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7. In the care of the spiritual welfare of the sick, have I confided too much in my own powers and exertions, and too little in the grace of God?

8. Have I reminded the sick that they can expiate the punishments due to their sins, by bearing their pains in the spirit of penance?

9. Have I encouraged them to pray, especially for obtaining the grace to bear their sufferings with patience and merit?

10. Have I taught them to keep themselves united with God by short ejaculatory prayers?

11. Have I exhorted them to bear with each other lovingly, meekly and patiently?

12. Have I tolerated too great familiarity among them?

13. Have I through want of vigilance become the cause that evil was done?

14. Have I always been solicitous to edify them more by my example than by my words?

15. Have I considered it my sacred duty to assist the sick given to my care by pious exhortations, especially in their agony?

16. Have I diligently prayed for them, even after their decease?


1. HAVE I allowed myself to be carried away by external activity and thereby neglected my own salvation?

2. Have I indulged in continual distraction of mind, rarely entering into myself, neglecting examination of conscience and the regular reception of the holy sacraments?

3. Have I looked for futile pretexts, in order to omit common exercises, reading, meditation, etc.?

4. Have I wilfully given in to distraction during meditation, office, and other spiritual exercises?

5. Have I each day renewed my good resolutions and endeavored to put them into practice?

6. Have I manifested dislike and discontent when I was called upon by obedience to make some sacrifice, especially with regard to the service of the sick?

7. Have I, in order to comply with the

wishes of the sick, acted contrary to the orders of my superiors or of the physician?

8. Have I been punctual in observing the Rule, chiefly with respect to silence, loving charitableness to the sick, as also to circumspection in conversing with the inmates of the house?

9. Have I, without leave, accepted or given something to others? have I at least later on mentioned it to my superiors and obtained their approval?

10. Have I also, when outside the house, maintained myself in the spirit of poverty and not asked for unnecessary comforts, choice food and drink?

11. Have I in my whole demeanor observed the modesty and reserve suitable to the religious state?

12. Have I in every respect been cautious and decent in tending the sick?

13. Have I strictly made the sick themselves observe the greatest decency?

14. Have I endeavored to avoid too great familiarity?

15. Have I engaged in unnecessary or even

unseemly discourse with the sick, or the inmates of the house?

16. Have I been temperate in eating and drinking, especially in regard of strong spirituous liquors?

17. Have I candidly informed my superiors of the difficulties and dangers which I met with in the service of the sick?

18. Have I, in the tribunal of penance, simply and frankly accused myself not only of my sins, but also of my temptations and the causes thereof?

19. Have I, while serving the sick, been solicitous to seek only God's pleasure and not vain human praise?

Prayers to the Saints.


(July 14th.)

O LORD JESUS CHRIST, Light of confessors, we thank Thee for having given us so many shining examples of virtue in the holy confessors, who by word and deed, prayer and morti

fication, penance and obedience, chastity and humility, as also by works of mercy, have shown us the way to heaven; graciously grant, through the intercession of St. Alexius, Thy confessor, that we may faithfully profess with heart and mouth, in our work and life the salutary doctrine of our holy Church. Who livest and reignest, etc.


(November 19th.)

DEAR St. Elizabeth, illuminated by supernatural light, and endowed with an unshaken faith, which showed thee to be a true daughter of the holy Gospel; thou who didst see in the person of thy neighbor the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the sole object of thy affections; and therefore didst place all thy delight in holding converse with the poor, in serving them, in drying their tears and comforting them in their sorrows, in assisting them with devoted charity, in the midst of pestilence and all kinds of miseries. Thou who, in order to

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