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with her reasonable Desires, and Uncondescenfion to her pitiable Weakness.

Of the Wife against the Husband : As Difhonour in inward Esteem and Opinion; Irreverence in outward Carriage; Unobservance, in not forecasting to do what may please him; Disobedience to his just Commands; casting off his roke, or Unsubjection.

Sins of Parents and Children: As Want of natural Affection; not praying for each other : Imprecations. Of the Parents against the Children : As not providing for them; Irreligious and Evil Education ; provoking them to Anger by imperious Harshness and needless Severity in governing. Of the Children against the Parents : rs Dishonour in their Minds; Irreverence in their Behaviour; being ashamed of them; mocking them ; specking Evil of them ; fiealing from them; Difobedience to their lawful Commands; Contumacy, or casting off SubjeElion to them. Sins of Brothers and Sisters: as want of natural Affection; not providing for our Brethren; not praying for them ; praying against them.

Sins of Masters against their Servants ; as not maintaining them; not catechizing or instructing them ; unequal Government, or Injustice, shewn in requiring unlawful, Wantonness in requiring superfluous, and Rigour in requiring unmerciful Things of them: Immoderate Tbreatning ; Imperiousness, or contemptuous haughey treating of . them : defrauding or keeping back the Wages of the Hireling. Of Servants against their Masters; as Dishonour ; Irreverence; publishing or aggravating their Master's Faults; not clearing, when they can, his injured Reputation ; Unfaithfulness in what he intruits with them, shewn either by their



Wastefulness, i, e, spending it for their Pleasure, or by Negligence, or Purloining, i. e. diverting it to their own Profit and secret Enrichment Disobedience; Non-observance; Answering again ; Slothfulness; Eye-Service; Resistance ; not praying for him; Praying against him,

To all which, add these other Sins, which are peculiarly so among Christians, viz. The Negleet of Baptism, and absenting from the Lord's Supper; and Want of Faith in Cbrift as our Mediator,



Since it is possible this Book may fall into the

Hands of those that may be destitute of
Helps of Family-Devotion, I have added
a Morning and Evening-Prayer for such


A Morning P R A V E R

for a Family.
A all ,

Lmighty God,

thine unworthy Servants present ourselves with all Humility before thy divine Majesty, to offer to thee this our Morning Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving for all thy Goodness and loving Kindness vouchsafed to us thy sinful Creatures. We bless thee for creating us after thine own Image and Likeness, for making us capable of loving thee and enjoying thee eternally. We bless thee for preserving us from innumerable Accidents and Dangers through the whole Course of our Lives till this Time; for refreshing our Bodies the Night past with comfortable Rest and Sleep; for bringing us safe to the Light of this Day. We bless thee for our Food and Raiment, for our Health and Friends, and for all the Comforts and Accommodations of this Life. But above all, we praise and magnify thy Holy Name for thine inestimable Love in the Redemption of the World by our Lord Jesus S [ 2


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Christ, for the Means of Grace, and for the Hope of Glory; that it hath pleased thee to regenerate us with thy Holy Spirit, to receive us for thine own Children by Adoption, and to incorporate us into thy holy Church : And we beseech thee give us such a Sense of thy great and manifold Mercies bestowed upon us, as may engage us to a true Thankfulness, such as may appear in our Lives, by an humble, holy, and obedient walk. ing before thee all our Days.

We acknowledge, O Lord, that we have rendered ourselves - unworthy of thy Favours and Blessings, by our many great and heinous Sins: But we do with Shame and Sorrow confess our frequent Breaches of thy holy Laws, in Thought, Word, and Deed; that we have left undone those Things thou hart commanded ; and done those Things thou hast forbidden ; and it is of thy Mercy alone that we are not consumed. Our Sins have cried to Heaven against us, and our Iniquities justly call for Vengeance upon us: But, O moit mighty and merciful God, who haft Compassion upon all Men, and hateft nothing that thou hast made, who wouldest not the Death of a Sinner, but that he should rather turn from his Sin and be faved; mercifully forgive us our Trespasses, receive and comfort us, who are grieved and wearied with the Burden of our Sins; Thy Property is always to have Mercy; to thee only it apperçaineth to forgive Sins; spare us; therefore, Good Lord, spare us, whom thou haft redeemed; enter not into Judgment with thy Servants, who are vile Earth and miserable Sinners; but fo turn thine Anger from us, who mcekly acknowledge oyr Vileness, and

truly truly repent us of our Faules; that by thy Pardon and Peace, we may be cleansed from all our Sins, and may serve thee with a quiet Mind, all our Days. Raise up, O Lord, thy Power and come among us, and with great Might fuccour us, that whereas through our Sins and Wickedness, we are sore lett and hindred in running the Race that is set before us, thy bountiful Grace and Mercy may speedily help and deliver us.

And thou, O God, who art the Protector of all that trust in thee, without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy, increase and multiply upon us thy Mercy, that thou being our Ruler and Guide, we may so pass through Things temporal, that we finally lose not the Things eternal. We acknowledge, O Lord, that through the Weakness of our mortal Nature, we can do no good Thing without thee; grant us therefore the Help of thy Grace, that in keeping thy Commandments, we may please, thee both in Will and Deed. And thou, who ne. ver faileft to help and govern them, whom thou dost bring up in thy Itedfast Fear and Love, keep us, we beseech thee, under the Protection of thy good Providence, and make us to have a perpetual Fear and Love of thy holy Name. And thou, who preparest for them that love thee such good Things as pass Man's Understanding, pour into our Hearts such Love towards thee, that we loving thee above all Things may obtain thy Promises, which exceed all that we can desire. Give unto us, O Lord, the Increase of Faith, Hope, and Charity; and that we may obtain that which thou dost promise, make us to love ST3




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