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ADAMS, W. D., Dictionary of English Literature, (


Americans in Turkey, The, 15; The different
books characterized, ib.; What the Americans
have done in Turkey in respect to exploration,
17; Smith and Dwight's tour, ib.; Dr. Rob-
inson's researches, 18; Dr. Grant's labours in
Kürdistan, 19; Information obtained incident-
ally by other travellers, ib. ; Physical features
of the country, 20; Different races among its
inhabitants, ib.; Bulgarians, 21; Mohammedan
races, ib.; What the Americans have done
for literature, ib.; Translating the Bible, 22;
Education, 23; Medical practice, 26; Labours
and successes of medical missionaries, 27;
Improved condition of women, 29; Accounts
of the religious work will be found in the
books at the head of the article, 30.
Anderson, R., D.D., History of the Missions of
the A. B. C. F. M. to the Oriental Churches,

Argyle, The Duke of, and Disestablishment in
Scotland, 239; Important part taken by the
duke in the disruption of 1843, ib.; His pres-
ent position not very consistent, 240; What
is the independence now thought compatible
with establishment? 241; The appointment
of ministers, 242; The Church's supposed
power of resisting the law, 243; The leaders
of the Church desired that the law should be
altered, 244; "Claim of Right" put forward
by the Assembly, 246; The question of inde-
pendence decided against the Church, 247;
The disruption, 248; The abolition of patron-
age in 1874 did not avail to bring the free
Churches back to the Establishment, ib.; A
new proposal of Church independence, 249.
Arthur, Rev. W., The Pope, the Kings, and the
People, 293.

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Balgarnie, Rev. R., Sir Titus Salt, Bart., his
Life and its Lessons, 118.

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Revolution, 283.

Biblia Pauperum, A new, 135.
Bible, The Holy, 158.

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Coins, and Medals, Ancient and Modern, 48.
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Old Testament History, 320.
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Church History, 273.
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of Eschylus, 140.
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Canadian Dominion, The first ten years of the,
159; History of Canada after its cession to
Great Britain, ib.; The confederacy of the
British American provinces, 160; How the
provinces are divided, ib.; The first prime
minister of Canada, 161; An opposition party
set up, ib.; Contests in Ontario, 163; Consti-
tutional government in the Dominion endan-
gered, 165; Suspicion of bribery, ib.; The
government seems to be returning to the two
factions of former days, 167.
Capital and Labour, 61; State of the problem
in our own and other countries, ib.; Two
misconceptions to be cleared away, 62; Im.
provement in the working classes in England,
ib.; The three requisites for the productive-
ness of a country as described by J. S. Mill,
63; Principles of the argument between
capital and labour, 64; What may rightly be
done on both sides, 66; How far are such
principles carried out in our legislation, and
in the organization of the working classes ?
68; The state of the controversy on the con-
tinent and in America, 69; The Congress of
Ghent, ib.; The convention at Cincinnati, ib.;
Trade unions in England, 70; Their principle
fair, ib.; but their proceedings very much
otherwise, 71; Testimony of Mr. Denny, 73,
Mr. Honeyman, 74, and others, 75; Indirect
methods of the unions, ib.; Benefit clubs, ib.;
Sins of employers, 79; Trade unions should
now be let alone, 80; Events will afford them
the most effective teaching, ib.
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Church, Rev. A. J., Stories from Homer, 303.
Comprehension, 81; Varying schemes of com-
prehension in different Churches and sects,
ib.; Comprehension as to matters of faith,
82; Roman and Greek Churches, ib.; Protes-
tant Churches on the continent, ib.; Doctrinal
comprehension among Congregationalists, 83;
Wide differences of opinion, 84; Meaning of
the religious communion demanded, ib.; Na-
ture and mission of the Church, 86; Christian
view of humanity and what is necessary for
its regeneration, ib.; The method now must be
the same as of old, 88; Christ Himself must
be preached, 89; Results that have followed
all other methods, ib.
Conder, E. R., The Basis of Faith, 308.
Constantinople, 215; Beautiful site of the city
contrasted with its interior, ib.; The Capit-
ulations,' and the abuse made of them, 216;
The Sultan, 217; A reception fifty years ago,

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