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ways have their due Proportion, which Justice as well as Charity giveth them a Right to.

Q. When may our Prayers be said to ascend before God as Incense ?

A. When they are offered with such Conftancy and Fervour, as Thew we are earnestly solicitous of those Things we ask. And yet with such Modesty and Humility as loudly proclaim our own Unworthiness, and magnify that wonderful Condescension whereby we are admitted to approach God's Presence. When our Minds are abstracted from the World, and the Concerns of this Life do, as little as may be, mingle with our Requests to God. Above all, when our Petitions are offered with Faith, nothing wavering. And then we may be said to believe we shall receive the good Things we ask, when we perform those Conditions upon which God hath promised to bestow them.

Q. When is our Mortification an acceptable Sacrifice ?

A. When we not only abstain from the out: ward Acts of Sin, which feed our Disease and strengthen our ill Habits ; but when we deny our bad Inclinations the Confent of our Wills and deprive them of all those Occasions and Liberties, which, though lawful in themselves, are yet dangerous to us; because they set us upon the Brink of a Precipice : And when this contradicting our allowed Pleasure is designed in order to get the better of all sinful Desires, so that we may not be governed nor led by them.

Q. How ought we to commemorate the Manifestation of our Saviour to the Gentiles ?

A. With great Thankfulness of Mind; because

upon this enlarging the Way of Salvation,


we came acquainted with the Knowledge of Jesus Christ : And with a compassionate Sense of the Miseries of those that still fit in Darkness, and want the Light of the glorious Gospel.

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manifest thy only-begotten Son to the

ment of Gentiles ; mercifully grant that I, who know God. thee now by Faith, may after this Life have the Fruition of thy glorious Godhead, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. II.

For the come, for as much as without thee I am Guidance not able to please thee; mercifully grant that

of God's thy blessed Spirit may in all Things rule and rit.

Holy Spi. direct my Heart; that by his holy Inspiration I may think those Things that be good, and by his gracious guiding may perform the same, through our Lord Jesus Chrift. Amen.

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from whom all good

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OST Gracious God, who through thy in- For the

finite Goodness haft been pleased to offer PropagaSalvation to all Mankind, and to receive all

Chriltian humble Supplicants as Objects of thy Mercy; Knowthou didst communicate the glad Tidings of ledge. our Saviour's appearing in the World, to the People of Israel by the Ministration of Angels; and thou didst vouchsafe, as on this Day, to reveal the joyful News to the Gentiles, by order


ing a bright Star to point at the Rising of the Sunof Righteousness with healing in his Wings. Blessed be thy Holy Name for that glorious Light, which dispersed itself through the dark Regions of this World, which difpelled the thick Clouds of Ignorance and Idolatry, of Folly and Vanity; which directed Mankind to the true and most worthy Object of their Worship, and raised their Nature to its utmost Improvement. Adored be thy infinite Mercy, which brought the joyful Sound to this Land of Nativity, and haft permitted it to partake of the gracious and benign Influences of thy distinguishing Providence. O may we always value such an inestimable Benefit, by walking as Children of the Light, and by compassionating the Miseries of those that ftill sit in Darkness! To this End I humbly beseech the to profper the Undertakings of that Society which is established among us for propagating the Gospel in foreign Parts; make the Members thereof zealous and diligent in that good Work; give them Wifdom to discern the best and most proper Means of promoting it; Courage and Resolution to pursue it ; and by Unity and Affection in their Consultations, and by thy Blessing upon their Endeavours, the Happiness to effect it ; through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

IV. Rant, O Lord, that I may shew my Sense For making of the great Mercy we this Day commeaccepta- morate, by imitating the Conduct of the wife ble Offer Men, who were not discouraged by Difficulties ings to God. from obeying the divine Call. That the ralh



Censures of the World may never prevail upon me to comply with its loose and unchristian Maxims, nor the Terrors of it ever affright me from my Duty. That thy holy Word may govern all my Paths and direct all my Ways, and that, when I run astray from thy Commandment, it may recover me to a Sense of my Obligations. That the good Things of this World, which thy Bounty has bestowed upon me, may be offered for the Relief of those that labour under Want and Poverty, a Sacrifice acceptable and well pleasing to thee. That my Prayers may constantly and fervently ascend before thee as Incense; with that Attention of Mind which thy Greatness and my own daily Necessities require from me. That I may facrifice to thee all those lawful Pleasures which too much unbend my Mind, and but too often corrupt my Innocence, and betray my strongest Resolutions; that fo by contradicting sometimes my lawful Inclinations, I may, through the Affistance of thy Grace, get the Mastery of all finful Defires. Let all these my Christian Offerings proceed from a sincere and honest Mind, for the Heart is the chief Sacrifice thou requirest; and grant, O Lord, that they may be acceptable to thee, through the Merits and Mediation of Jesus Christ, my only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

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C H A P. XI.


The Conversion of Saint Paul,

January 25.
HAT Festival dotb the Church this

Day celebrate?

A. The Conversion of St. Paul,' a chofen Veffel to bear God's Name before the Gentiles, and Kings, and the Children of - Ifrael. An Apofle in an extraordinary Manner fet apart to be a Preacher of that Gospel, which he had persecuted, not only to the Jews, but to the Heariben World.

Q: Why doth the Church chuse to comimemorate St. Paul by his Conversion ?

A. Because as it was wonderful in itself, and a miraculous Effect of the powerful Grace of God, so it was highly beneficial to the Church of Christ ; for while other Apostles had their particular Provinces, he had the Care of all the Churches, and by his indefatigable Labours contributed very much to the Propagation of the Gospel throughout the World.

Q. By what Names is this Apostle described in Scripture ?

A. By two, Saul and Paul. The one Hebrew, relating to his Jewish Original, being of the Tribe of Benjamin, among whom that Name was famous, ever since the first King of Israel, Saul, was chosen out of that Tribe. The other

Latin, referring to the Roman Corporation where Acts 13. hei was born. Though some have thought it to have been in Memory of his converting


7, &c.

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