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pernaturally conferred upon them, was supported by the Power they had to work other Miracles of all kinds, which they every where did fre

quently; and particularly in this Kind, having Ace 19.6. a Power to impart the fame Gift to others by

the Imposition of Hands.

Q. But might not this Gift of Tongues be only the Effeet of an Enthusiastick Heal, and of a Brain distempered with Wine ?

A. Language being not natural to Man, but an arbitrary thing, no violent Heat whatsoever could form a new Language to a Man which he' never knew before. But were it possible, the Time and the Manner how the Apostles used this Gift, prove that it was no Effect of Wine, for it was the third Hour of the Day, the Time of Morning Prayers, to which the Jews generally came fafting And they argued with such Strength and Sedateness, that they convinced great Numbers of their Hearers of the Excellency of the Doctrine delivered by them; which shews their Reason was not discomposed ; and the same Spirit and Power continued with them afterwards, which proves it was not the Effect of a sudden Heat.

Q. To what End were the Apostles thus endowed with all Languages ?

A. To enable them to spread and diffuse the Knowledge of Christianicy over the World, the Gospel thereby making a greater Progress in a few Years than it could have done in human Probability without it in many Ages,

Q. Doth it seem prabable that, if ibe Conversion of Infidels were attempted by Men of honest and fincere Minds, God would extraordinarily corentenance such a Design?

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A. It is agreeable to Reason to think he would, and no ways contrary to Scripture ; for as the Wisdom of God is never found to be prodigal in multiplying the Effects of his Almighty Power, so it is never wanting to afford all necelsary Evidences and Motives of Conviction.

Q. what other extraordinary Gifts of the Holy Ghoft were conferred upon the Apoftles ?

A. They had the Gift of Inspiration, whereby they were fully and clearly instructed in all Manner of heavenly Truth, bringing to their Minds whatever Chrijl had caught them ; and supplying whatever he had designedly omitted, till they were better able to bear it ; and were thereby infallibly assisted in delivering the said Truthi entire to others. And they had the Gift of Mracles, which enabled them to prove to others, with the most convincing Evidence, those Things which God had revealed to them.

Q. Wbat do you mean by a Miracle ?

A. The Work of a superior Power, unaccountable to us from natural Causes, evident and wonderful to Sense. An Effect may then be said to be supernatural, when either in itself, or in its Manner and Circumstances, it exceeds any Natural Power that we know of to produce it ; which does not necessarily imply that Miracles are always an immediate Effect of the Divine Power, because Angels, good or bad, may do such things as exceed any natural Power known to us, and which we cannot distinguith from some Effects that are wrought by the immediate Power of God. And if a Miracle was not externally fensible, how shall the Spectators perceive it? They must find some Change in the Object, or elle the pretended Miracle is lost to them.


Q. When


Q. When ere Miracles a convincing Proof of the Truth and Divinity of any DoEtrine ?

A. When they are wrought in Confirmation of such Doctrines as are worthy of God, and which tend to promote Piety, as the Christian Doctrines moft eminently do. For if they are wrought to introduce Idolatry, or to counte

nance Impiety and Immorality, we have the Deut. 13. Warrant of Moses not to regard them. And our M?? 3. Saviour refers the Jews to the Nature of his 25, 26, Doctrine, as a Proof that his Power of working

Miracles was not from Satan. And Miracles are then more especially a convincing Proof, when they are of such a Nature and Kind that they are peculiar to the Power of God, and cannot be performed by any unclean Spirit, as the foretelling future Contingencies, knowing Men's Hearts, raising the Dead, and casting out Devils.

Q. Is it not a great Sin to disbelieve the Gospel after so thorough a Confirmation of it?

A. The Gospel being sufficiently propounded, and there being such lufficient Grounds offered to persuade Men to believe it, as the Confirmation of it by Miracles, of which we are afsured by credible Relation; it must be a Sin of the greatest Size to resist so great a Light, and to reject the greatest Blessings that ever were bestowed on Mankind.' How shall Men escape if they neglect so great Salvation, which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed by them that heard him? Be

fides, our Saviour hath plainly declared, That he ak 16. that believeth not shall be dained, and that the

not receiving his Words, designed for such an inJohn 12.. estimable Good, and attested with such Autho

rity and Commission from God the Father, is


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an Accufation which will be heavily charged on
Men at the Day of Judgment.

Q. What arë the ordinary Gifts of the Holy
Ghost, which regard all Christians in all Ages to
the End of the World?

A. All those Helps and Amstances which are
necessary for the Performance of those Condi-
tions upon which our Salvation depends ; part-
ly by illuminating our Understandings in our
sincere and diligent Enquiries after divine Truth;
and partly by exciting our Wills to that which
is good, and strengthening our vigorous Endea-
vours in the Prosecution of it. So that the Gift
of God's Spirit in this Sense doth imply his con-
tinual Residence in good Men, his being a Prin-
ciple of spiritual Life to them, and his powerful
assisting of them to all the Purposes of Holiness
and Obedience.

: Q: How may we attain these ordinary Gifts of
the Holy Spirit ?

A. By the Use of all those Means which God
hath established for this End and Purpose,
which are therefore called the Means of Grace ; James 1.5.
as humble, hearty, and fervent Preyer, a fre- Luke ii.
quent and devout Use of the Holy Sacrament, '3.
reading and hearing God's Holy Word; with the
Use of all other likely Means to attain those
Graces which we seek for at his Hands : And
all this as obedient Members of the Catholick
Church, to whom alone Christ hath prontised
these Infuences of his Spirit.

Q. What may we learn from the Observation of this Festival ?

1. To thank God for those miraculous Gifts he bestowed upon the Apostles to fit them to convert the World, and for inspiring the sacred


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Penman of holy Writ; whereby he hath given
such abundant Testmony of the Truth of our
Religion, and such firm Grounds for our Faith.
To live according to the holy Precepts of that
Gospel which hath received fo convincing a
Testimony. Earnestly to beg of God the Gift
of his holy Spirit, which is fo necessary to ena-
ble us to run the Ways of his Commandments,
and which God is ready to grant to our hearty
and fervent Prayers. To support ourselves un-
der all the Difficulties of our Christian Warfare,
which arise either from our own Weakness, or

the Power of o’r spiritual Enemies; by consi1 Joh. 4.4. dering that be that is in us is greater than be that Phil.4.13. is in the World; and that we may do all Things

through Christ that strengtheneth us. To attribute
all the Good that is in us, as well as the Per-
fections and Abilities we enjoy, to the Holy
Spirit, whose free Gift they are, and to employ
them to the Benefit and Advantage of our
Neighbours, they being therefore given that we
might profit with them.

Q. What do you mean by the Holy Ghost or
Holy Spirit ?

1. The ihird Person in the most adorable Tria
nity, distinct from the Father and the Son, and
eternally proceeding from both; being called

the Spirit ef Christ, and the Spirit of the Son, as 11.4.11. well as of the Father, and of one divine Effence Gal, 4. 6.

or Substance with them ; essentially holy in re-
spect of his own divine Nature ; for as the Son
was so begotten of the Father as to be one God
bith him, in like Manner the Holy Ghost lo
proceedeth from the Father and the Son, that
be is one anci the fame God that they are.

Q. Ivhat is the peculiar Office of the Holy
Spirit ?

1. To


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