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As is the case with many other volumes in the Loeb Classical Library, it has been found necessary to make this book something more than a mere translation-something approaching a new edition of the


Each of the Satires and Epistles has been provided with its own Introduction, and, inasmuch as the poet's transitions are not seldom rather abrupt, and often it is no easy matter to re-establish the connexion, a careful effort has been made to indicate the sequence of thought. Numerous allusions have been explained in the notes or Index ; many dubious passages have been discussed, however briefly, and the Latin text itself has been scrutinized in every detail. All important variant readings have been duly registered and considered, and the results of both old and recent scholarship have been utilized in translation or interpretation.

Acknowledgements are due to the general editors of the series, one of whom, Dr. T. E. Page, has read my manuscript carefully and offered many a timely and wise suggestion. Some explanations given of puzzling passages are due to him.


December 15, 1925.

H. R. F.

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