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dition, 84. How to be treated 56. Receives Clearness from
when they repent, ibid. How the Holy Spirit, 265
their Repentance to be judged Family-prayer, a Duty incum-

85 bent on Masters of Families,
Epiphany, what meant by it,

122. What may be learned Fasts, the Nature of Fafting,433
from the Observation of it, 126 Obligations to it, 434.

Episcopacy, the primitive Go- amples of it in Scripture, 435

vernment of the Church, 530. Practised by the Apostles and
The Method used by St. Paul primitive Chriftians, 436
gives Light to it, 534. What How and upon what Occafi.

Opposition it met with, 543 ons, 437. Not the abstaining
Evangelist, what it means, 220 from Meats condemned by St.
Evil-speaking, what, 392.

When Paul, 438. When religious,
we may [peak Evil of our 439.

How to be observed,441.
Neighbour, ibid. Condemned IV hat to be avoided in the Ex-
in Scripture, ibid. The Hei- ercise of it,

noufness of it, 393. The Dif- Festivals, what, 1. Their Autho-
guise of it, ibid. What to be rity, 1, 2. The Design of them,
dane to discourage it, 394 3. Not against the Fourth Com-

How to conquer this Vice, 395 mandment, 4. They do not re-
Examination of ourselves, what, strain the Praises of God, ibid.

612. And the End of it, 614. Not Popish, s. Not to be abo-
Prescribed by Philosophers, ib. lished because abufed, ib. How
The Wisdom of it, 615. The to be observed, 8. What Com-
Frequency of it, ibid. The chief mand concerning them under
Subject of it, 616. Questions the Law, 9. How that obliges
proper to put to ourselves every Christians, 10. Advantages of
Evening, ibid. Considerations observing them, 11. See Day.
to excite it, 617. Method of First Day of the Week observed
it, 618. The Consequences and

by Christians, 16. Why called
Advantages of it, 619. Heads the Lord's Day,

for the Exercise of it, 622 Fridays in the Year, why Fajting
Example of Christ, the Bright- Days, 611. How to be observ-
nefs of it,
68 ed,


Forgiveness of Sins, what, 462
Fact. See Matters of Fael.

Faith, the prevailing Principle of Gift of Tongues, wherein it con-

a good Christian, 54. The Jited, 256. How conferred on
Power of it, 55. in Christ,

the Apostles, ibid. Real with-
what, ibid. Properties of it, out Decit, 257. Not the Ef-



fect of Graft, 257. Not of England, 476. After what
Enthufiaftick Heal, nor of Manner, 479. What we may
11 inc


learn from the Institution of
Gifts of the Holy Ghost that them,

are ordinary

261 Holy Week, why so called, 484.
God's resting from his Works, How observed in the primi-

tive Church, ibid. And in the
Godhead and Manhood, how Church of England,

make one Christ, 169. Some Honour to fpiritual Superiors,
Difficulties cleared,


Good-friday, why so called, 483. Humility, a Virtue peculiar to

Why kept as a Faft, 484. How Christianity, 148. Wherein it
observed in the ancient Church, confifts, 149. How the Founda-
ibid. IV hat may be learnt from tion of other Christian Vir-
the Commemoration of Christ's tues, ibid. How to be exercised,

.495 150. Helps to attain it, 152
Gospel, what meant by it, 221. Humiliation agreeable to Chri-
The Authority of the four Gof- ftianity,

pels, ibid. Particularly that Hymn Nunc dimittis, what may
of St. John,


be learnt from it, 147
Grace to be said at Meals, 523

Graces, when ftrengthened by the St. James the Great, 355. What
Holy Spirit,

265 may be learnt from this Festi-
Guardian-angels, the general ()- val,

pinion of Mankind concerning St. James the Less, 232. What


may be learnt from this Festi-

Happiness of the next Life, what, St. Jerome's Au! hority aguint

420. What the Scriptures say Epifcopacy considered, 535

concerning it, ibid. Jesus Christ, wherein he exceed-
Happiness of a righteous Man's ed all other Prophets, 66. Why
Death, what,

509 circumcised, 116.What implied
Heads of Self-examination, 622 in his faving us from Sin, ibid.
Hereticks and Schismaticks, how His Name worthy of all Honor,
to be treated,

415 117. Why manifested to the
Holy Days. See Day.

Gentiles, 125. Proved to be
Holy Ghost proved to be God, God, 309. That there was such

310. His ordinary Gifts, 261. a Perfon,288. A Prophet fent
How to be attained, 160. His from God, 289. Proved so by

particular Office, 262 aVoice from Heaven, 293. By
Holy Orders, how carefully ad- Miracles, 294. Obje&lions a-
minifired in the Church of gainst them answered, ibid. By


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Prophecy, 299. His Sufferings from this Fettival,

what, 486. Not the Torments Judas the Traitor had the Gifts
of the Damned, 487. Why he of an Apostle, 407. What may
suffered, 489. A Proof of his be learnt from it,

being the Messias, 494. Not in St. Jude the Apostle, 407. What
his divine Nature, 491. His

may be learnt from this Festi-
Resurrection, 178. His Ascen- val,

fion,245. Sec Birth of Christ. Judgment General, how proved
Immortality of the Soul proved, from Reason, 28. From Scrit-
from'its Nature, 190. What ture, 29. When it shallbe, 30.
meant by the Fathers when The Necessity of it, ibid. Il be
they say it is not properly im- fall administer in it, 32. Wly
mortal, 191. From Universal Jesus Christ, ibid. Who bail
Consent, 193. Epicureans be judged, 33. For what, 34.
and Saducees no Prejudice to By what Measures, ibid. By
this, ibid. From the natural what Degrees, 35. The fixt
Notions of God, &c. 194. Time not known, ib. The Man-
From natural Hopes and Fears, ner of it, 36. What to be learnt,
195. What Assurance the Jews from the Certainty of it, 37.
had, 196. What farther Evi- What from the Uncertainty,
dence the Christians have, when,

198. 200. The Effiet of this


202 Keeping a Day holy, what, 14
Incarnation, what we are to be- Knowledge of Religion, how
lieve concerning it, 169 attained,

Infidelity, in respect of the Gó-

spel, a Sin of the greatestSize, Lay Christians, their Duties 10

260 their spiritual Guides and Go-
Inspiration, what meant by it, vernors, 591. What we may
259. 272. How to be proved, learn from them,

278. Not a stubborn Conceit, Lent, why so called,444. lis An-

279 tiquity, ibid. IV by forty Days,
St. Innocents, 101. IV hat may 445. The Design of it, 446.
be learnt from this Festival, How observed by the primitive

106 Christians,447. How we ought
Interpretation of Tongues, 222 to spend this Season, 448
St. John the Apostle and E- Little Children, what Temper

vangelif, 87. What may be of Mind represented to us by

learnt from this Festival, 95 our Saviour in that Emblem,
St. John the Baptist, his Nativi-

107. The Benefits of it, 109.
ty, 328. What may be learnt Lord's-day, 14. Why so called,


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16. How obferved by the Apo-

mitted to the Law of Purifica-
fles, 17. By the primitive tion, 145. Her Annunciation,
Christians, ibid. In what Sense 165. Saluted by the Angel,
cilieil a Sabbath, 18. Par- and how she received it, 166.
ticular Customs anciently ob- What implied in her Answer,
served on that Day, 19. Not 167. Why Styled the Mother
to be fasted on, 20.

How to

of God, 171. IV hy called the
be observed, ibid. The Allvan- Ever-virgin, 172. How the
tages of observing it,

ought to be reverenced, ibid.
Love of our Neighbour, what, St. Mark the Evangelift, 220.

96. How a new Command- IV bat we may learn from this
ment, 97.
Our Obligations Festival,

to it, ibid. How to perform Matter' not capable of thinking,
it, 98. To our spiritual Go-

Pernors, what,

59 Matters of Fact, when they can-
St. Luke the Evangelift, 398. not be false, 282. Proved
What may be learnt from

this those that relate to Christiani-
403 ty,


St. Matthew the Apostle, 375.
Magistrates, though supreme, What may be learnt from this
cannot communicate spiritual Festival,


558 St. Matthias the Apostle, 155.
Manse, or Glebe, what, 597 What may be learnt from this
Magnificat, what, 168. What


we may learn from that Meditation in a religious Sense,

ibid. what, 449. The Exercise of
Martyrdom, the several Sorts, it, 450. The Fruits of it, 451

Mercies of God, when acknow-
Martyrs, commemorated, why, 6. ledged, 23. When valued, and

When first began, 7. What how to be returned, ibid.
meant by a Martyr, 361. The Messias, what Expectation of his
Privileges assigned to them in appearing, among the Jews,
the ancient Church, ibid. The 65. Among the Gentiles, ib.
Reasonableness of Martyrdom, The Advantage of his appear-
362. The Happiness of it, ibid. ing,

How embraced by the primi- St. Michael and All Angels,
tive Christians, 363. To what 384. What may be learnt from
Causes may be attributed their ibis Festival,


ibid. Ministers of Christ, why so cal-
Mary, the blessed Virgin, her led, 556. Why the Glory of
Offerings, 146. Why the sub- Chritt, 557. How they derive

T 12

; their

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their Commission, 557 St. Paul, why commemorated by
Miracles, what meant by them, bis Conversion, 132. Wat
259. When a Prcof a dia

may be learnt from this Festi-
vine Doctrinc, 260. The Na. val,

ture of our Saviour's, 294. Not St. Peter the Apostle, 341. What
from the Devil, 296. Not from may be learnt from this Festi-
the Credulity of the People, ib. val,

See Gift of Tongues.

Penitents, how re-admitted into
Mortification, when accepłable, the Church,

128. See Self-denial. Person in the Blesed Trinity,
Mofaicus Gradus, what, 276 what,


Persons, inspired, how to be
New Year's Day, 113. What judged of, 280. When at a

it ought to suggest to us, 118 Distance of Time, 281
Nativity of Christ, 59. The St. Philip and St. James the Less,

Circumstances of it, 62. IVhat 232. What may be learn
may be learnt from them, 64 from this Festival,

Nathanael, who, 367. IVhercin Places, how holy, 567. Ser a-

appeared the Simplicity of his part for publickłVorsvip in the

369 Apostles Time, 568. How to
be reverenced,

Obedience to spiritual Gover- Poverty, what ought to reconcile
nors, what,

604 us to that State,
Oblations, the Maintenance of Prayer, when it afcends as In-
the Clergy,


cense, 128. The Nature of it,
Observation of Days, when su- 516. How necessary,517. For

2 what we ought to ask, 518.
Officers in the Christian Church, What Encouragement, ibid.


Upon what Conditions, 519.
Omission, Sins of, what, 612 How to be performed, 520.
Oracle, what Sort of Revela- Wandering Thoughts consider-

275 ed, ibid. What Prayers met
Orders, how anciently conferred, acceptable to God, and necella-

579 ry for us, 521. By the Spirit,
Ordination, what, 526. The what,523. Advantages of fre-
peculiar Privilege of a Bishop, quently performing it, 524

537 Family Prayer, a Duty incum-

bent on Masters of Families,
Partaking in other Mens Sins, 522. Why we ought to pray.
what, 140. Beth before and

for the Minislers of God, 605.
after they are committed, 14! Presentation of the Firsi-bern,


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