The Witchcraft Delusion in New England: More wonders of the invisible world, collected by R. Calef

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W. Elliot Woodward, 1866

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Strona 85 - Pig approach him ; at which, he going to kick, it vanished away. Immediately after, sitting down, he saw a black Thing jump in at the Window, and come and stand before him. The Body was like that of a Monkey, the Feet like a Cocks, but the Face much like a Mans.
Strona 74 - Only he gave in a paper to the jury; wherein, although he had many times before granted, not only that there are witches, but also that the present sufferings of the country are the effects of horrible witchcrafts, yet he now goes to evince it, "That there neither are, nor ever were witches, that having made a compact with the devil can send a devil to torment other people at a distance.
Strona 95 - Here he is ! but he having a Quarter-staff, made a Blow at them. The Roof of the Barn, broke his Blow; but following them to the Window, he made another Blow at them, and struck them down; yet they got up, and got out, and he saw no more of them. About this time, there was a Rumour about the Town, that Martin had a Broken Head; but the Deponent could say nothing to that.
Strona 40 - John Proctor and his wife being in prison, the sheriff came to his house and seized all the goods, provisions and cattle that he could come at, and sold some of the cattle at half price, and killed others, and put them up for the West-Indies...
Strona 56 - ... they telling us, that we were witches, and they knew it, and we knew it, and they knew that we knew it, which made us think that it was so...
Strona 82 - Bishop, and of two more that were strangers to him; who came and oppressed him so that he could neither stir himself nor wake any one else...
Strona 41 - ... who have lately confessed themselves to be witches, and do accuse some of us of being along with them at a sacrament, since we were committed into close prison, which we know to be lies.
Strona 104 - May in the fourth year abovesaid, and divers other days and times as well before as after, was and is tortured, afflicted, pined, consumed, wasted and tormented, against the peace of our sovereign lord and lady the king and queen, and against the form of the statute in that case made and provided.
Strona 63 - ... he was accused by eight of the confessing witches, as being an head actor at some of their hellish randezvouzes, and one who had the promise of being a king in Satan's kingdom, now going to be erected.
Strona 151 - Mather, being in fome doubt of the fame thing, handed about a paper of fables; wherein his father, under the name of Mercurius, and himfelf under the name of Orpheus, are extolled, and the great actions of Mercurius magnified...

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