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In again appearing before the public, the Author has gratefully to acknowledge the very favourable reception which his former volumes have experienced. He has, in consequence, determined upon undertaking to carry on his history until the completion of the English Reformation, at the commencement of Queen Elizabeth's reign. In another volume this design may be accomplished.

Some apology, perhaps, is due for the unusual bulk of the present volume. This has arisen from anxiety to place before the reader full information upon the important matters which occupied public attention under Edward VI. Of all the theological questions agitated in that monarch's reign, transubstantiation is the most conspicuous. It was ori

ginally intended, accordingly, to place a brief historical account of that doctrine at the beginning of a chapter. But the subject was found incapable of such compression, and, therefore, a separate division of the work was devoted to it. As the facts detailed in this are interesting, and yet many of them are not easy of access to the generality of readers, it is hoped that the insertion of this digressive chapter may not prove unacceptable.

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