The British Poets: Including Translations ...

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C. Whittingham, 1822

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Strona 84 - And they sung a new song, saying, "Thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof; for thou wast slain and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation; and hast made us unto our God kings and priests; and we shall reign on the earth.
Strona 214 - To cure the mind's wrong bias, Spleen ; Some recommend the bowling-green ; Some, hilly walks ; all, exercise ; Fling but a stone, the giant dies. Laugh and be well. Monkeys have been Extreme good doctors for the Spleen ; And kitten, if the humour hit, Has harlequin'd away the fit.
Strona 232 - And silver streams through meadows stray, And Naiads on the margin play, And lesser nymphs, on side of hills, From plaything urns pour down the rills.
Strona 225 - Whimsies, which close pursu'd, undo, And have from old experience been Both parent and the child of Spleen. These subjects of Apollo's state, Who from false fire derive their fate, With airy purchases undone Of lands, which none lend money on, Born dull, had follow'd thriving ways, Nor lost one hour to gather bays.
Strona 69 - Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
Strona 38 - Arise, lift up the lad, and hold him in thine hand; for I will make him a great nation. 19 And God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water; and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink.
Strona 215 - Life's moving pictures, well-wrought plays, To others' grief attention raise: Here, while the tragic fictions glow, We borrow joy by pitying woe; There gaily comic scenes delight, And hold true mirrors to our sight. Virtue, in charming dress...
Strona 226 - Phoebus' crazy son. Poems, the hop-grounds of the brain, Afford the most uncertain gain ; And lotteries never tempt the wise, With blanks so many to a prize. I only transient visits pay, Meeting the Muses in my way, Scarce known to the fastidious dames, Nor skill'd to call them by their names, Nor can their passports in these days, Your profit warrant, or your praise. On poems by their dictates writ, Critics, as sworn appraisers, sit; And, mere upholsterers, in a trice On gems and painting set a...
Strona 222 - While to defeat their labour'd end, At once both wind and stream contend : Success herein, is seldom seen, And zeal, when baffled, turns to Spleen. Happy the man, who innocent, Grieves not at ills he can't prevent; His skiff does with the current glide. Not puffing pull'd against the tide. He, paddling by the scuffling crowd, Sees unconcern'd life's wager row'd, And when he can't prevent foul play, Enjoys the folly of the fray.
Strona 223 - We find employ'd as engineers : This view my forward zeal so shocks, In vain they hold the money-box. At such a conduct, which intends By vicious means such virtuous ends, I laugh off Spleen, and keep my pence From spoiling Indian innocence.

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