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Q. How is the Denial of our innocent Appetites instrumental in mortifying our sinful Desires and disobedient Astions?

A. Because if we gratify them in all Things, where we lowfully may, they will by long Use and Indulgence acquire a great Power and Empire over us, and it will be a difficult Talk to deny them any thing ; for our Appetites make no Difference between an innocent and finful Enjoyment, they are only moved by Pleasure ; so. that if we will be sure to conquer and subdue them in all Instances that are sinful, we must take Care they grow not strong upon us in any Inftances whatsoever.

Q. Wherein appears the Reasonableness of this Duty of Self-denial in the firicist Sonce ?

A. Because that as God hath promised to assist and support us by his Holy Spirit in the Difcharge of this difficult Duty ; lo he hath been graciously pleased to assure us that he will reward the Practice of it with greater Degrees of Eternal Happiness; and nothing can be more reasonable then to part with Things of small Value for Things infinitely grcater and more considerable. And we are sure that the Suffer- Rom. 8. ings of this present Time are not worthy to be com- 18. pared with the Glory that shall be revealed. We are his Creatures, and the Purchase of our Saviour's Blood; therefore no Consideration what. soever should stand in Competition with the serving him. Besides, the blesed Jefus, who requires it from us, hath given us the greatest Éxample of Self-dénial that ever was, and that in Pity and Kindness to us, and wholly for our Benefit and Advantage.

The PRA Y E R S.

I. For the Almighty God, whom truly to know is Imitation of Saints.

everlasting Life ; grant me perfectly to know thy Son Jesus Chris to be the way, the Truth, and the Life ; that, following the Steps of thy holy Apostles, St. Pbilip and St. James, I may stedfastly walk in the Way that leadeth to eternal Life, through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

II. For the Improve. YRacious God, teach me readily to obey thy

heavenly Call; carefully to attend to all ment of the Suggestions of thy blessed Spirit ; entirely Grace.

to give my Affent to all those Truths which have been attefted by Miracles, and carry in their Nature an Evidence that they come from above. And when thou hast thus illuminated my Understanding with a Ray of heavenly Light, rectify my crooked and perverse Will, by the Practice of thy holy Precepts, and excite all my Affections to a constant Observation of them. Make me zealous to propagate this sure Way to true Happiness, to all those who sit in the Darkness of Error, or in the Slavery of Sin. Raise up a primitive Spirit of Zeal and Fervour to convert Souls, among those who wait at thy Altar; engage the Minds of the Great and Powerful to countenance all such pious Undertakings, and let every Christian in his Place and Station contribute to fo good a Work ; that the whole world may be enlightened with


the Knowledge and Love of God, through Jesus
Chrift our Lord. Amen.

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Lefred God, who haft set before us the Ex-For fol-

amples of thy Saints, that our Duty may the Exam-
become familiar to us, since performed by Men
of like Passions with ourselves ; arm me with Saints.
Resolution to confess thee before Men, as they
did ; that neither Profit may engage, nor Plea-
sure soften me into any sinful Compliance, nor
any Sufferings or Perfecutions so far influence
my Fear, as to make me stagger or move from
my Stedfastness; that in all my Sufferings here
upon Earth, for the Testimony of thy Truth, I
may fix my Mind upon those Things thou haft
prepared for them that love thee, and by the
Example of thy Saints, pray to thee, for those
that cruelly and despitely use me, o blessed
Jesus, who standeft at the right Hand of God,
to succour those who suffer for thee, the only
Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

The AscenŰon of our Lord Je-

fus Christ. A Moveable Feast.
Q HAT Festival dorb the Church celebrate

W WA Dreftival doth the Churcb celebrate

A. Our blessed Saviour's ascending into Heaven in his human Nature, and his sitting at the right Hand of God.

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Q. IV ben

Q. When did our Saviour afcend into Hea


Acts 1. 3:

A. Forty Days after his Resurrection ; during which Time he confirmed the Truth of his Resurrection by appearing several Times to his Difcipleș, discoursing with them, and speaking of the Things concerning the Kingdom of God.

Q. How was the Ascension performed.? Ver.9,10. A. While Jesus was blesing his Disciples, he

was taken up in a bright Cloud, they all stedfastly looking after himn till he was entirely gone out of Sight.

Q. What Testimony did the Angels bear at bis Afcenfion?

A. While the Apostles were looking after our Saviour, two of them appeared to them, assur

ing them, that as Jesus was taken from them Ver. ii. into Heaven, so he should in as glorious a Man:

ner return again to judge the World.
: Q. Was it neccfary the Apostles should be Eye-
witncles of the Ascension ?

4. Yes, in order to the Confirmation of the Certainty and Reality of it. For though this was not necessary in his Resurrection, because whatever was a Proof of his Life after Death, was a Demonstration of his Resurrection; yet the Apostles not being to see him when in Heaven, it was necessary they should be Eye-witnesses of his Act of Ascending, that so they might be able to bear their Testimony of it.

Q. What farther Proof bad the Apostles of our Seviour's Ascension ?

A. Before they saw our Saviour ascend, he 28, 29. had told them whither he was going, and what

Power and Dignity would be conferred upon him, and, as an Evidence of this his Exaltation


John 14.

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to the right Hand of God, had promised to send down the Holy Ghost upon them in a sensible Man- John 15.

26. ner; so that they, afterwards receiving the wonderful Effects of his being there, had abundant Evidence of his Exaltation in Heaven.

Q. How was Christ's Ascension typically represented under the Law ?

A. By the High Priest's being appointed once every Year to enter into the Holy of Holies ; which shewed that the High Priest of the good Heb. 9. Things to come, by a greater and more perfečt Ta-11, 12. bernacle, not made with Hands, was to enter into the Holy Place, having obtained eternal Redemption for us; all the Jews believing that the Tabernacle did fignify this world, and the Holy of Holies the highest Heavens. Wherefore as the High Priest did pass through the rest of the Tabernacle, and with the Blood of the Sacrifice enter into the Holy of Holies; so was the Mefias to offer up himself a Sacrifice, to pass through all the Courts of this world, and with his Blood to enter into the highest Heavens, the most glorious Seat of the Majesty of God.

Q. How was Christ's Ascension prophetically declared ?

A. By the Royal Prophet David. Thou hast Pfal. 68. ascended up on high, thou haft led Captivity cap- 18. tive, thou hast received Gifts for Men. Which Words, though spoken immediately of David himself ascending in Triumph up the Hill whereon the Temple itood, the Mount Siox, after his Conquest over the Philistines; yet they had also a prophetical Relation to our bleffed Saviour's Ascension into Heaven; the Phrafe in high, in the Language of Devid, fignifying Heaven, is most properiy applied to our Conqueror the


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