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these Oppressions they are delivered by the Judges upon their Supplications to the Almighty.

III. The Judges appointed to be the Deliverers of the Israelites.

1. Qibniel from the King of Mesopotomia.

2. Ebud from the Oppressions of the King of Moab.

3. Shamgar from the Philisiines. 4. Deborah and Barak from Jabin King of Canaan. 5. Gideon from Zeba and Zalm!ınna Kings of Moal, 6. Abimelech. 7. Tolah. 8. Jair from the Philistines and Anmoi.ites. 9. Jeptbab from the Aimu nites. 10. Ibsam. II. Elon. 12, Abdon.

13, Eli. In the Time of his Priesthood and Go. vernment, the Ark is taken by the Philistines.

14. Sampson destroys great numbers of the Philistines, both in his Life, and at the Time of his Death.

15. Samuel.

This Government by the Judges continued

about 450 Years.


1. Saul. The Israelites that they might be like other Nations impatiently desire a King. Samuel is ordered to anoint Saul, who disobeying the positive Command of God is deserted and left under the Influence of an Evil Spirit. Being vanquilhed in

Battle, Battle, he attempts to murder himself, and is killed by an Amalekite.

2. David is appointed to succeed Saul. While he is keeping his Father's Sheep, he kills a Lyon and a Bear, and rescues his Lambs. Being animated with a Divine Fortitude, encounters and kills Goliab, who had struck a pannick Fear into all the Hebrew Army. He is often delivered from the Rage of Saul, who endeavoured to destroy him.

After Saul's Death he is proclaimed King, subdues all the Nations from the Banks of the Euphrates to the Borders of Egypt.

His Sin in the matter of Uriah, is severely punished by the Rebellion of Absalom, and many Disorders in his Family; and his vain Glory in numbring the People by a great Pestilence.

Upon his solemn Repentance he is restored to the Divine Favour, composes the sacred Book of Psalms, gives Directions for the building the Temple, for which he leaves to Solomon his Son an immense Treasure, and dies, after he had reigned 40 Years.

3. Solomon his Successor reigned 40 Years. Is most renowned for his Wisdom, and finishes the Building of the Temple in the 3000 Year from the Creation, reigns many Years in Peace.

But being captivated by the Love of outlandish Women, permits the Idolatry of the Gentiles to be introduc'd; for which he is punished by Hadad a fugitive Prince, who conquers part of his Dominions.

And by a Prophet is threatned with the Revolt of the Ten Tribes.

Repenting of his Idolatry, writes the Book of Ecclefiafies.

The Division of the Kingdom, by the

Revolt of the Ten Tribes.

Kings of Judah.

Kings of Israel. 1. Rehoboam 13 Years. 1. Jeroboam 22 Years. His Tyranny and Folly Sets up the Idolatry of the occasions the Revolt of two Calves at Dan and the Ten Tribes. The E-Bethel. Is threatned by a gyptian Army invades his Prophet who foretels the Kingdom. Upon his Hu- Destruction of his whole miliation he is delivered. Family.

2. Abijam 3 Years. 2. Nadah 2 Years. Is Trusting in God ohrains a murdered by Baasha, who great Victory over fero- destroys all the Family of boam, in which 500,000 Jeroboam. Ifraelites were Nain.

3. Baasha 24 Years. Is 3. Asa 41 Years. Sup- severely reproved by yeprefseth Idolatry, and bu the Prophet , who inploring the Aid of the threatens him with the D.. Almighty, vanquishes the struction of his Family. Ethiopian Army, consist- 4. Elah, his Son, 2 ing of a thousand thou- | Years. Is murdered by fand.

Zimri an Officer in the Being reproved by Ha- | Army, who destroys the nani, for entring into an whole Family of Baasba. Alliance with the King of 5. Zimri is besieged by Syria, in his Rage im. Omri in Tirzah, burns the prisons the Prophet, for King's Palace, and perishes which he is amicted within the Flames. an incurable Disease, and 6. Tibni and Omri. Tibui died in the forty first Year dies, Omri reigns 12 of his Reign.

Years, builds Samaria. 4. Jebejkaphat his Son 7. Abab Son of Omri 25 Years. Walking in the 22 Years. Builds a TemWays of David, enjoys ple for Baal. The Idolaa pro



Israel. a prosperous Reign, but try of Ahab is punished entring into an Alliance by the Want of Rain for with Abaziah King of If above 3 Years. rael, his Navy is destroy- Elijah is fed by Ravens ed by a Tempeft. at Cherith. At Zarephath,

5. Jehoram his Son 8 raises from the Dead the Years. Marries Atbaliab Son of a Widow. Upon the Daughter of Abab. his Prayer Rain is fent. He murders all his Bre- Fire descends from Heathren, sets up the Idola

the Idola- ven upon his Sacrifice. try of Baal.

For these The Priests of Baal are Impieties he is threatened destroyed by his Order, by Elijah, his Kingdom Jezebel the Queen de is ravaged by the Phi- nounces Vengeance alistines and Arabians. The gainst him. Ahab cove. Edomites Revolt. He is ting Naboth's Vineyard, smitten with an incurable orders him to be mura Disease, so that his Bowels der'd, and takes Pofiese fell out.

sion of the Vineyard. A 6. Abaziah reigns wick- bab is slain in Battle: edly 1 Year. Is Nain by 8. Abaziab 2 Years. Jebu. After the Death of Reigns wickedly, sends 2 Abaziah, Athaliah his Mo- Captains with 50 Soldiers; cher destroys all the Seed each to apprehend EliRoyal, except Joash. jah, who are consumed

7. Joash 40 Years. by Fire from Heaven. By Reigns well all the Days direction of an Angel Eof Jehoiada ; but hearken- lijah is sent to Mount Siing to the Counsel of the nai; is translated to HeaPrinces, fets up Idolatry. ven in a fiery Chariot:

Zechariah the Prophet 9. Jehoram i? Years. denouncing Vengeance a- He destroys the Image of gainst him, is stoned in Baal, obtains by the Praythe Temple. Joash is mur- er of Elisah a great Videred by his Servants. ctory over the King of

Moab. 8. A


Elisha Judah.

Israel. 8. Amaziah 29 Years. Elisha multiplies the He is warned not to enter Widows Oyl, and raises into any Confederacy with the Shunamite's Son from the King of Israel. Ha- the Dead. Cures Naaman ving vanquished the Ar- of his Leprosy, and permy of the Edomites, forms many Miracles. Disa bringeth with him their closing the Counsel of the Gods and worships them; Syrians, the King sends upon which a Prophet is an Army to take Elisha; sent to denounce the Di- upon his Prayer they are vine Vengeance against smitten with Blindness, him. Jerusalem is taken and led into Samaria. Afby the King of Israel. He ter this, Ben-hadad beflies from Jerusalem, and is fiegeth Samaria, which is murder'd by his Servants. reduced to such Distress

9. Uzziah or Azariah by Famine, that Women 52 Years. As long as he eat their own Children. fought the Lord he was The Syrian Army beprosperous. Being elated ing struck with a Pannick with his Prosperity be Fear, fly, leaving their presumes to burn Incense Camp standing, with all in the Temple ; for which their Baggage, whereby he is ftruck with an incu- the People enjoy the great rable Leprosy. . In his Plenty forecold by Elisba. Days there were the fol- Jehoram is killed by lowing Prophets ; 1 Ho- Jebu in the Field of Nasea. 2 Joel. 3 Amos. . Isaiah.

10. Jebu reigns 28 10. Jotham 16 Years. Years. Orders Jezebel to Conquers the Ammonites, be thrown out of a Winand reigns with great Pro- dow: She is eaten by fperity, because he pre- Dogs as was foretold by pared his Ways before the Prophet. He orders the Lord his God. 70 of Abab's Children to

11. Ahaz 16 Years. See- be beheaded, and kills 42, ing an Altar at Damascus, of Abaziab's Brethren, sends


4 both.

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