 | And afterward when David B.C. about 1048. • Phaltiel the son of Laish.

heard it, he said, I and my kingdom | about 1048. 16 And her husband went with her are guiltless before the LORD for ever + Heb. going + along weeping behind her to P Bahu from the + blood of Abner the son of 1 Heb. bloods. and weer ingrim. Then said Abner unto him, Go, Ner: Phalti. return. And he returned.

29 a Let it rest on the head of Joab, a 1 Kings 2. p ch. 19. 16. 17 | And Abner had communication and on all his father's house; and let |

32, 33, with the elders of Israel, saying, Ye there not + fail from the house of Joab + Heb. be cut

off. + Heb. both sought for David tin times past to be one b that hath an issue, or that is a

b Lev. 15. 2. yesterday king over you :

leper, or that leaneth on a staff, or
and the
third day. | 18 Now then do it: 9 for the LORD that falleth on the sword, or that
q ver. 9.

hath spoken of David, saying, By the lacketh bread.
hand of my servant David I will save 30 So Joab and Abishai his brother
my people Israel out of the hand of slew Abner, because he had slain
the Philistines, and out of the hand their brother C Asahel at Gibeon inc ch. 2. 23.
of all their enemies.

the battle.
19 And Abner also spake in the ears 31 And David said to Joab, and
r 1 Chr. 12. 29 of Benjamin : and Abner went also to all the people that were with him,

to speak in the ears of David in He- a Rend your clothes, and @gird you | Josh. 7.6. bron all that seemed good to Israel, with sackcloth, and mourn before.

ch. 1. 2, 11.

e Gen. 37. 34. and that seemed good to the whole Abner. And king David himself fol| house of Benjamin. lowed the + bier.

+ Heb. bed. 20 So Abner came to David to He- | 32 And they buried Abner in Hebron, and twenty men with him. And bron: and the king lifted up his voice, David made Abner and the men that and wept at the grave of Abner; and were with him a feast.

all the people wept. 21 And Abner said unto David, I | 33 And the king lamented over Ab& ver. 10, 12. will arise and go, and swill gather all ner, and said, Died Abner as a 'fool ch. 13. 12, 13.

Israel unto my lord the king, that dieth?

they may make a league with thee, 34 Thy hands were not bound, nor t 1 Kings 11. and that thou mnayest + reign over all thy feet put into fetters : as a man that thine heart desireth. And David falleth before + wicked men, so fellest | + Heb. chile

dren of insent Abner away; and he went in thou. And all the people wept again iquity. peace.

over him. 22 | And, behold, the servants of 35 And when all the people came David and Joab came from pursuing to cause David to eat meat while 5 ch. 12. 17.

Jer. 16.7.
a troop, and brought in a great spoil it was yet day, David sware, saying,
with them: but Abner was not with h So do God to me, and more also, h Ruth 1. 17.
David in Hebron; for he had sent if I taste bread, or aught else, i till i ch. 1. 12.
him away, and he was gone in peace. the sun be down.

23 When Joab and all the host that 36 And all the people took notice
was with him were come, they told of it, and it + pleased them: as what- + Heb. was

good in their
Joab, saying, Abner the son of Ner soever the king did pleased all the
came to the king, and he hath sent people.
him away, and he is gone in peace. 37 For all the people and all Israel

24 Then Joab came to the king, and understood that day that it was not
said, What hast thou done? behold, of the king to slay Abner the son of
Abner came unto thee; why is it that | Ner.
thou hast sent him away, and he is 38 And the king said unto his serv-
quite gone?

ants, Know ye not that there is a
25 Thou knowest Abner the son of prince and a great man fallen this

Ner, that he came to deceive thee, day in Israel ? u 1 Sam. 29.6. and to know u thy going out and thy | 39 And I am this day tweak, though + Heb. tender. Is. 37. 28.

coming in, and to know all that thou anointed king; and these men the

sons of Zeruiahik be too hard for me: * ch. 19. 7.
26 And when Joab was come out the LORD shall reward the doer of 1 See ch. 19.13.
from David, he sent messengers after evil according to his wickedness.

1 Kings 2.5,

6, 33, 34. Abner, which brought him again from

Ps. 28. 4. &

62. 12.

CHAPTER IV. the well of Sirah : but David knew it

2 Tim. 4. 14. not.

The Israelites being troubled at the death of Abner, 2

Baanah and Rechab slay Ish-bosheth, and bring his 27 And when Abner was returned head to Hebron. 9 David causeth them to be slain, * 1 Kings 2.5 to Hebron, Joab took him aside in the

and Ish-bosheth's head to be buried. Soch. 20.9,10. | Or, peace | gate to speak with him Il quietly, and AND when Saul's son heard that ably.

smote him there y under the fifth rib, A Abner was dead in Hebron, a his a Ezra 4. 4. y ch. 4. 6.

Is. 13. 7. z ch. 2. 23.

that he died, for the blood of 2 Asa- hands were feeble, and all the Israel-
hel his brother.
lites were b troubled.

b Matt. 2. 3.

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Ish-bosheth murdered.


David king over Israel.


B.C. | 2 And Saul's son had two men that bosheth, and buried it in the "sepul LB. C. about 1048. were captains of bands : the name of chre of Abner in Hebron.

about 1048. the one was Baanah, and the name + Heb. second. of the tother Rechab, the sons of

nch. 3. 32.

Rimmon a Beerothite, of the children

The tribes come to Hebron to anoint David king over © Josh. 18. 25. of Benjamin : for Beeroth also was Israel. 4 His age. 6 He taketh Zion from the Jebreckoned to Benjamin :

usites and dwelleth in it. 11 Hiram sendeth to

David. 13 Eleven sons are born to David in Jerud Neb. 11. 33. 3. And the Beerothites fled to a Git salem. 17 He smiteth the Philistines at Baal-pera. taim, and were sojourners there until

zim, 22 and again at the mulberry trees. this day.

M HEN a came all the tribes of Is- a 1 Chr. 11. 1. e ch.9.3. 4 And e Jonathan, Saul's son, had 1 rael to David unto Hebron, and

& 12. 23. a son that was lame of his feet. He spake, saying, Behold, bwe are thy Gen. 29. 14.

was five years old when the tidings bone and thy flesh.
f1 Sam. 29. came of Saul and Jonathan fout of 2 Also in time past, when Saul was

Jezreel, and his nurse took him up, king over us, "thou wast he that led-C1 Sam. 18. 13.
and fled : and it came to pass, as she dest out and broughtest in Israel : and
made haste to flee, that he fell, and the LORD said to thee, a Thou shalt d 1 Sam. 16. 1,
became lame. And his name was feed my people Israel, and thou shalt |

12. Ps.78.71.

See ch.7.7. | Or, Merib- | 1 Mephibosheth.

be a captain over Israel. baal, 1 Chr. 8. 34. & 9. 40.

5 And the sons of Rimmon the Be- | 3 e So all the elders of Israel came e 1 Chr. 11.3. erothite, Rechab and Baanah, went, to the king to Hebron; fand king

2 Kings 11. and came about the heat of the day David made a league with them in

17. to the house of Ish-bosheth, who lay Hebron s before the LORD : and they & Judg. 11.11. on a bed at noon. anointed David king over Israel.

1 San. 23. 18. 6 And they came thither into the | 4 | David was thirty years old when midst of the house, as though they he began to reign, hand he reigned h1 Chr. 26. 31.

& 29. 27. would have fetched wheat; and they forty years. sch. 2. 23. smote him & under the fifth rib: and 5 In Hebron he reigned over Judah

Rechab and Baanah his brother es- i seven years and six months : and in i ch. 2. 11. caped.

Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three/ 1 Chr. 3. 4. ñ For when they came into the years over all Israel and Judah. house, he lay on his bed in his bed | 6 | And the king and his men went chamber, and they smote him, and kto Jerusalem unto "the Jebusites, k Judg. 1. 21. slew him, and beheaded him, and the inhabitants of the land : which | 1 Josh. 15.63.

Judg. 1. 8. & took his head, and gat them away spake unto David, saying, Except | 19. 11, 12." through the plain all night.

thou take away the blind and the 8 And they brought the head of Ish- lame, thou shalt not come in hither : bosheth unto David to Hebron, and I thinking, David cannot come in v Or, saying,

David shall said to the king, Behold the head of hither.

not, c. Ish-bosheth the son of Saul thine 7 Nevertheless, David took the b 1 Sam. 19.2, enemy, hwhich sought thy life; and strong hold of Zion: m the same is m ver. 9. 10, 11. & 23. the Lord hath avenged my lord the the city of David.

1 Kings 2. 10. 15. & 25. 29.

& 8. 1. king this day of Saul, and of his seed. | 8 And David said on that day, Who

9 | And David answered Rechab soever getteth up to the gutter, and
and Baanah his brother, the sons smiteth the Jebusites, and the lame
of Rimmon the Beerothite, and said and the blind, that are hated of Da-

n1 Chr. 11.6– i Gen. 48. 16. unto them, As the Lord liveth, i who vid's soul, n he shall be chief and cap1 Kings 1. 29.

hath redeemed my soul out of all ad- tain. || Wherefore they said, The blind 10r, Because Ps. 31.7.

they had said, versity, and the lame shall not come into the

even the blind k ch. 1. 2, 4, 15. 10 When kone told me, saying, Be- house.

and the lame,

He shall not + Heb. he was / hold, Saul is dead, † thinking to have 9 So David dwelt in the fort, and

come into the in his own eyes as a

house. | brought good tidings, I took hold of called it the city of David. And

o ver. 7. bringer, &c. him, and slew him in Ziklag, Il who David built round about from Millo | Or, which

thought that I would have given him and inward. was the reward I gave a reward for his tidings ::

| 10 And David twent on, and grew 1 + Heb. went him for his

going and tidings. 11 How much more, when wicked great, and, the Lord God of hosts was

growing. men have slain a righteous person in with him.

his own house upon his bed ? shall 11 | And P Hiram king of Tyre sent about 1043. 1 Gen. 9. 5,6. I not therefore now 'require his blood messengers to David, and cedar trees, of your hand, and take you away from and carpenters, and + masons : and 1 + Heb. hewers

of the stone the earth? they built David a house.

of the wall. m ch. 1. 15. 12 And David mcommanded his 12 And David perceived that the p 1 Kings 5.2.

1 Chr. 14. 1. young men, and they slew them, and LORD had established him king over cut off their hands and their feet, and Israel, and that he had exalted his

Tq Deut. 17. 17. hanged them up over the pool in He- kingdom for his people Israel's sake. 1

1 Chr. 3. 9. & bron. But they took the head of Ish-| 13 | And 9 David took him more

14. 3.

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