Sad Tales and Glad Tales

Przednia okładka
S.G. Goodrich, 1828 - 185

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Strona 3 - Appear like mice; and yon' tall anchoring bark, Diminish'd to her cock; her cock, a buoy Almost too small for sight: The murmuring surge, That on the unnumber'd idle pebbles chafes, Cannot be heard so high: — I'll look no more; Lest my brain turn, and the deficient sight Topple down headlong.
Strona 109 - T. CAMPBELL. How rings each sparkling Spanish brand, There's music in its rattle, And gay as for a saraband We gird us for the battle. Follow, follow, To the glorious revelry, Where the sabres bristle, And the death-shots whistle. Of rights for which our swords outspring. Shall Angouleme bereave us ? We 've pluck'da bird of nobler wing — The eagle could not brave us.
Strona 76 - ... composure distinguished his deportment — and the serenity of his mind was depicted in the tranquillity of his countenance. The last hours of his solitude were employed in those holy offices which friendship claims of us when the sands of life are running low. There were a few words to be said — a few prayers to be uttered for those who were now dreaming of him on his path to glory. There were a few sad, sacred words to be breathed to a fond mother — to sisters that loved him — to some,...
Strona 81 - ... some stood wrapped in gloomy attention ; others, still behind, were seen eagerly gazing over the shoulders of those who had closed up before them. Every cap was off, and every eye fixed. Still beyond, the sick were seen peeping out of the halfopened door ; and women and boys stood, with arms crossed upon their bosoms, before the miserable huts from which they had just issued. There, there was no moving — no noise — no roving of the looks — all were bent upon the speaker, who stood on the...
Strona 55 - How it sped with that young horseman, and how he bore him on his way, it now remains to tell. The animal he bestrode was fleet and powerful, and went forward as though he was familiar with the path. There was light enough to bring into view the dark outline of the country he traversed, and to give him a vivid impression of its wildness and variety. Here the road wound among rocks and woods that clustered round and above him in every frowning and fantastic form which nature loves to display in her...
Strona 75 - It was this that paled his check, and dewed his brow — it was this made his heart beat till he could hear it in his solitude. If sometimes his sad glistening eye rested again on that precious gem which before had absorbed, as it seemed, his very life, the kindest and bravest heart would spare him there, if a tear was seen to drop upon it : and the thought, possibly, of sacred and devoted passion — of long and holy love, with all its blessed hopes, and all its desolate bereavements, would accompany...

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