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of Mr. Gould
der my care.

RECOMMENDATIONS. from a knowledge of his system, having seen it taught in the seminary un own, Aug. 28, 1924.


" Elizabe.

From the New York Patriot. “ M.T.C. t Id, of this city, has just published the fourth edition of his Analytic Guide and Authentic to the art of Short Hand Writing.' This system of Stenography is recommended in the most flattering terms by the Secretary of this state, by the late Clerk of the Assembly, by the Professors of several colleges in this and other states; and resolutions recommending it have been passed by the studeuts of Yale College. The work just published, is designed for the instruction of those who live at a distance from a teacher, and seems to be well adapted to the purpose. The elegant art of Stenography ought to form a part of the common school education; for it will be a pleasure and a benefit to those who may acquire it."

From the United States Literary Gasette, No.10. In a review of Mr. Gould's Short Hand, the editors of the Gazette say: “The little book before us is very well executed, and is the best we have seen. We learn from the advertisement, that the same theory has been published upon a card, in a letter so large as to be legible to a whole school at once, thus materially abridging the labour of teaching, and reducing the expense of systems from dollars to cents.' All this is very well, and we hope the public will reward Mr. Gould for labours, from which they may derive much benefit. We are decidedly of the opinion, that Short Hand should be introduced into our Colleges and Academies, and be considered essential in a liberal education."

From Yale CollegeFirst Class. “WE the subscribers, members of Yale College, most cheerfully unite with the young gentlemen of other colleges, in expressing our entire approbation of Mr. Gould's System of štenography, which he has lately taught in this institution. He is certainly entitled to much credit for the improvements which he has made upon this invaluable Art: and we have no reason to doubt, that his excellent system will soon become a standard for Short Hand, in the United States.

“Our progress in the art fully warrants us in recommending him to public patronage, and his system to general use. Fale College, Aug. 1, 1823."

(Signed by 80 of the Students.) From Yale College-Second Class. RESOLUTIONS passed by Mr. Gould's second class at Yale College, consisting of about one

hundred young gentlemen, attached to the Medical and Academical departments of this Institution, Dec. 5, 1823.

Resolved, that the thanks of this class be presented to Mr. Gould, for the able and interest ing manner in which he has communicated to us a knowledge of his admirable system of Short Hand, which must be admired by all who know its merits.

Resolved, That we most cordially concur in the opinion expressed at many other Colleges, and particularly by a class of 80 young gentlemen, who attended Mr. Gould's instructions in this Institution, in July last, viz: that our progress fully warrants us in recommending the Author and System to public patronage."

(Signed by about one hundred.)

From Union, Williams, and Hamilton Colleges. “ Having attended Mr. Gould's instruction in Short Hand writing, we fully concur with others in opinion, that his experience in this art has placed him at the head of his profession, and that his system of writing, and method of teaching, richly entitle him to public patronage. Our progress in the art has fully answered our expectations, and is a sufficient testimonial in favour of the system here recommended.' (Signed by more than one hundred.)

“ I have attended to Mr. Gould's method of teaching Short Hand, and most cheerfully recommend it and him to the encouragement of every one. “ JÓEL B, NOTT, Union College, Schenectady, July 16, 1822."

Professor of Chemistry, &c.

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From Union College. “ The undersigned states with pleasure, that he has examined the principles of Stenography as taught by Mr.M.T. C. Gould, and has witnessed the success with which the young gentlemen in college have attended to the acquisition of this art, under his instruction. tem is remarkably simple; the art is acquired with great facility, and is worthy of the atterr tion and patronage of all literary men.

ANDREW YATES, Union College, July 16, 1822."

Professor of Moral Philosophy, sc.

The sys



No. 6, North Eighth Street, Philadelphia.

$10 00

At the above establishment, ladies and gentlemen may acquire, by a few practical lessons, a complete knowledge of the art of short writing, for the following prices, viz. A course of private lessons, Lessons in a class,

5 00 Persons less than 15 years of age,

3 00 Short hand book,

50 Mr. Gould having visited the principal cities, colleges, and legislative bodies in the United States, as teacher and reporter, has acquired a name, which supersedes, in part, the necessity of testimonials, as to character or qualifications; still, as some may be ignorant of these facts, it is thought proper to add the following, with a respectful reference in his numerous volumes of sermons, trials, legislative debates, &c. and to id paralleled sale of six successive editions of this work, and an extensive demand for the seventh.


Washington City, July 1825.

M. T. C. Gould, Esq. has been, for several years, a distinguished Stenographer in the State of New-York, and particularly in the convention of 1821. From our knowledge of his professional skill, and his character as a gentleman, we cordially unite in recommending him to the favourable notice of the American public. He is the author of a System of Stenography, and a teacher of the art in many of the Colleges of the United States—his book is highly approved by gentle men of literary distinction, end from its adoption in Colleges and Academics, we have no doubt that it possesses superior merit-and that it justly deserves the character which it has received—"the best system extant." John W. Taylor, speaker.

Elisha Litchfield,
Joel Frost,
Egbert Ten Eyck,

Parmenio Adams,
Ela Collins,
Justin Dwinnel,

Robert S. Rose,
Jacob Tyson,

Henry C. Martindale, Rowland Day,
Hector Craig,
John Herkimer,

James Strong,
(saac Williams,
Peter Sharpe,

William Woods,
Ste. Van Rensselaer, James L. Hogeboom,

Dudley Marvin.
John Richards, John W. Cady,

The above recommendation From the New-York Representatives, in the 18th Congress of the U. S. is one only, from hundreds of similar import.

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