Catalogue of a Further Selection of Extremely Rare & Valuable Works in Early English Poetry and Other Literature: From the Renowned Library Formerly at Britwell Court, Burnham, Bucks. : the Property of S.R. Christie-Miller, Esq

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J. Davy & Sons, 1924 - 182

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Strona 18 - ... of the four monarchies, viz., the Assyrian, Persian, Grecian, Roman; also, a dialogue between Old England and New concerning the late troubles; with divers other pleasant and serious poems. By a gentlewoman in those parts.
Strona 31 - Q. Horatius Flaccus, His Art of Poetry, Englished by Ben : Jonson, with other Workes of the Author, never printed before...
Strona 13 - Game || of || Chesse-Play. || Sometimes || The Recreation of the late || King, with many of the || Nobility. || Illustrated \ With almost an hundred || Gambetts. || Being || The study of Biochimo || the famous Italian.
Strona 46 - The wonderfull Yeare, 1603; wherein is shewed the Picture of London, lying sicke of the Plague. At the Ende of all, like a mery Epilogue to a dull Play, certaine Tales are cut out in sundry Fashions, of purpose to shorten the Lives of long Winters Nights, that lye watching in the darke for us.
Strona 18 - The Smoaking Age, or, the man in the mist : — with the life and death of Tobacco.
Strona 54 - Covent Garden Drolery, Or a Colection of all the Choice Songs, Poems, Prologues, and Epilogues (Sung and Spoken at Courts and Theaters) never in Print before. Written by the refined'st Witts of the Age. And Collected by R[ichard] B[rome] Servant to His Majestie. London, Printed for James Magnes neer the Piazza in Russel-Street, 1672.

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