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pleased to choose for Thyself so bitter a death to obtain for me a good death, remember at that hour, that I am one of those dear sheep Thou didst purchase with Thy blood. Thou Who, when all the world shall have forsaken me, and not one shall be able to assist me, canst alone console me and save me. Do Thou make me worthy then to receive Thee in the Viaticum, and suffer me not to lose Thee forever and to be banished forever to a distance from Thee. No, my beloved Saviour, receive me then into Thy sacred wounds, for I now embrace Thee. At my last breath I intend to breathe forth my soul into the loving wound in Thy side, saying now for that moment, "Jesus and Mary, I give you my heart and my soul!"

R. Jesus and Mary, I give you my heart and my soul.

O happy suffering, to suffer for God! Happy death, to die in the Lord! I embrace Thee now, my good Redeemer, that I may die in Thy embraces. If, O my soul, Mary assists thee at thy departure, and Jesus receives thy last breath, it will not be death, but a sweet repose.

Willing Acceptance of Death.

(St. Alphonsus.)

O MY JESUS, I offer Thee my life and am ready to die when it pleases Thee. "Thy will be done."

Lord, if it pleases Thee to leave me still for a time on this earth, may Thy name be praised. Yet I would not wish to live longer, if my life were not wholly to be employed in loving and glorifying Thee. If it be Thy will that I die of this or of some other illness, may Thy holy name be equally praised. I receive death in order to fulfil Thy will; all I ask of Thee is to assist me in my last hour. "Have mercy on me, O God, according to Thy great mercy."

If it is Thy will that I should leave this earth, I protest that I will die, because so it is Thy will.

I will also die in order that, by the anguish and bitterness of my death, I may offer satisfaction to the divine justice for the many sins by which I have offended it and have thereby deserved hell.

I will also die that I may no longer be able to offend Thee or cause Thee any displeasure.

I will die to show Thee my gratitude for the numerous benefits and favors which, in spite of my unworthiness, I have received at Thy hands.

I will die to show that I love Thy will more than my life.

I wish, if it so pleases Thee, to die now while I hope to be in Thy grace, in order to be sure of praising and extolling Thee forever.

But above all, I will die in order to love Thee with all my strength and forever in heaven, where through Thy precious blood, O my Saviour, I hope to arrive some day, and where I shall be certain to love Thee unceasingly.

My Jesus, through love of me Thou didst will to suffer death on the cross; behold, I also through love of Thee accept death with all the sufferings which await me in my last hour, saying with St. Francis: "Let me die, O Lord, through love of Thee, Who didst die through love of me."

O my Redeemer, my Love, my only Good, I beseech Thee through Thy sacred wounds and

painful death, let me die in Thy grace and love.

O Jesus, my Saviour, I beseech Thee most particularly through the pains Thou didst endure when Thy most holy soul was separated from Thy adorable body, graciously to receive my soul on its leaving my body.

O Mother of God, most blessed Virgin Mary, intercede with Jesus for me at the hour of my death, when in a most special manner I shall be in need of thy assistance.

O Mary, Mother of grace, Mother of mercy, shield us from the enemy and receive us in the hour of death. To thy protection we fly, O holy Mother of God! Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners.

O holy Joseph, my loving Father, assist me in that decisive moment.

St. Michael, the archangel, deliver me from the evil spirits who lay snares for my soul.

My holy patron, and all ye saints of heaven, pray to God for me. Amen.

Litany for a Happy Deatb.

(For Private Devotion Only.)

O LORD JESUS, God of goodness and Father of mercies, I approach Thee with a contrite and humble heart; to Thee I recommend my last hour, and that which then awaits me.

When my feet, now motionless, shall admonish me that my mortal course is drawing to an end;

R. Merciful Jesus, have mercy on me.

When my hands, cold and trembling, shall no longer be able to hold Thy crucified image, and shall let it fall from their feeble grasp upon my bed of pain;

R. Merciful Jesus, etc.

When my eyes, dim and troubled at the horror of approaching death, shall fix on Thee their languid and expiring looks;

R. Merciful Jesus, etc.

When my lips, cold and trembling, shall pronounce for the last time Thy adorable name; R. Merciful Jesus, etc.

When my cheeks, pale and livid, shall inspire

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