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A. The Scripture is plain and express in this Matter. To whomfoever much is given, of him Luke 12. fball be much required; be that foweth sparingly, 48. 2Cor.9.6. fball reap fparingly; and be that foweth bountifully, fhall reap bountifully. And in the Parable of the Talents, our Saviour plainly teacheth us, that Men are rewarded according to the Improvements they make. He that had gained Luke 19. Ten Talents is made Ruler over Ten Cities, 16, &c. and he that had gained Five Talents, Ruler over five Cities. St. Paul exprefsly affirms, that 1 Cor. 15. the Glory of the Saints fhall be different at the 41. Refurrection. And our Saviour telleth us, that in the Day of Judgment the Condition of Tyre and Sidon, of Sodom and Gomorrab, fhall be more tolerable than that of impenitent Sinners under the Gofpel. And this is agreeable to the Juftice and Equity of God's Providence, and to the Reafon of the Thing, nothing being a greater Incitement to Piety than the Confideration, that the leaft Service will not lofe its Reward. And the better any Man is, the greater Difpofition he hath for the Enjoyment of God; and the more hardened he is in Wickedness, the more fufceptible he is of Torment, and treafureth upgreater Measures of Wrath against the Day of Wrath.

Q. What is the prefix'd Time of our Saviour's coming to Judgment?

A. The Time and Seafon for that great Affize is appointed by God, and referved as a Secret to himfelf. Of that Day and Hour knoweth no Man, Mark 13. no not the Angels which are in Heaven, neither 32. the Son, but the Father. The Angels who excel in Knowledge, and fhall administer in all the Solemnities of the laft Judgment, are ignorant' of it, and fo is the Son of Man, who is himself D 2


to be the Judge, and who as God knoweth all Things, yet as to his human Understanding he did not know it; which is not unreasonable to fuppofe, if we confider that the human Nature of Chrift did not neceffarily know all Things by Virtue of its Union to the Divine Nature, otherLuke. 2. wife Jefus could not have grown in Wisdom and Favour with God and Man.


Q. What shall be the Manner and the Circumftances of Chrift's Appearing?




I Cor. 15.

2 Thef. 1. A. He fhall be revealed from Heaven with his
mighty Angels. He fhall defcend with a Shout,
Thef. 4. with the Voice of the Arch- Angel, with the Trump
Luke 9. of God. He shall come in his own Glory, and
in bis Father's, and in that of his holy Angels.
Mat. 25. He ball fit upon the Throne of his Glory, and
31, 32. all Natious fhall be gathered before him, and be
fhall feparate them, the one from the other, as a
Shepherd divideth bis Sheep from the Goats. Thofe
that fleep in the Grave fhall awake, and the
1 Thef. 4. Dead in Chrift fhall rife first, and they that are
16, 17 alive fhall be changed and caught up to meet the
Lord in the Air; which fufficiently fhews the
Tit. 2.13. glorious Appearing of the Great God, and our
Saviour Jefus Chrift: Glorious in respect of
the Brightness and Splendor of his celeftial Bo-
dy, ftill made more glorious and majestick by
the Authority which his Father hath commit-
ted to him of Univerfal Judge: Glorious in
his Retinue, being accompanied with thousands
of holy Angels, who fhall attend not only to
make up the Pomp of his Appearance, but as
Minifters of his Juftice; and glorious, laftly,
in that bright Throne of Glory, from whence
he fhall difpenfe Life and Death to all the



Q. What

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Q. What may we learn from the Certainty of a future General Judgment?

A. To govern our Lives with that Care and Confideration, and with that due Regard to the Measures of our Duty, that we may be able to give up our Accounts with Joy, and not with Grief. To keep that strict Watch over ourselves by frequent Examination, that our Demeanour, in this State of Probation and Trial, may obtain the Favour and Acceptance of our Judge at his dreadful Tribunal. To reftrain ourselves from committing the leaft Sin, because there is none fo inconfiderable as to be overlooked at the general Audit. Not to encourage ourselves by the greatest Secrecy to the Breach of any of God's holy Laws, because all our Actions fhall be then exposed to publick View, and known by the whole World, to our eternal Infamy, and Reproach. Not to be dejected by the Slanders and Calumnies of bad Men, because our Integrity fhall then be cleared by him who cannot err in Judgment. To improve all those Talents the Providence of God hath intrusted us with, because we are but Stewards, and muft give an Account of them. To be fincere in all our Words and Actions, because in that Day the Secrets of all Hearts fhall be disclosed. To avoid all rafh Judging of others, because he that judgeth another fhall not escape the Judgment of God. To abound in fuch Works as we know will particularly diftinguish Men at that Day, as feeding the Hungry, cloathing the Naked, &c. because our Labour fhall not be in vain in the Lord. And yet after the moft careful and induftrious Performance of our Duty, to be humble and jealous over our own D 3 Conduct

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Conduct, because, though we know nothing
by ourselves, we are not thereby juftified, for
be that judgeth us is the Lord.

Q. What should we learn from the Uncertainty of the Time when we shall be judged?

A. Immediately to reconcile ourselves to God by a fincere and hearty Repentance, that the terrible Day of God's Wrath may not find us unprepared: To be always upon our Guard, that we may make a daily Progress towards Chriftian Perfection, and conftantly defend ourfelves against the Attacks of our fpiritual Enemies: To be frequent in all Acts of Piety and Devotion, that when we are fummoned to appear, we may, if poffible, be found employed in religious Exercifes: To beg God's Grace that the Day of Judgment may not overtake us unawares, but that by a patient Continuance in well-doing we may wait for Glory, Honour, and Immortality.




For Preparation



Lmighty God, give me Grace, that may caft away the Works of Darkness, and put for Judg- upon me the Armour of Light, now in the Time of this mortal Life (in which thy Son Jefus Chrift came to vifit us in great Humility) that in the laft Day, when he shall come again in his glorious Majefty to judge both the Quick and Dead, I may rife to the Life immortal, through him who liveth and reigneth with thee, and the Holy Ghoft, now and ever. Amen,


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Succefs of

Lord Jefus Christ, who at thy firft Com- For the ing didft fend thy Meffenger to prepare God'sMithy Way before thee; grant that the Ministers nifters. and Stewards of thy Myfteries may likewife fo prepare and make ready thy Way, by turning the Hearts of the Difobedient to the Wisdom of the Juft; that at thy fecond Coming to judge the World, we may be found an acceptable People in thy Sight, who liveft and reignest with the Father and the holy Spirit, ever one God, World without End. Amen.

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Lord, raife up, I pray thee, thy Power, For Re

and come

fcue from Tempta

great Might fuccour me, that whereas through my tion. Sins and Wickedneffes I am fore lett and hindred in running the Race that is set before me, thy bountiful Grace and Mercy may speedily help and deliver me, through the Satisfaction of thy Son our Lord, to whom, with thee and the Holy Ghost, be Honour and Glory, World without End. Amen.




Throne at God's right Hand, where thou For Prenow fitteft, thou wilt come again to judge the paration World, attended with thy holy Angels. I be- for Judglieve, O thou adorable Judge, that all Mankind shall be summoned before thy awful Tribunal; all the Dead who fhall be waked out of their Graves, when the Angel fhall blow the last Trump: and all that are then Quick and Alive, D 4


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