Madras Journal of Literature and Science, Tom 10

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Vepery mission Press., 1839

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Strona 431 - That the gentlemen whose names are appended be requested to act as a Committee (with power to add to their number) for the purpose of carrying out the. previous resolution and of reporting to an adjourned public meeting to be held during the second week in October next...
Strona 192 - Opium-mania, that dreadful plague, which has depopulated this beautiful country, turned it into a land of wild beasts, with which it is overrun, and has degenerated the Assamese, from a fine race of people, to the most abject, servile, crafty, and demoralized race in India.
Strona 192 - I might here observe, that the British Government would confer a lasting blessing on the Assamese and the new settlers, if immediate and active measures were taken to put down the cultivation of Opium in Assam, and afterwards to stop its importation, by levying high duties on Opium land.
Strona 196 - I first discovered it, some fourteen years ago, I little thought that I should have been spared long enough to see it become likely eventually to rival that of China, and that I should have to take a prominent part in bringing it to so successful an issue. Should what I have written on this new and interesting subject be of any benefit to the country, and the community at large, and help a little to impel the Tea forward to enrich our own dominions, and pull down the haughty pride of China, I shall...
Strona 436 - Maclear and myself to miss procuring earlier observations. I am sure that I must often have swept, with a night-glass, over the very spot where it stood in the mornings before sunrise; and never was astonishment greater than mine at seeing it riding high in the sky, broadly visible to the naked eye, when pointed out to me by a notice from Mr. Maclear, who saw it with no less amazement on the 24th.
Strona 181 - Now" a mixture of sulphate of lime and indigo, very finely pulverized and sifted through fine muslin, in the proportion of three of the former to one of the latter, is added ; to a pan of Tea containing about seven pounds, about half a tea-spoonful of this mixture is put, and rubbed and rolled along with the Tea in the pan for about one hour, as before described.
Strona 168 - ... Tipum hill, where it exists to this day ; and that when he was about sixteen years of age, he was obliged to leave ' Tipum, on account of the wars and disturbances at that place, and take shelter at the village where he now resides. This man said he was now eighty years of age, and that his father died a very old man. How true this story is, I cannot say, and do not see what good it would do the old man to fabricate it. This was the only man I met with in my journeys about the country who could...
Strona 195 - Tea gardens and manufacture at Deenjoy and Chubwa, which will account for the deficiency of this year's crop. Things must continue in this state until the government of the country is finally settled ; for we are at present obliged, in order to follow a peaceful occupation, to have the means of defending ourselves from a sudden attack, ever since the unfortunate affairs at Sudiya.
Strona 173 - AM on a sunny morning, when the dew has evaporated. The Powchong can only be manufactured from the leaves of the first crop ; but the Mingehew, although it requires the same care in making as the other, can yet be made from any crop, provided it is made on a sunny morning. The Chinese dislike gathering leaves on a rainy day for any description of tea, and never will do so, unless necessity requires it. Some...
Strona 437 - ... on the abstraction of heat. It appears to me, that the nucleus and grosser parts of the comet must have been entirely evaporated during its perihelion, and reprecipitated during its recess from the sun, as it came into a colder region ; and that the first moment of this precipitation was precisely that I have pointed out as the limit of the existence of the disc, viz. on the 21st of January, at 2 pm, or perhaps an hour or two later.

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