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An APPENDIX, containing some other Ancient Prayers,

Of all which an Account is given in the PREFACE.

Δύναμιν λαβεσα κυριακής και ψυχή μελεία είναι θεός, - αεί – ευχαρισέσα επί πάσι τω Θεώ,- δια Προσφοράς
αγίας, δια ευχής μακαρίας, αινέσα, υμνάσα, ευλογίσα, ψάλλεσα, και διορίζεται σοιε τε Θεέ κατ' έδινα καιρό

rovade taxa. Clem. Alex. Strom. vi. p. 797.


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Denison Poker 9-25-18 ?6873


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HE Liturgy of St. James is unquestionably one of the most ancient and valuable now any where extant in the Chriftian Church. That it is the same that was used in

the Church of Jerusalem about the Time of the first Council of Nice, will appear to any who will candidly compare it with St. Cyrils Vth Mystagogical Catechism; and we have no reason to doubt that it was so much earlier. It is indeed, as we now have it, very much corrupted (as all the other ancient Liturgies are, the Clementine only excepted) by the Additions that were introduced into the Worship of the Church in After-times : Concerning which see Dr. Hickes's Christian Priesthood, from p. 141, to p. 146. Ed. 3d.

But then upon examining it more attentively, it appeared to me that all these Additions and

Interpolations, of whatever kind, might easily be distinguished, and separated from it, and this excellent Liturgy of the Church of Jerusalem thereby restored to it's original Purity. And this induced me to bestow some Pains in attempting it; presuming that it would not be unacceptable to such as have a just Regard for Antiquity ; and might prove useful.

That all that Part, both of this and the other ancient Liturgies, which precedes the Anaphora, is a latter Addition to the Service of the Church, appears from the Account given thereof by Justin Martyr in his first Apology, from the Clementine Liturgy, and from the 19th Canon of the Council of Laodicea : By comparing of which, with other ancient Authorities, we plainly find that the Service of the Church began with reading of the Scriptures, intermixed with Pfalmody.: After which followed the Sermon. Then the a See Can. 17. ακροώμενοι ånçocóuevo and 071501, the Hearers and Unbelievers being bing b. Orig: dismissed, there followed in Order, the Bidding-Prayer of hiclesiap1, the Deacon, and the Collect of the Bishop, first for the 2, 3.




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