The Vulcanite: A Quarterly Journal, Devoted to the Science of Mechanical Dentistry, Tomy 1-3

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American Hard Rubber Company, 1860
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Strona 113 - But the ill effects of tobacco are not confined to the nervous system. In many instances there is a loss of the healthy appetite for food, the imperfect state of the digestion being soon rendered manifest by the loss of flesh and the sallow countenance. It is difficult to say what other diseases may not follow the imperfect assimilation of food continued during a long period of time. So many causes are in operation in the human body which may tend in a greater or less degree to the production of...
Strona 113 - ... of drunkards. I have known many individuals to suffer from severe nervous pains, sometimes in one, sometimes in another part of the body. Almost the worst case of neuralgia that ever came under my observation was that of a gentleman who consulted the late Dr. Bright and myself. The pains were universal, and never absent; but during the night they were especially intense, so as almost wholly to prevent sleep. Neither the patient himself nor his medical attendant had any doubts that the disease...
Strona 113 - ... the connection of the two being pretty well established in one case by the fact that, on the practice being left off, the sight of -the patient was gradually restored. It would be easy for me to refer to other symptoms indicating deficient power of the nervous system to which smokers are liable; but it is unnecessary for me to do so; and, indeed, there are some which I would rather leave them to imagine for themselves than undertake the description of them myself in writing.
Strona 175 - He was, according to the witnesses, completely absorbed by it both by day and night, pursuing it with untiring energy and with almost superhuman perseverance. Not only were the powers of his mind and body thus ardently devoted to the invention and its introduction into use, but every dollar he possessed or could command through the resources of his credit or the influence of friendship was uncalculatingly cast into that seething caldron of experiment which was allowed to know no repose.
Strona 138 - Equally derogatory to professional character is it, for a physician to hold a patent for any surgical instrument or medicine ; or to dispense a secret nostrum, whether it be the composition or exclusive property of himself or of others.
Strona 176 - ... winter of 1839 but for the kind offices of a few charitable friends. They are represented as gathering sticks in the woods and on the edges of the highways with which to cook their meals, and digging the potatoes of their little garden before they were half grown, while one of his hungry children, in a spirit worthy of his father, is heard expressing his thanks that this much had been spared to them.
Strona 113 - ... less extent. The earliest symptoms are manifested in the derangement of the nervous system. A large proportion of habitual smokers are rendered lazy and listless, indisposed to bodily, and incapable of much mental exertion. Others suffer from depression of the spirits, amounting to hypochondriasis, which smoking relieves for a time, though it aggravates the evil afterwards. Occasionally there is a general nervous excitability, which, though very much less in degree, partakes of the nature of...
Strona 153 - Mould is a forest of beautiful trees, with the branches, leaves and fruit. Butterflies are fully feathered.- Hairs are hollow tubes. The surface of our bodies is covered with scales like a fish ; a single grain of sand would cover one hundred and fifty of these scales, and yet a scale covers five hundred pores.

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