The English and Their Origin: A Prologue to Authentic English History

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Longmans, Green, 1866 - 267

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Strona 180 - Actions, sensations, and states of feeling, occurring together or in close succession, tend to grow together or cohere in such a way that when any one of them is afterwards presented to the mind, the others are apt to be brought up in idea.
Strona 180 - CONSTRUCTIVE ASSOCIATION. By means of association, the mind has the power to form combinations or aggregates different from any that have been presented to it in the course of experience.
Strona 256 - It enables us to establish empirical laws, which become almost as certain as rational laws, when they rest on sufficiently repeated observations ; so that now, whoso sees merely the print of a cleft foot may conclude that the animal which left this impression ruminated, and this conclusion is as certain as any other in physics or morals. This footprint alone, then, yields to him who observes it, the form of the teeth, the form of the jaws, the form of the...
Strona 221 - I believe if I were reduced to rest Turner's immortality upon any single work, I should choose this. Its daring conception — ideal in the highest sense of the word — is based on the purest truth, and wrought out with the concentrated knowledge of a life.
Strona 136 - ... the Tweed. I do not doubt but that after the long lapse of the centuries he would have found there a good many types of the class which he observed in the north of England. He thus sums up the physical characteristics of the north of England people as distinguished from the Lowlander of the south : " The form of the face is broader, the cheek-bones project a little, the nose is somewhat flatter and at times turned a little upwards, the eyes and hair are of a lighter colour, and even deepred hair...
Strona 29 - The barbarians (say they), on the one hand, chase us into the sea ; the sea on the other, throws us back upon the barbarians ; and we have only the hard choice left us, of perishing by the sword, or by the waves.
Strona 150 - In all climes, and under all circumstances, the Saxons are a tall, powerful, athletic race of men ; the strongest, as a race, on the face of the earth. They have fair hair, with blue eyes, and so fine a complexion, that they may almost be considered the only absolutely fair race on the face of the globe.
Strona 6 - ... we cannot safely assume that there has been any permanent improvement in the moral or intellectual faculties of man; nor have we any decisive ground for saying that these faculties are likely to be greater in an infant born in the most civilized part of Europe than in one born in the wildest region of a barbarous country.
Strona 78 - By far the greater number of Celtic names in England are of the Cymric type. Yet there is a thin stream of Gaelic names, which extends across the island from the Thames to the Mersey, as if to indicate the route by which the Gaels passed across to Ireland.
Strona 218 - I know not where to look for a comparison. And if English and French readers sometimes feel a little wearied by the many small details which encumber the march of the story, and irritate the curiosity which is impatient for the denouement, no such weariness is felt by German readers, who enjoy the details, and the purpose which they are supposed to serve.

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