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KING JOHN. 1. Philip, King of France, demanding the kingdom of England from

John, in right of Arthur. 2. The Citizens of Angiers propose that the Dauphin shall marry

Blanch of Castile. 3. Lord Salisbury is sent to Constance to inform her of the peace, and

to fetch her to the kings. She throws herself on the ground.

Enter King John, King Philip, Lewis, Blanch, Elinor, &c. &c. 4. Pandulph, the legate from the Pope, excommunicates King John,

for resisting the appointment of Stephen Langton as archbishop of Canterbury, and commands Philip to renounce his league with

him. 5. A battle is fought, and Arthur is taken prisoner. 6. Hubert going to burn out Arthur's eyes with hot irons. 7. King John recrowned-His lords desire to have the keeping of

Arthur. 8. Arthur jumps off the walls of the castle. 9. Salisbury, Pembroke, and Bigot, find the body of Arthur.–Faulcon

bridge and Hubert. 10. King John resigns his crown to Pandulph the legate, who returns

it to him. 11. Salisbury, Pembroke, and Bigot, join the Dauphin in his attack

upon England. In the battle, a French nobleman, the Count

Melun, is slain. 12. The return of the Lords to King John, who is sick of a fever at

Swinstead Abbey, with Prince Henry in their company. A

monk brings refreshments to the king. 13. The death of King John.



1. The duel at Gosford Green, between the Dukes of Hereford and

Norfolk, stopped by King Richard. 2. Richard seizing John of Gaunt's effects upon his death. The Duke

of York endeavouring to prevent him. 3. Bolingbroke, returned from banishment, in arms, joined by the Earl

of Northumberland, &c.—Enter York, attended. 4. Richard's return from Ireland; met by the Earl of Salisbury. 5. The meeting between Bolingbroke and Richard. 6. Queen overhearing the conversation of the Gardeners. 7. The entry of Bolingbroke and Richard into London. 8. The resignation of the crown to Bolingbroke by Richard. 9. The parting between Richard and his Queen, on his way to the

Tower. 10. The murder of Richard.


PART 1. 1. Hotspur after the battle at Holmedon. 2. Hotspur defending himself before the King against the charge of

having denied the prisoners.—Worcester banished from the pre

sence. i 3. Falstaff, Bardolph, Gadshill, and Peto, having robbed and bound

some travellers, are about to share the plunder, when Prince Henry and Poins, disguised, set on them. Falstaff, after a blow

or two, and the rest, run away. 4. Hotspur and Lady Percy. 5. Falstaff relating his adventures to Prince Henry and Poins. 6. Falstaff playing the part of the King. 7. Hotspur, Glendower, and Mortimer, dividing the kingdom. 8. Death of Hotspur. 9. Prince John, Prince Henry, and Falstaff.

PART II. 1. Northumberland, Lady Northumberland, and Lady Percy. 2. Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet.—Poins and Prince Henry behind. 3. Falstaff“ misusing the King's press damnably.” 4. The arrest of Hastings, Mowbray, and the Archbishop of York. 5. King Henry receiving intelligence of the overthrow of his enemies.

-Enter Harcourt. 6. Prince Henry watching his father while asleep. 7. The King, waking, misses the crown from his pillow, and sends for

Prince Henry. 8. After the death of Henry the Fourth.-King Henry the Fifth,

Princes Clarence, John, and Humphrey, the Earls Warwick and

Westmoreland, and the Chief Justice. 9. The King, returning from his coronation, is saluted by Falstaff,

Pistol, &c. whom he banishes.

MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. 1. Anne Page bidding Slender to dinner.—Enter Page. 2. Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford.--Falstaff, in the distance, is questioning

his Page as to the delivery of the letters. 3. Falstaff and Mrs. Ford. 4. Ford, unable to find Falstaff, who, he has reason to suspect, is con

cealed in the house. The servants are seen carrying out the

buck-basket, containing Sir John Falstaff. 5. The emptying of the buck-basket “ in the muddy ditch, close by

the Thames' side.” 6. Master Slender courting Anne Page.—Page and Mrs. Page meeting

Master Fenton at the door. 7. Ford beating Falstaff, disguised as the old woman of Brainford. 8. Herne's Oak.-Falstaff as Herne the Hunter, meeting with Mrs. Page

and Mrs. Ford.—The fairies are seen approaching 9. Sir Hugh Evans, as a Satyr, and the Fairies, tormenting Falstaff. 10. Slender and Dr. Caius complaining of being the dupes of Anne


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