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And all the rest of the People, both of Clergy and Laity, strove to contribute largely and li. berally to the Poor ; that such as begged Relief might be able to rejoice, when the common Fountain of our Mercies was remembered ; and herein they are fit Patterns for our Imitation.

Q. Wbat may we learn from the Commemoration of our Saviour's Resurrection ?

A. To establish ourselves in the Belief of his holy Religion, which receives the utmost Confirmation by his Resurrection. To quicken our Repentance, since we are now assured, that he hath made full Satisfaction for our Sins, and that by believing in him we may obtain Remiffion of them, and the Justification of our Perfons. To rise from the Death of Sin to the Life of Righteousness, that being qualified with the Graces of God's Holy Spirit, we may be meet to be accounted Children of the Refurrection. To live under a lively Sense of that Happiness he hath completely purchased for us by rising from the Dead. To set our Affections upon Things above; to breathe after that State of unspeakable and endless Joy, that perfect Freedom from Sin and Misery.

Q. What do you mean by seeking and setting our AffeElions upon Things above ?

A. Such a frequent and serious Consideration of that happy and glorious State which is prepared for good Men in another World, as may engage our constant and sincere Endeavours in obtaining it. Such a Conviction of the Excellency of those heavenly Joys, as may determine our Wills to prefer them before all the Honours and Riches of this world, and wing


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all the Faculties of our Souls to the swiftest Prosecution of them.

Q. Wben may we be said to set our Affections on Things above?

A. When we govern all our Actions with a Respect to the next Life, and make it our great

Business to please God, who is the first and Rom. 6. chiefest Good : For our Fruit must be unto Ho

liness, before cur End can be everlasting Life. When we have a low and mean Opinion of the Enjoyments of this World, in Comparison of those of the next; and are ready to part with what is most dear to us to secure our, Eternal Inheritance. When we are zealous and industrious in doing all the Good we can, and bear all the Miseries and Calamities of Life with Patience and Resignation, without mur

muring, without Despondency, because they Rom. 8. are not worthy to be compared with the Glory that 18.

Mall be revecled. When we frequently entertain ourselves with spiritual Subjects, and embrace all convenient Opportunities of conversing with

God by Prayer, and by approaching his holy, Pfal. 84. Table; and had rather be Door-keepers in tbe

House of God, than to dwell in the Tents of Wickedness. When we can look upon Death as a Passage to a blefied Immortality, and welcome

its Approach, not only without Fear, but with 2 Cor.5.1. Comfort and Satisfaction. Knowing that when

ibis earthly Tabernacle fracll be disolved, we spell kave a House not made with Hands, eternal in the Heavens.

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gotten Son Jesus Christ, haft overcome blessed Death, and opened unto us the Gate of everlast Effects of ing Life ; I humbly beseech thee, that as by Refurrecthy special Grace preventing me, thou dost put tion. into my Mind good Desires, so by thy continual Help I may bring the same to good Effect, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, World without End. Amen.



Son to die for our Sins, and to rise again version for our Justification ; grant me so to put away from Sin. the Leaven of Malice and Wickednels, that I may always serve thee in Pureness of Living and Truth, through the Merits of the same thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen.


III. T is very meet, right, and my bounden Duty, Thanksthat I should at all Times, and in all Places, giving for

Chrifi's give Thanks unto thee, O Lord, Holy Father,

? Resurrecs Almighty everlasting God : But chiefly am


tion. bound to praise thee, for the glorious Resurrection of thy Son Jesus Cbrist our Lord ; for he is the very Paschal Lamb which was offered for us, and hath taken away the Sin of the World ; who by his Death hath destroyed Death, and by his rising to Life again, hath restored us




to Everlasting Life : Therefore with Angels and Archangels, and with all the Company of Heaven, I laud and magnify thy glorious Name, evermore praising thee, and saying, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hofts, Heaven and Earth are full of thy Glory! Glory be to thee, O Lord most High. Amen.

IV. For the

Lefted Jesus, who haft triumphed over the Effects of

Powers of Darkness, and conquered Hell Christ's Refurrec. and the Gravé, who by thy glorious Refur

rection hast made known the Power of thy Divinity, and proved thyself to be the true Messias ; keep me stedfast in this Faith, and grant that all the Actions of

may testify the Reality and Sincerity of my Belief. Make me to rise from the Death of Sin to the Life of Righteousness; that as I am buried with thee by Baptism, I may morrify all my corrupt Lufts and Affections; and no longer esteem the Pomps and Vanities of this wicked World, and by being conformed to the Likeness of thy Resurrection, may put on the new Man, which after God is created in Righteousness and true Holiness. That I may place my Affections entirely on Things above, and spend the remaining Part of my Life to secure that Happinefs thou haft purchased for me; that by thy Strength I may fight against all my ghostly Enemies, and by thy Power orercome them. Suffer not the Thoughts of Death to be any longer uneasy to me, since thou hast taken out the Sting, and divested it of any Power to hurt : But teach me to look upon it as a Deliverance from Sin and Sorrow, and as a Pasiage to a happy Eternity; that when I shall depart this Life, I may reft in thee, and at the general Resurrection at the last Day be found acceptable in thy Sight, O Lord, my Saviour and my Redeemer. Amen.

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Easter Monday.

Deweth the great Solemnity of

the Easter Festival ? A. The particular Care the Church hath taken to set apart the two following Days after the Sunday, for the Exercise of Religious Duties, to the End that we might have Leisure to confirm our Faith in the grand Article of our Saviour's Resurrection, and to exert our devout Affections in all those happy Consequences that are deducible from it.

Q. What are the Consequences deducible from our Saviour's Resurrection?

A. That though through the Fall of Adam we are all made subject to Death, yet that our Souls, when separated from our Bodies, shall live in another State, and that even our Bodies, tho" committed to the Grave, and turned to Dust, shall, at the last Day, rise again, and be united to our Souls ; and being thus united and purified, the whole Man, Body and Soul, shall be made capable of Happinefs to all Eternity. By our Saviour's rising from the Dead, be is become the Firs-fruits of them that sleep; and he who hath


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