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which they split. That the praying not to be led into Temptation, supposes not only an Obligation in us to avoid dangerous Occasions, but also a Proneness in our Nature to be overcome when we are attacked. That the Promises of God's Affiftance imply, we cannot work out our Salvation upon the Stock of our own Strength; and that the Means of Grace, which are so necessary to secure us, shew that our Sufficiency is of God.



Christ didst give to thy Apostle St. Peter shops and many excellent Gifts, and commandeft him Pastors. earnestly to feed thy Flock; make, I beseech thee, all Bishops and Pastors diligently to preach thy holy Word, and the People obediently to follow the same, that they may receive the Crown of everlasting Glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God, who never failest to help and govern For the

them whom thou dost bring up in thy Protection
ftedfast Fear and Love ; keep me, I beseech of Provi-
thee, under the Protection of thy good Provi-dence.
dence, and make me to have a perpetual Fear
and Love of thy holy Name, through Jesus Christ
our Lord. Amen.




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III. For Re- TOST merciful God, who desirest not the pentance

Death of a Sinner, but rather that he and Par

should turn and live, who hast graciously in thy don.

holy Gospel provided for our Recovery, and
encouraged our Repentance by many Promises
of Pardon and Forgiveness ; fit and prepare me
for this Exercise of thy abundant Mercy, by true
Sorrow and hearty Contrition, by condemning
my past Follies, and by steadfastly proposing
entirely to forsake them for the Time to come :
And then, O heavenly Father, for thine own in-
finite Mercies sake, whose Property it is to shew
Compassion, for thy Truth and Promise fake,
who art faithful and just, for the Merits and
Sufferings of the Son of thy Love, in whom thou
art well pleased, cleanse me from all my Iniqui-
ties, receive me into thy Favour, and let me
continue therein all the Days of my Life, through
Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.


GOD, who for the Trial of my Faith and
Strength Obedience, haft fuffered me, while I am
to refift here below, to be surrounded with Variety of
tions. Temptations, the Flesh designing to ruin me by

its false Allurements, the Devil by his Subtilty
and Watchfulness, and the World by foliciting

every State and Condition of Life to trans-
gress thy Laws: How shall ], O Lord, a weak
and frail Creature, ftand fast, when thy great
Apostle failed in the Day of Trial ? My Help
ftandeth in the Name of the Lord who made
Heaven and Earth ; in the powerful Intercef-
fion of the blessed Jesus our Advocate with the



me in

Father, in the comfortable Asistance of the holy Spirit, by whom we are sealed to the Day of Redemption : Make me herein a Gainer, by my former Losses to be more sensible of my own Weakness and Inability, and of iny necessary Dependance upon thee my God; that being constantly upon my Guard, and under the Influence of thy Almighty Grace, neither the Pleasures of Life, nor the Fears of Death, may ever prevail upon me to quit the Way of thy Commandments; but that being stedfast and immoveable, I may always abound in the Work of the Lord, knowing that my Labour shall not be in vain in the Lord. Amen.


Saint James, July 25.
Q. HAT Festival doth the Church celebrate

this Day?
A. That of St James the Apostle, called the

Q. Why is this Apostle surnamed the Great ?

A. Either because of his Age, being much elder than the other St. James ; or for some peculiar Honours and Favours our Lord conferred upon him, he being one of the three Disciples whom our Saviour admitted to the more intimate Transactions of his Life, from which the others were excluded.

Q. What was St. James's Profesion before he was called to the Apoftolate ?

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Mat.4.21. A. He was one of Simon Peter's Partners in

the Trade of Fishing, and Son to Zebedee of the same Profession, who kept many Servants for that Employment; which speaks him a Man of considerable Note that way.

Q. How bad St. James the Honour of being res lated to our Saviour ?

A. By his Mother Mary furnamed Salome, Sister to Mary the Mother of our Lord. No her own Sister properly so called (the blessed Virgin being in all likelihood an only Daughter) but Cousin German, stiled her Sister according to the Custom of the Jews, who were wont to call all such near Relations, Brothers and Sisters.

Q. What may we learn from our Saviour's chusing his Disciples from such mean Profeffions?

A. That God's Blessing usually meets Men in the Way of an honest Diligence; and that we ought not to contemn Men of the meaneft Employment, that are honest and industrious; espe

cially when it is remembered, that our Lord Luke 2. himself, as is intimated in Scripture, and asserted

generally by the ancient Writers of the Church, Mat . 13, worked at the Trade of a Carpenter during the

Retirements of his private Life.

Q. How came St. James to be an Apostle?

A. Our Saviour passing by the Sea of Galilee Mat.4.21. saw him and his Brother in their Ship, and cal

led them to be his Disciples; which they chearfully complied with, and took no Occasion to make Excuses from the Circumstances of their aged Father they left behind them.

Q. What new Name did St. James receive from our Saviour?

4. James



A. James the Son of Zebedee, and John his Mark 3. Brother, he furnamed Boanerges, that is, Sons 17. of Thunder.

Q. What is probably intended by this Title ?

A. It is easier to conjecture than determine. Some think it was upon the account of their rouzing the neepy World with the Vehemency of their Preaching, as Thunder, which is called Pf. 104.7. God's Voice, powerfully shakes the natural World. Or, if it relates to the Doctrines they delivered, it may signify their teaching the great Mysteries of the Gospel in a profounder Strain than the rest; which is certainly verified in St. John, upon which account he is affirmed by the Ancients not so much to speak as thunder. Probably the Expression may denote no more, than that in general they were to be eminent Ministers under the Gospel-Dispensation, which is called a Voice shaking the Heavens and the Heb. 12. Earth, and fo answers the native Importance 26. of the Word signifying an Earthquake, or a Hag. 2.6. vehement Commotion that makes a Noise like Thunder.

Q. Was there nothing in the Temper of these Apostles that might give Occasion to this Title ?

A. Yes; the Instance of their desiring our Saviour, that they might pray down Fire from Heaven, as Elias did, upon the inhospitable Sa-Luke g. maritans, that refused to receive him, Thews that 54. the Name might have fome Respect to the Warmth and Heat of their Disposition.

Q. What was probably the Reason wby the Samaritans refused our Saviour the common Accommodation of Travellers ?

A. Because our Saviour feemed to Night Mount Gerizim, the solemn Place of their Worship;


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