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Bell and Daldy, 1858 - 316

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Strona 221 - Henry the Eighth, by the grace of God King of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and of the Church of England, and also of Ireland, in earth the supreme head...
Strona 122 - The sans culottes took out the body, which had been embalmed. There was a strong smell of vinegar and camphor. The corpse was beautiful and perfect. The hands and nails were very fine, I moved and bent every finger. I never saw so fine a set of teeth in my life. A young lady, a...
Strona 138 - Temple speaks, (/) a sort of people in a condition of downright servitude, used and employed in the most servile works, and belonging, both they, their children and effects, to the lord of the soil, like the rest of the cattle or stock upon it.
Strona 138 - They could not leave their lord without his permission ; but if they ran away, or were purloined from him, might be claimed and recovered by action, like beasts or other chattels. They held indeed small portions of land by way of sustaining themselves and families ; but it was at the mere will of the lord, who might dispossess them whenever he pleased...
Strona 214 - PRIVATE AMOURS OF OLIVER CROMWELL. The subjoined appears to be a carelessly-made transcript of a contemporary MS., the production, probably, of some warm royalist, who may, or may not, have had some grounds for his assertions. At all events, it gives a few curious details, and, in its general outline, agrees singularly with the incidents on which Mrs.
Strona 135 - For the children of villeins were also in the same state of bondage with their parents; whence they were called in Latin nativi, which gave rise to the female appellation of a villein, who was called a neife (m).
Strona 284 - Such as were sick of the scurvy or other diseases have not wanted physick and chyrurgery.
Strona 48 - Man, the Supplication of Beggars, and the boke called the Revelation of Antichrist, the Summary of Scripture, and divers other bokes made in the englisshe tonge, and imprinted beyonde y...
Strona 93 - ... the spring which followed the death of Monmouth, was borne the coffin of the young Baroness Wentworth of Nettlestede. Her family reared a sumptuous mausoleum over her remains : but a less costly memorial of her was long contemplated with far deeper interest. Her name, carved by the hand of him whom she loved too well, was, a few years ago, still discernible on a tree in the adjoining park.

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