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D. Appleton, 1897 - 500
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Strona 163 - and given off in a constant stream or flux in all directions, without interruption or intermission, and without any signs of diminution or exhaustion. In reasoning on this subject, we must not forget that most remarkable circumstance, that the source of the beat generated by friction in these experiments appeared
Strona 464 - all that they involve. Did that formless fog contain potentially the sadness with which I regarded the Matterhorn ? Did the thought which thus ran back through the ages simply return to its primeval home ? If so, bad we not better recast our definitions of matter and force ? for if life
Strona 34 - To his tuned spirit the wild heather-bells Ring Sabbath knells ; The jubilate of the soaring lark Is chant of clerk ; For choir, the thrush and the gregarious linnet ¡ The sod's a cushion for his pious want ; And, consecrated by the heav'n within it, The sky-blue pool, a font.
Strona 167 - forces belongirg equally to the inorganic that constitutes the mystery and the miracle of vitality.' ' Add to these considerations the discovery of Faraday already adverted to. An electric current is not an organism, nor does a magnet possess life ; still, by their action, Faraday, in his first
Strona 330 - anees, had an important influence on my own destiny. ' Solemn before us, Veiled, the dark Portal, Goal of all mortal: Stars silent o'er us, Graves under us silent I
Strona 277 - is given, with translations into modern Greek, Latin, and English. The last-mentioned rnns thus :— • Thy form stupendous here the gods have placed. Sparing each spot of harvest-bearing land ; And with this mighty work of art have graced A rocky isle, encumber'd once with sand ; And near the Pyramids have bid thee stand : Not that fierce Sphinx that Thebes erewhile laid
Strona 426 - than those of an aqueous cloud. Indeed, water is without a parallel in this particular. Its vapour is the lightest of all vapours, and to this fact the soft and tender beauty of the clouds of our atmosphere is mainly due. 1 After an hour's halt, our rope, of which we had temporarily rid ourselves, was reproduced,
Strona 405 - Presently a maid Enters with the liquor— Half-a-pint of ale Frothing in a beaker ; As she came she smiled, And the smile bewitching, On my word and honour
Strona 360 - alternation' the universe presented itself to the mind of Carlyle. * The drop which thou shakest from thy wet hand rests not where it falls, but to-morrow thou findest it swept away ; already on the wings of the north-wind it is nearing the Tropic of Cancer. How came it to evaporate and not lie motionless? Thinkest thou there is ought motionless; without force and

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