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may happen to the Body, and from all evil Thoughts that may affault and hurt the Soul.

Extend thy Goodnefs, O Lord, to the whole Race of Mankind; have Mercy upon all Jews, Turks, Infidels, and Hereticks; take from them all Ignorance, Hardness of Heart, and Contempt. of thy Word; and fo fetch them home to thy Flock, that they may be faved among the Remnant of the true Ifraelites. Grant unto all them that are admitted into the Fellowship of Chrift's Religion, that they may efchew thofe things that are contrary to their Profeffion, and follow all fuch things as are agreeable to the fame. Let thy continual Pity cleanfe and defend thy Church, and because it cannot continue in Safety without thy Succour, preferve it evermore by thy Help and Goodness. Blefs all our Governours both in Church and State, that in their feveral Stations they may be useful and ferviceable to thy Glory, and the publick Good, We make our humble Supplications to thee for all our Benefactors, Friends and Relations, and alfo for our very Enemies; let thy fatherly Hand be ever over them, let thy Holy Spirit be ever with them, and fo lead them in the Knowledge and Obedience of thy Word, that in the end they may obtain everlasting Life. Look with an Eye of Pity and Compation upon all those who are any ways afflicted or diftreffed in Mind, Body, or Eftate, give them Patience under all their Sufferings, and in thy due Time a happy Iffue out of all their Afflictions.

And as we pray unto thee, O God, for ourfelves and others, fo we defire to blefs and praife thy holy Name for all thy Goodness and Loving Kindness to us and to all Men. We give


thee hearty Thanks for the Prefervation of us the Day paft, and the rest of our Lives, from innumerable Accidents and Dangers, for the Comforts and Conveniencies as well as the Neceffaries of Life. But above all we laud, and magnify, and adore thy Goodness in the Redemption of the World by the Death and Paffion of our Saviour Chrift, both God and Man: who did humble himself even to the Death upon the Crofs for us miferable Sinners, who lay in Darkness and in the Shadow of Death, that he might make us the Children of God, and exalt us to everlafting Life. Teach us to exprefs our Thankfulness, by fubmitting ourselves entirely to his holy Will and Pleasure, and by ftudying to ferve him in true Holiness and Righteousness all the Days of our Life. Accept, O Lord, of these our Prayers and Praises, in and through the Mediation of Jefus Chrift, our bleffed Saviour and Redeemer, who hath taught us when we to pray, to fay,

Our Father, &c.

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An Alphabetical INDEX of the prin-
cipal Matters contained in this Book.


Dvent Sundays, the Defign

Affections being fet above, what,

All-Saints, 418. What may be
learned from that Festival,424
Ambaffadors of Chrift, who, and
what meant by it,
Amen, the Meaning of it in the

Office of Cemmination, 459
Angels, what they are, 386
Properties of the Good and their
Ministry, 387, 388. The Bad
and their Office, 389
Angelical Hymn at Chrift's
Birth how to be underflood, 63
St. Andrew the Apostle,


Afcenfion of our Lord,
The Proof of it, 246. How ty-
pically reprefented, 247. How
prophetically, ibid. The Be-
nefits of it,248. Why not in the
Sight of the Jews, 249. How
Ash-wednesday, why fo called,
it ought to influence us, ibid.
Atonement, the Day of it how
obferved among the Jews, 493
Imitated by the ancient Chri-
ftians on Good-friday, 494


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Baptifm came in the Room of
ciently adminiftred, 254. Why
Circumcifion, 115. When an-
at Eafter and Whitfuntide,
254. Why deferred to those
St. Barnabas the Apostle, 317
What may be learned from
this Festival,
St. Bartholomew the Apostle,
from this Feftival,
367. What may be learned
Bath-col, what meant by it, 276
Bethlemite Children, why de-
Birth of Chrift, 59. What we are
to believe concerning it,
How manifefted to the Wife
Men, 123. The Circumftan-
ces of it, 62. How published
to the IVord, ibid. What may
be learned from bath,





What may be learned from
that Festival,
Annunciation of the Blessed
Virgin Mary, 165. What to be
learned from that Festival, 173
Apostle, what meant by it, 155
Why Twelve pitched upon by
our Saviour, ibid. Their Voca-
tion, 156. How enabled to dif-
charge their Office, ibid. What
Evidence of their Divine Mif-
Apoftles fuperior to the Seven-

Arch-bishop, what meant by.
that Term,
Archdeacon, what meant by it,




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Bifhop, his Office,477. How cal-
led in the Apoftolical Age, 478.
The Word bow ufed in Scrip-
ture, 532. Anciently not Pa-
for of a particular Congrega-
tion only, 533. St. Jerome's
Authority against them confi
dered, 535. See Ordination,
Clergy, Epifcopacy.
Bodily Reverence in God's Wor-
Ship, how to be expressed, 570
Britain probably received Chri-
Hianity from St. Paul, 137
Brutes, their Souls not immortal,


Chriftian Charity, what,
Charity, how made zealous by
the Holy Spirit,
Chrift, why called a Nazarene,
104. See Jefus Christ.
Christians, when firft fo called,
319. What Obligation that
Name lays on us, 320. How
united to Chrift, 174. Ad-
vantages of it,
Chriftian Religion, what, 287.
B The Truth of it, ibid. Its in-

trinfick Evidence, 302. The
Guilt of thofe that reject it, 303
Whatwe may learn from it, 304
Christmas-Day, 59. Proper
Thoughts for this Feftival, 70.
The Obfervation of it how ab-
Church, why the House of God,
567. Such in the Apostles
Time, &c. 568. How to be
Church-Officers in Subordina-
tion by the Infiitution of Chrift,

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527. Not confined to the A-
poftolical Age,
Circumcifion of our Lord, 113.
What, and when enjoined, ibid.
When adminiftred, ibid. The
Neglect of it how punish'd,114.
The Defign of it, ibid. Why to
ceafe at Chrift's coming, ibid.
What it figures to us, 115.
What Rite fucceeded to it, ibid.
What may be learned from this


Circumcifion fpiritual, what,

Clergy, the Minifters of Chrift,
why fo called, 557. Their per-
Jonal Qualifications, as well as
Character, require Respect,
591, 592. Tho' bad, not to be
contemned, 593. Ill Confequen-
Intereft no Objection against
ces of defpifing them,594. Their
Religion, 595. Nor the bad
Lives of fome, ibid. How they
may preferve Respect, 596.
Their Maintenance, what, ib.
By the Laws of the Land,598.
Why we ought to pray for
them, 609. See Bishop, Priest,
Communion of Saints, what,
Company, how to be chosen,426.
Ill Effects of bad Company,427
Confirmation, what, 539. An
confined to the Age of the Apo-
Apoftolical Ufage, 540. Not
ftles, 541. How the Candidates
of it must be qualified, 542.
The Advantages of it, ibid.
Confecration of the Sacrament,


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how performed in the primitive
Contempt of the World, what,
108. The Advantages of it, 109
Converfion of Infidels might pro-

bably fucceed if attempted, 258
Covetoufnels, its Nature, 380
The mischievous Effects of it,
ibid. The Unreasonableness of
it, 381. The Means to over-
come it,
Crucifixion, the Nature of it,486
Curfes on the first Day of Lent,
how to be underflood,
Use of them,


Daily publick Prayer, to be fre-
Keeping a Day holy, what, 15
Obfervation of Days when fu-
Death-bed Repentance dange-




Deacons their Office,

Difcipline of the Church in Lent,
what, 455. How supplied in
the Church of England, 457.
It ought to be restored, ibid.
Differences about civil Matters
how to be managed among
Chriftians, 324. About reli-
gious, how to be debated, 325
Divine Nature incapable of suf-
fering, &c.
Doctrine of Chrift, the Perfe-
Etion of it,
Dreams fupernatural, what, 273


Eafter-funday, anciently observ-
ed, 177. The Controverfy a-
bout keeping it, and how de-
termined, 178. What may be
learned from this Festival, 183
Eafter-Monday, 187. Tuef-


How inftituted, 77, 471. Not
exercifed by Laymen, 472.
How long to remain in this
Degree, 473. What Qualifi-
cations required, ibid.
Death, Wisdom to prepare for it,
502. What Preparations necef-
Jary, 503. Repentance, ibid.
Making our Wills, 504.Iean-
ing our Affections from the
World, 505. Care of our Time,
506. Charity, ibid. Bearing
Sicknefs Chriftianly, 507. Re-
tiring for that Purpofe, 510
Dependence upon God, what 108
Difciples of Chrift, why chofen
cut of Galilee,


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Eafter-eve, how obferved in the
primitive Church, 500. How
Chriftians were employed upon
this Vigil,
Ember-days, why fo called,468.
The Piety of their Inftitution,
470. In Lent, 468. In Whit-
fun-week, 526. In Septem-
ber, 547. In December, 590.
What may be learned from the
Obfervation of these Days,


479, 543, 559, 606
Encouragements of the Chrifti-
an Religion,
Enemies, what Love due to them,
82. What Uncharitableness
moft practifed towards them,
ibid. Obligation to love them,
83. The Reasonableness of it,
ibid. Repentance, how the Con-

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