Manuel complet de l'enseignement universel, ou Application de la méthode Jacotot, intr. par P.Y. de Séprés

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Mansut fils, 1840 - 828

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Strona 326 - Awake, my ST JOHN ! leave all meaner things To low ambition, and the pride of Kings. Let us (since Life can little more supply Than just to look about us and to die) Expatiate free o'er all this scene of Man ; A mighty maze! but not without a plan; A Wild, where weeds and flow'rs promiscuous shoot; Or Garden, tempting with forbidden fruit.
Strona 332 - I began to think seriously of matrimony, and chose my wife as she did her wedding-gown, not for a fine glossy surface, but such qualities as would wear well. To do her justice, she was a good-natured, notable woman ; and as for breeding, there were few country ladies who could show more. She could read any English book without much spelling ; but for pickling, preserving, and cookery, none could excel her.
Strona 9 - ... modérer sa douleur, ne faisaient que lui rappeler le triste souvenir d'Ulysse, qu'elle y avait vu tant de fois auprès d'elle. Souvent elle demeurait immobile sur le rivage de la mer...
Strona 24 - Heureux qui pourrait vous suivre jusque dans les rivages les plus inconnus ! Heureux qui pourrait vivre et mourir avec vous ! mais un destin sévère m'attache à cette malheureuse patrie; il faut souffrir avec elle : peut-être faudra-t-il être enseveli dans ses ruines; n'importe, pourvu que je dise toujours la vérité, et que mon cœur n'aime que la justice. Pour vous, ô mon cher Télémaque, je prie les dieux, qui vous conduisent comme par la main, de...
Strona 357 - ... rock, with falling trees which hang with their roots upwards and seem to draw more ruin after them. Here thoughtless men, seized with the newness of such objects, become thoughtful, and willingly contemplate the incessant changes of this earth's surface. They see, as in one instant, the revolutions of past ages, the fleeting forms of things, and the decay even of...
Strona 365 - ... easy. The character of Demosthenes is vigour and austerity; that of Cicero is gentleness and insinuation. In the one, you find more manliness; in the other, more ornament. The one is more harsh, but more spirited and cogent; the other more agreeable, but withal looser and weaker.
Strona 334 - ... life, that the poorer the guest, the better pleased he ever is with being treated; and as some men gaze with admiration at the colours of a tulip , or the wing of a butterfly, so I was by nature an admirer of happy human faces.
Strona 86 - Celui qui règne dans les cieux, et de qui relèvent tous les empires, à qui seul appartient la gloire, la majesté et l'indépendance, est aussi le seul qui se glorifie de faire la loi aux rois, et de leur donner, quand il lui plaît...
Strona 329 - SYNTAX, which treats of the agreement and construction of words in a sentence. A sentence is an assemblage of words, forming a complete sense. Sentences are of two kinds, simple and compound. A simple sentence has in it but one subject, and one finite* verb: as, "Life is short.
Strona 79 - Hé, bonjour, monsieur du Corbeau Que vous êtes joli! que vous me semblez beau! Sans mentir, si votre ramage Se rapporte à votre plumage, Vous êtes le phénix des hôtes de ces bois.

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