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Soul in Hell, nor suffer thy holy one to see Corruption, for to this Purpose it is applied by St. Acts 2.27. Peter ; the Time foretold by Hosea to be after Hof. 6. 2, two Days, as several of the Rabbies understood that Place, it was prefigured by the Type of Ifaac's Deliverance when he had been offered up; and by the Type of Jonas being three Mat. 12.4. Days and three Nights in the Whale's Belly: And his sitting at the Right-hand of God, which supposeth his Ascension into Heaven, was foretold by the royal Prophet, Sit thou at my Pf. 110.1. Right-band till I make thine Enemies thy Foot-stool. The Accomplishment of the fore-mentioned Prophecies was a sufficient Proof to the Jews, who saw them fulfilled, that our Saviour was a Person fent from God.

Q. How was Jesus proved to be sent from God by a Voice from Heaven ?

A. Just before he began his publick Ministry ; when he was baptized by John in the Presence of the great Assembly of the People, the Holy Ghost descended upon him, with a Voice from Heaven, which said, This is my be- Mat. 3.16, loved Son in whom I am well pleased. And this 17. Voice was again repeated, though not so publickly at his Transfiguration on the Mount; and 17. 5. is mentioned by St. Peter as a considerable Argument of Christ's divine Authority; For we 2 Pet. 1. have not followed cunningly devised Fables, when 16, 17,

Esc. we have made known unto you the Power and Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, but were Eyewitnesses of bis Majesty ; for be received from God the Father, Honour and Glory, when there came such a Voice to him from the excellent Glory, This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. And this Voice which came froin Hea

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ven we bear when we were with bim in the boly John 12. Mount. And a third Time there came a Voice 28.

to him from Heaven in the Hearing of all the People.

Q. What farther Evidence is there that Jesus was a Person sent from God?

A. The Power with which he was endowed of working Miracles, which when they are great and unquestionable, and frequently wrought in publick, is one of the highest Evidences

we can have of the divine Mission of any PerJohn 3. 2, son, Upon this Ground it is that Nicodemus Mat. 11. concludes that our Saviour was sent from God : 3, 4. Joh, 5:36.

And our Saviour himself insists upon this as the great Proof of his divine Authority; and the resisting the Evidence of his Miracles, he

reckons as one of the greatest Aggravations ch. 15.24. of Unbelief ; If I had not, faith our Saviour,

done among them the Works which none other Man did, they had not bad Sin. And that our Savi. our did many wonderful Things, is confessed by his greatest Enemies, Celsus and Julian, though they attributed them to the Power of Magick.

Q. Of what Nature were our Saviour's Mira

cles, and how were they wrought ? Mat.4.23, A. He healed all Sorts of Diseases, and that 24 in Multitudes of People, as they came acci

dentally without Distinction ; and the Manner of curing them was such as was above the ordi. nary Course of Nature ; for a Touch or a Word only produced the Cure, and that sometimes

upon those at a Distance : The most inveterate John 9. 7. Diseases submitted to his Power: He restored Luke 13. Sight to the Man born blind : He made the 13 Woman ftrait that had been crooked and bowed

together together eighteen Years ; and the Man that John 5. 1. had an Infirmity thirty eight Years he bids take up his Bed and walk. He multiplied a few Mat. 14. Loaves and Fishes for the Feeding of some 21. Thousands ; which Miracle was twice done, and at both Times many Thousands were Witnesses Ch. 15. of it: And, what all Men grant to be miracu- 38. lous, he raised several from the Dead, particularly Lazarus, after he had been four Days John 11. in the Grave. All these Miracles he wrought publickly in the midst of his Enemies, and for a long Time together, during the whole Season of his publick Ministry, which was about three Years and a half, and sometimes he extorted a Confession from the Devils themselves of his divine Power; and indeed they were so publick and so undeniable, that St. Peter applies to the Jews themselves, declaring, That Jesus Acts 2.22. of Nazareth was a Man approved of God among them by Miracles and Wonders, and Signs, which God did by him in the midst of them, as they themselves also knew.

Q. What Objections were made against the Miracles of our Saviour ?

A. His Miracles were such, and wrought in such a Manner, and did so plainly prove thenselves to be above the Power of Nature, that none of his Enemies attempted to solve them that Way; therefore they attributed them to the Power of the Devil, He cafteth out Devils by Mat. 12: Beelzebub the Prince of the Devils. This the 24. Jews urged at first, and was afterwards made use of by others that opposed Christianity. And some later Atheist have made the Credulity and Imagination of the People to be a great Ingredient in his Miracles, because it is said,


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Mat. 13. when Jesus was in his own County, He could

not do many mighty Works there, because of their

Q. How doth it appear that the Miracles of
our Saviour were not wrought by the Power of
the Devil ?

A. Because the Doctrine of Chrift, which was confirmed by his Miracles, was contrary to that Design which the Devil carried on in the World, and was destructive of his Kingdom. It forbids the worshipping of evil Spirits, and draws Men off from such Wickedness as those evil Spirits were delighted with ; and in fact it appeared wherever the Christian Religion was entertained, the Worship of Demons, and all Magical Arts were renounced and forsaken, and one God only worshipped. So that it is not to be imagined, that the Devil should assist in doing such Things, as not only brought no. Profit nor Advantage to him, but were the surest Instruments of abating his Power, and destroying his Interest among

Mankind. And this is the Force of our SaMat. 12. viour's Answer to this Objection ; Every King25, 26. dom divided against itself is brought to Defola

tion; and every City and House divided against
itself cannot stand ; and if Satan cast out Satan,
he is divided against himself, how mall then his
Kingdom stand?

Q. How doth it appear, that the Miracles of
our Saviour were not owing to the Credulity and
Imagination of the People?

À. Because they were often performed in the Pretence of his Enemies, who were not inclined to believe in him, and whose ImaginaFions were ready to give a false Turn to every

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Thing he did, and to pervert the End and De-
sign of them. And all that can be inferred Mat. 13.
from our Saviour's not doing many mighty 54,55,56.
Works in his own Country, because of their
Unbelief, is, that though he did some Miracles
among his own Country-men for the Confir-
mation of his Doctrine, yet finding them por-
sest with unreasonable Prejudices against him,

the Account of the Meanness of his Pa-
rents, and the Obscurity of his Education, he
rightly judged that they were not likely to be
convinced by any Miracle he could work, and
that therefore though he had done some migh-
ty Works among them, he forbore to do any
more, out of Concern for his own Country,
foreseeing they would only serve to aggravate
their Guilt, and increase their Condemnation,
till by his Resurrection he should give an unde-
niable Proof of his being the Son of God, and
then should send his Disciples among them,
against whom as Strangers they would not have
such unjust and foolish Prejudices.

Q. What was the great Miracle that gave the utmost Evidence of our Saviour's Divine Authority ?

A. His raising himself from the Dead the third Day; a Matter of Fact which was proved in the Chapter upon Easter Day, the annual Commemoration of his Resurrection ; which all Chrisțians have not only believed, but embraced as the chief Article of their Faith. The Rom. 10. Witnesses produced for this Matter of Fact, 9. were Eye-witnesses of it, and were capable of giving their Testimony in a Matter where nothing but common Sense and Understanding were required : The Action, and all the Circum


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