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1399. d. 1.

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INTRODUCTION.-English and Scottish Pontificals. Descriptions of De Bernham's Pontifical by Dr.
Henderson and Mons. Delisle, pp. i.iii. This edition commenced by the Rev. G. H.
Forbes, ii. Further description by the writer. The list of Churches, iii., iv. Cardinal
Otho's Constitution, 1237-9, v. Memorials of David de Bernham, bishop of St. Andrews,
1239-53, vi.-viii. Abel, Gameline, and William Wishart, 1253-79, ix. ECCLESIÆ quas
dedicavit episcopus David, 1240-47, x.-xx. ECCLESIÆ quas dedicavit episcopus WILLELMUS,
1276, xx. Topographical account of the foregoing list, by the Rev. James Gammack, xxi.
Bibliographical notes on the Paris MS., xxvi.


i.-BENEDICTIO ECCLESIÆ, from a xiith century addition to St. Augustine's Latin Gospels in the Bodleian, 53.

ii.-DESCRIPTION OF LIBER SANCTI CUTHBERTI,' a xth or xith century Pontifical at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, compared with the Egbert and De Bernham Pontificals, 54-58.

De Sacris Ordinibus, 59.

Ad Pueros consignatos, 66.
Missa de S Cuthberto, 69.

Antiphonæ, &c., de S. Nicholao, 72.

iii.—INTERROGATIONES DE SACRIS ORDINIBUS, from the early xth century Liber Pontificalis Gemmeticensis, 72.

iv.-BENEDICTIONES EPISCOPALES; illustrative extracts, 74.

v.-ON THE BENEDICTIONALS of Ethelwold and Robert, 83.

vi.-A Description of the PONTIFICAL OF ANIANUS, Bishop of BANGOR, about a D. 1284, 85. vii.-ADDITIONAL PRAYERS at the Dedication of a Church, extracted from PONTIFICALE GEMMETICENSE, 96.


The three Indexes, &c., supply a Concordance to some of the following Pontificals, &c., whereof in every case either the whole, or a full collation, is accessible in print, but, for the most part, without an index hitherto.*

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1. Index of Episcopal Benedictions (pp. i-xii.).


Benedictions published by Archbishop Peckham (xiii.-xv.).


3. General Index to the Contents of the English and Scottish Pontificals, and to the De Bernham rubrics (pp. xvi.—the end).

* Mr. Warren's Leofric is well supplied, and Mr. Greenwell's Egbert and Dr. Henderson's Manuals have a general



WHEN Mr. Greenwell edited the Pontifical and Benedictional of Egbert, Archbishop of York (circa A.D. 750), from an early 10th century MS., in the then "Imperial" Library of Paris (No. 138, fonds du Supplement, Latin), as the twenty-seventh volume of the Surtees Society's publications in 1853, he gave a list of eighteen Pontificals "of the Anglo-Saxon Church" as all that were known to him at that time. Some out of that number were merely reported to have been seen at the interval of several generations back, and it is not known that any further traces of them have been discovered since that date. At the same time, he asked for further information on behalf of the Surtees Society.

About twenty years later, Dr. W. G. Henderson edited the 13th century Pontifical, which afterwards belonged to Archbishop Bainbridge, of York (A.D. 1508-14), as the sixty-first volume of the same series. He omitted several of the MSS. which had been included in Mr. Greenwell's list, and he reported eight or nine Pontificals in writing or in substance earlier than the Norman Conquest.

But, as Dr. Henderson carried his list of "Pontificals of English and Scotch Use" as late as to the commencement of the 16th century, he included as many as thirty-six volumes,-of which one at least (No. XXXVI., p. xliv.) contains, under one cover, portions of more than one Pontifical.

* The Benedictional of Ethelwold, the Red Book of Darbye, and six others. To Dr. Henderson's list may be added a 12th century Pontifical, at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. It is entitled, Liber Sci. Cuthberti. In its contents (of which we give a full collation in Appendix II.), it agrees very nearly with Henderson's No. VII.


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