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nefs in establishing such Orders of Men on pur-
pose to transact with us in his Name the mo-
mentous Affair of our eternal Salvation. To
continue stedfast in the Communion of a Church,
which is so conformable to the ancient Model
for Discipline as well as Doctrine. To obey
those that have the Rule over us, as those that
watch for our Souls. To observe those pious
Regulations, which our spiritual Governors shall
from time to time enjoin for the building us up
in our holy Faith. To spend these fafting Days
in Devotion and Retirement, with particular
Intercessions for all Orders of the Clergy; that
the Bishops may lay Hands suddenly on no
Man, and may be eminent for their Piety and
Charity ; that they may govern with Justice and
Equity, and shew great Gentleness and Mode-
ration in their Behaviour towards all Men; that,
all they who engage in any holy Function, may
have a due Regard to the great Ends for which
it was instituted, and that they may be furnished
with all those Abilities which are necessary for
the Discharge of their Ministry.




For the
Ordainers haft purchased to thyself an universal
and the Church by the precious Blood of thy dear
Ordained. Son; mercifully look upon the same, and at

this Time so guide and govern the Minds of thy
Servants the Bishops and Pastors of thy Flock,
that they may lay Hands suddenly on no Man,
but faithfully and wisely make Choice of fit


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Persons to serve in the sacred Ministry of thy Church. And to those who shall be ordained to any holy Function, give thy Grace and heavenly Benediction, that both by their Life and Doctrine they may set forth thy Glory, and fet forward the Salvation of all Men, through Jesus Cbrist our Lord. Amen.

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Lmighty God, Giver of all good Things, For Dean

who of thy great Goodness dost vouch-cons.
fafe at this Time to call several of thy Servants
to the Office of Deacons in thy Church; make
them, I beseech thee, O Lord, to be modest,
humble, and constant in their Ministration, to
have a ready Will to observe all spiritual Disci-
pline; that they, having always the Testimony
of a good Conscience, and continuing ever stable.
and strong in thy Son Christ, may so well behave
themselves in this inferior Office, that they may
be found worthy to be called unto the higher
Ministries in thy Church, thro' the faine thy Son
our Saviour Jesus Christ, to whom be Glory and
Honour, World without end. Amen.


who by thy holy Spirit hait appointed Prieste. . divers Orders of Ministers in the Church; mercifully behold thy Servants now to be called to the Office of Priesthood, and replenish them fo with the Truth of thy Doctrine, and Innocency of Life, that both by Word and good Example they may faithfully serve thee in this Office, to the Glory of thy Name, and the Good of thy Church, through the Merits of our Saviour Jesus



Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, World without End. Amen.


IV. For the Rant, o Lord, that all those who dedicate Clergy,

themselves to the Service of thy Altar, may that they be inwardly moved by thy holy Spirit to take may rightly

upon them that sacred Ministration; that their discharge Consciences may testify to them, that by engag. their holy ing in this holy Calling, their chief Design is Function to serve' and promote thy Glory, and edify thy

People; that they may neither be led by Ambition nor Covetousness; that neither the Honours nor the Revenues that are annexed to this Profession, may have any Competition in their Minds with a mighty Zeal for thy Glory, and a Desire to promote the Salvation of Souls. To this End, O Lord, grant that they may make thy holy Writ the chief Subject of all their Studies; that they may from thence instruct thy People committed to their Charge, and filence Gainsayers; that they may faithfully and diligently administer thy holy Sacraments ; that they may labour in Season and out of Season, by private and publick Admonitions and Exhortations; that they may maintain Peace and Love among all Christians, and frame themselves and their Families according to the Precepts of thy holy Gospel. Give them the Will, O Lord, to do their Duty, and Strength and Power faithfully to perform the same, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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Good Friday.
HAT Fast doth the Church this Day

À. That of our Saviour's Passion, commonly
called Good Friday.

Q. W by is this Day called Good-Friday?

A. From the blefied Effets of our Saviour's Sufferings, which are the Ground of all our Joy; and from those unspeakable good Things which he hath purchased for us by his Death, whereby the bisfed Jesus made Expiation for the Sins of the whole world, and by the fed-Heb.9.12. ding of bis own Blood obtained eternal Redemption for us.

Q. Why is the Commemoration of our Saviour's Sufferings observed as a Day of Fasting and Humiliation?

A. Because at this Time we properly consider our Saviour's Paffion with respect to the Cause of it, and therefore must needs own it to be Marter of the greatest Sorrow and Humiliation, since they were the Sins of Mankind that drew upon him that painful and shameful Deach of the Cro's. And in this Manner, and with this Prospect, the Memory of his Sufferings hath been kept from the first Age of Chriftianity: Not that the Grief and AMictions they then expreffed did arise from the Loss they fultained, nor from any Indignation against our Saviour's mortal Perfecutors, but from a Sense of the Guilt of the Sins of the whole World,




for which our Lord had this Day suffered.

Q. How was this whole Week called in the Primitive Church?

A. The Great and the Holy Week; because in this Week was transacted an Affair of the greatest Importance to the Happiness of sinful

Man; and Actions truly great were performed Heb. 14. to secure his Salvation; Death was conquered, 15. Ephes. 2.

the Devil's Tyranny was abolished, the Partition 14 and 16.Wall betwixt Jew and Gentile was broken 1 Thef. 1. down, and God and Man were reconciled. And

it was called Holy from those devout Exercises which Christians employed themselves in upon this Occasion. And several of the Christian Emperors, to shew what Veneration they had

for this holy Seafon, caused all Law-Suics to This was cease, and Tribunal Doors to be shut up,

and dore about

Prisoners to be set free. And it is to be hoped the Year 1710,

that Good Friday may retrieve the ancient Rewhen the verence that was paid to it; since Authority Day was hath so worthily required it to be observed as religiously obfervea

a Day of Devotion, and fequeftered from all through- worldly Business. And surely no good Christian

that is ready to celebrate any other Fast, en. whicle Ciry;

"joined upon the Occasion of temporal Calami- . con, by ties, will refuse to join in Humiliation, assigned fiuting up for much more weighty spiritual Reasons, for of Shops, the saving immortal Souls, and the averting

eternal Vengeance. tending the publick Af. Q. How was ibis Week observed in the PrimiI mblies. tive Church? Di nys.

A. With great Strictness of Fasting and HumiAlex.

liation. Some abstained from Food the whole fix Days, some four, some three, and those that did least, two; which were Good-Friday, and the Day following. They applied themselves to


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