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St. Cyrilin Catech,

Myst. V.

The Clementine Part of the Liturgies of St. Mark,

St. Chryfoftom and St. Bafil.
Priest. us to have our Portion and Lot with
The Peace of all thy Saints.
God be with you *Lit. Cbryf.and Baf.-And grant

to us with one Mouth, and one Heart
People. to glorify and praise thy most precious
And with thy and magnificent Name, Father, Son,

and Holy Ghost, now and for ever,
Deacon. World without end.
Let us again

and again pray to Amen.
God through his

Christ, for the Gift

And may the Mercies of the great which is offered God and our Saviour Jesus Christ be to the Lord God; with


all. that the good God

People. would receive it, And with thy Spirit. through the Medi

Deacon. ation of his Christ, -Let us again and again pray to upon his heavenly the Lord (Lit. Bal.in peace). Altar, for a sweet Peop. Lord have mercy. smelling Savour, Deacon. Let us pray to the Lord

Let us pray for for the precious Gifts which are offered, this Church, and

and fanctified; that our God the Lover People.

of Men,-receiving them upon his holy
Let us pray for and heavenly and intellectual Altar, for a
the whole Episco- sweet smelling spiritual Savour, would
pate, for all the send 'down upon us the divine Grace,
Presbyters and and the Gift of his most holy Spirit,
Deacons in Christ, Peop. Lord have mercy.
and (Ministers- ] the
whole Body of the
Church; that the
Lord would keep
and preserve them

Let us pray for
Kings, and those


The ancient Liturgy of the Church The present Liturgy of St. James.

of Jerusalem. προσδεξάμλνΘ- αυτα εις το αΓιον να υπερ- τιών ημών, και ελασμάτψυχών ημών: “Υπέρ εράνιον, νουρός και πνευματικών αυτά θυσιαςήeμον πάσης ψυχής θλιβομένης τε και καλαπονε. εις οσμές ευωδίας πνευματικής ανικάαπέμψη μένης, ελέες και βοηθάας θεα επιδεομένης, ημίν τω θίαν χώραν, και τίω δωρεαν τε και επιστροφής ή πεπλανημένων, ιάσεως και xácar,

τ παναγία πνεύμα/G. δεηθώμεν. την ενότητα της αθενάντων, αναρρύσεως ή αιχμαλώτων, πίσεως, και την κοινωνίαν τα παναγία αυτή και προσκυνήθε αναπαύσεως ή προκεκοιμημένων πατέρων ανεύμα αιτησάμενοι, εαυτες και αλλήλης και πάσαν την

τε και αδελφών ημών. Πάντες εκγενώς απωζωήν ημών Χρισώ τω Θιν παραθώμεθα. Ρop. 'Αμήν.

Sacerd. “ο Θιός και παις τε Κυρία και, Θύ και σωληρο. ι, Κύριε ελέησον" ημών Ιησε Χρις, και μεγαλώνυμο. Κύριο», η μακαρία Pop. Κύριε ελέησον *.

* φύσις, η άφθονο αΓαθότης. ο πάντων Θεός και δεσπότης,

Sacerd. δων ευλοητός εις τες αιώνας, ο καθήμενΘ- επί των χεράΕίμ, και δοξαζόμενΘ- υπό των σεραφίμ, ώ παρεσήκασι

+ Καλαξίωσον ημάς, δεσπόζα φιλάνχίλαι χιλιάδες και μύριαι μυριάδες αγίων αβγίλων της αρχ θρωπε, με σαρρησίας, ακαλακρίτως, αν αιγίλων σεαιιαι, τα μεν προσενεχθένα σου δώρα, δομάδα, καθαρά και καρδία" επικαλάθαί σε, τον ο cu καρπώματα, εις οσμήν ευωδίας πνευματικής προσεδέξω, και αΓιάσαι και τελειώσαι καληξίωσας απαθί, τη χάρελ, τα τους ερgνοίς άγιον θεόν, πατέρα, και λέΧρισώ σε, και τη επιφοίθήσει τα παναγία σε πνεύμα/Φ. γαν" αγίασον δεσπόζα και τας ημέρας ψυχάς, και σώματα, και τα πνεύματα, και ψηλάφησον τας διάνοιας, και ανάκρινον

This Response was said not only here in the τας συνειδήσεις, και έκβαλον αφ' ημών πάσαν έννοιαν πονη- End of this Bidding-Prayer, but also after every diραν, πάντα λογισμών ασελγή, πάσαν επιθυμίαν αισχραν, ftinet Sentence thereof. πάντα λουισμόν απρεπή, πάντα φθόνον, και τυφον, και υπό

1 f. Συνειδήσει, Confcience, as St. Cyril : perhaps κρισιν, παν ψεύδο», πάντα δόλον, πάντα περισπασμόν fore επικαλείσθαι, το call upon, upon the Authority

also tolpão, to be bold, should have been retained be

to βιωλικόν, πάσαν πλεονεξίαν, πάσαν κινoδοξίαν, πάσαν

of Lit. Mar. Chryf. and Baj. and if so it should have ραθυμία», πασαν κακίαν, πάντα θυμόν, πάσαν οργήν, been put in a larger Character in the other Col. but πασαν μνησικακίαν, πάσαν βλασφημίαν, πάπαν κίνησιν

at least the Sense is fully as good and the Sentence as σαρκός τε και πνεύματος απηλλοτριωμένην τε θελήματΘτης Complete without it. αιότηθός σε: Exclamatio και κάλαξίωσον ημάς, δεασόλα φιλάνθρωπε, κ' παρρησίας, ακατακρίτως, αν καθαρά καρδία ψυχή συνθελειμμένη, ανεπαισχύντω προσώπω ηιασμένους χείλισι, τολμάν επικαλείται

σε, τον εν τοις έρανοϊς άΓιον θεον, σαλέρα, και λέγειν


St. Cyrilin Catech. The Clementine Part of the Liturgies of St. Mark,
Myft. V.

St. Chrystofom and St. Bafil.
υπεροχή δεηθώμεν + Lit. Mar. Καλαξίωσον ημάς δέσοδα
ένα αρηνεύων/αι τα φιλάνθρωπε Κύριε μελα παρρησίας, ακα-
προς ημάς, όπως ήρε- τακρίτως, και καθαρά καρδία, ψυχή σε-
μον και ησύχιον βίον φωτισμένη, ανεπαιχώτω προσώπω, ήγι-
έχοντες διάσωμεν αν ασμένους χάλεσιν, τολμάν επικαλάθαί σε,
σάση ευσεβία και τον αν τους ερανοίς άγιον θεόν, σαλέρα, και
σεμνότητι.Των αγίων λέΓειν.
μαργύρων μνημονεύ- Lit. Chryf: Καλαξίωσον ημάς δεν

θα σωμδυ όπως κοινω- με παρρησίας, ακαλακρίτως τολμάν επικοι γνέα ή αθλή- καλάθι σε, τον επεράνιον θεόν, σαλέρα,

glucas &
σεως αυτών καταξιω-

και λέγειν
θώμεν. Υπέρ τω
"F ci

Lit. Bas, as in that of Chryf.
τίς αναπαυσαμέ-
νων δεηθώμεν. Υπέρ
η εύκρασίας ή αί-
ρων και τελεσφορίας
ή καρπών δεηθώμεν.

“Υπέρ τ νεοφώίσων Είτα με ταώτα δεηθώμεν όπως βετω ευχω λέΓομαι βαιωθώσιν εν τη έκρινιώ ήν ο Σωτής σίσα.

Πάντες παρέδωκε τους οικεί- σέρ αλλήλων παοις αυτέ μαθηαϊς, eακαλέσωμεν." με καθαράς σωe

Ανάσησον ημάς δήσεως πέρα επι- ο Οεός αν τη χάρι γραφόμενοι ή θεον, σε.

'Ανασάντες και λέΓονες,

εαυτες τω Θεώ Δα
τα Χρισ8 αυτ8 στα-

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· So it is in MS. V. which I take to be the true Reading.

• f. add, Ewoos x), fave us and, as in the BiddingPrayer, Ch. x. And probably this was the People's Refponfe. See Bing. Orig. Eccl. Β. Χν. c. 1. p. 577:

c This again was said by the Deacon.


them upon

before us.

Lord have mercy


The ancient Liturgy of the Church The present Liturgy of St. James.

of Jerusalem. his holy and heavenly intelle&tual mission of our Sins, and the Propitiation and spiritual Altar, for a sweet smelling of our Souls. spiritual favour, would send down upon Let us pray for every Soul that is us the divine Grace, and the Gift of in Aliction or Calamity, and stands in his most holy Spirit. Praying for the Unity need of the Mercy and Help of God ; of the Faith, and the Communion of his most holy and for the Conversion of those that are and adorable Spirit, let us commend ourselves, and in Error ; for Health to the Sick ; for one another, and our whole Life to Christ our God.

Deliverance to the Captives; and for Peop. Amen. Priest. O. God and Father of our Lord,

Rest to our Fathers and Brethren who and God, and Saviour Jesus Christ, O Lord, great in Name, happy in Nature, and bountiful in Goodness, have gone

Let us all earthe God and Governour of the Universe, who art

nestly say, Lord have mercy. blessed for ever, who fittest upon the Cherubim, and

People. art glorified by the Seraphim, before whom ftand thousand thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand holy Angels and Archangels, thy Armies ; Thou

Priest. haft received the Gifts, Oblations, and Sacrifices of

+ Vouchsafe us, O Lord, thou Lover

, fered to thee, for a sweet smelling spiritual Savour,

of Men, with Freedom, without Conand hast vouchsafed to sanctify and consecrate them, O good God, by the Grace of thy Chrift, and the demnation, and with a pure · Heart,” " Descent of thy most holy Spirit; fanctify also, O Lord,

to call upon thce, the holy God who our Souls, and Bodies, and Spirits, search our Minds,

art in the Heavens, as our Father, and and examine our Consciences, and put away from us all evil Notions, all impure Thoughts, all filthy Lufts

, say, all indecent Thoughts, all Envy, and Pride, and Hypocrisy, all Fallhood, all Deceit, all worldly Solicilude, all Covetousness, all Vain-glory, all Sloth, all Malice, all Wrath, all Anger, all Remembrance of Injuries, all Evil speaking, and every Motion of Flesh and Spirit, that is contrary to the Will of thy Holiness. The Exclamation. And vouchsafe us, O Lord, thou Lover of Men, with Freedom, without Condemnation, and with a pure Heart, with a contrite Soul, with

, out Confusion of Face, and with fan&tified Lips, to be bold to call upon thee, the holy God who art in the Heavens, as our Father,


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and say,

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St. Cyril in Catech. The Clementine Part of the Liturgies of St. Mark,
Myst. V.

St. Chryfoftom and St. Bahl.
that are in Autho- + Lit. Mar. Vouchsafe us, O Lord,
rity; that our Af- thou Lover of Men, with Freedom,
fairs may be in without Condemnation, with a pure
peace, and that Heart, with an enlightened Soul, with-
we may lead a out Confusion of Face, and with sancti-
quiet and peacea- fied Lips, to be bold to call upon thee,
ble Life in all God- the holy God who art in the Heavens,
liness and Honesty. as our Father, and say,

Let us comme- Lit. Chryf. Vouchsafe us, O Lord, morate the holy with Freedom and without CondemnaMartyrs, that we tion, to be bold to call upon thee, the may be vouchsafed God who art in Heaven, as our Father, the Communion and say, of their Conflicts.

Let us pray for those who rest in Faith.

Let us pray for
temperate Wea-
ther, and for the
Plenty and Matu-
rity of the Fruits

of the Earth.
Then we say Let us pray for
that Prayer which those that
our Saviour deli- newly baptized ; ;
vered to his own that they may be
Disciples; with a strengthned in the
pure Conscience Faith. * Let us all
calling God our pray for one an-
Father, and say, other.” Raise us

up, O God, by thy
Grace. Let us

and com-
mend ourselves to
God through his



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