Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition: During the Years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, Tom 1

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Ingram, Cooke, 1852 - 318

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Strona 241 - ... mighty masses. Every noise on board, even our own voices, reverberated from the massive and pure white walls. These tabular bergs are like masses of beautiful alabaster: a verbal description of them can do little to convey the reality to the imagination of one who has not been among them. If an immense city of ruined alabaster palaces can be imagined, of every variety of shape and tint, and composed of huge piles of buildings grouped together, with long lanes or streets winding irregularly through...
Strona 262 - On coming up with it, about one and a half mile from where the barrier had stopped us, I hove the ship to, lowered the boats, and fortunately effected a landing. We found embedded in it, in places, boulders, stones, gravel, sand, and mud or clay. The larger specimens were of red sandstone and basalt.
Strona 258 - PM, when we were within two and a half miles of the icy cliffs by which the land was bounded on all sides. These were from one hundred and fifty to two hundred feet in height, quite perpendicular, and there was no appearance whatever of rocks ; all was covered with ice and snow.
Strona 62 - On my former visit there was no sort of order, regulation, or good government. Robbery, murder, and vices of all kinds were openly committed. The exercise of arbitrary military power alone existed. Not only with the natives, but among foreigners, gambling and knavery of the lowest order, and all the demoralising effects that accompany them, prevailed.
Strona 252 - ... in order to escape them, by keeping her to windward. We thus passed close along their weather sides, and distinctly heard the roar of the surf dashing against them. We had, from time to time, glimpses of their obscure outline, appearing as though immediately above us. After many escapes, I found...
Strona 239 - ... to a return on the same track by which we had entered. After a quarter of an hour, the ice was again made ahead, and the full danger of our situation was realized. The ship was certainly embayed; and although the extent of sea-room to which we were limited, was rendered invisible by the dark and murky weather, yet that we were closely circumscribed was evident from having made the ice so soon on either tack, and from the audible rustling around us.
Strona 237 - He goes on to say, in his report, " I watched for an hour to see if the sun in his decline would change the colour of the object : it remained the same, with a white cloud above, similar to that hovering over high land. At sunset the appearance remained the same. I took the bearings accurately, intending to examine it closely as soon as we got a breeze. I am thoroughly of opinion it is an island surrounded by immense fields of ice. The Peacock in sight to the southward and eastward over the ice ;...
Strona 43 - A glass bottle broken into pieces is valued as much as a knife. Red flannel, torn into strips, pleases them more than in the piece ; they wound it around their heads, as a kind of turban, and it was amusing to see their satisfaction at this small acquisition. The children were quite small, and nestled in the bottom of the canoe on some dry grass.
Strona 238 - Previous to its becoming broad daylight, the fog rendered every thing obscure, even at a short distance from the ship. I knew that we were in close proximity to icebergs and field-ice, but, from the report of the look-out at sunset, believed that there was an opening or large bay leading to the southward. The ship had rapid way on her, and was much tossed about, when in an instant all was perfectly still and quiet ; the transition was so sudden that many were awakened by it from sound sleep...
Strona 43 - The tribe to which they belonged is known by the name of the Petcherai Indians. They were entirely naked with the exception of a small piece of sealskin, only sufficient to cover one shoulder, and which is generally worn on the side from which the wind blows, affording them some little shelter against its piercing influence. "They were not more than five feet high, of a light copper colour, which is much concealed by smut and dirt, particularly on their faces, which they mark vertically with charcoal....

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