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sin, and be sent to hell, as I had deserved. The patience Thou hast shown towards me, O my God, makes me hope that through the merits of Jesus Christ Thou wilt pardon me in this confession all my offences against Thee. I repent of them and am grieved because I have thereby deserved hell, and lost heaven; but I am especially sorry for them from the bottom of my heart, not so much because I have deserved hell, but because I have displeased Thee, Who art infinite goodness. Yes, I love Thee, O sovereign Good, and because I love Thee I repent of all my offences against Thee. I have turned my back upon Thee; I have been wanting in respect towards Thee; I have despised Thy grace, Thy friendship; in a word, O Lord, I have wilfully lost Thee. Ah! for the love of Jesus Christ forgive me all my sins: I repent of them with my whole heart; I hate, I detest them; I abhor them more than all evils, and I repent not only of my mortal, but also of my venial sins, which likewise displease Thee. I purpose for the future, with the help of Thy grace, nevermore wilfully to offend Thee. Yes, my God, I will rather die than sin again.


MY DEAR JESUS, how much do I not owe Thee! By the merits of Thy blood I trust that I have this day been pardoned. I thank Thee exceedingly and I hope to praise Thy mercies forever in heaven. My God, if hitherto I have so often lost Thee, I will lose Thee no more for the time to come: I am really resolved to change my life. Thou deservest all my love; I wish to love Thee in good earnest. My will is never again to be separated from Thee. T have already promised Thee, and I promise Thee again at this moment, to consent rather to die than to offend Thee again. I promise to fly the occasion of sin, and to use this means (here mention it) for not falling again. But Thou, my Jesus, knowest my weakness; give me the grace to be faithful to Thee until death, and to have recourse to Thee in my temptations.

Most holy Virgin Mary, assist me; thou art the Mother of perseverance: I place all my hope in thee.

Prayers of a Sick Derson on Receiving boly Viaticum.


THROUGH Thy unspeakable goodness, O my dearest Jesus, Thou hast, as I hope, forgiven me my sins in the Sacrament of Penance. But not satisfied with this, Thou wilt now give me Thy adorable body and blood as a pledge of Thy mercy, and as I am not able to appear at the foot of Thy altar, Thou deignest to come to my sick-bed. Ah, how infinitely great is Thy love for me! But before entering my heart, cleanse it yet more, inflame it with Thy love, augment my faith and my hope, and then be for me the celestial nourishment, which will help me to triumph over the enemies of my soul. Divine Jesus, in Thee alone do I put my trust; Thou alone canst be my helper and consoler. Awaken within my heart those feelings which can make it pleasing to Thine; come into my heart, most bountiful Jesus (as my Viaticum); protect and make me strong against the pursuit of the wicked enemy and give my soul everlasting bliss. Amen.


BEHOLD my Creator, my Redeemer comes to me, His poor unworthy creature! I adore Thee with deepest reverence, O my God! . . . With the greatest impatience do I desire Thee, my loving Master! Come, come, O my God! Come, to strengthen my weakness, to heal my wounds, to alleviate my suffering, to enrich me with the fulness of Thy graces and to inflame me with Thy love! Come, loving Jesus, stay within me, as I wish in life and in death to be united with Thee forever.

On a table covered with a clean white cloth put a crucifix between two lighted candles, a glass of pure drinking-water, and a vessel with holy water.

On entering the sick-room, the priest says:
Pax huic domui.

The clerk answers:

Et omnibus habitantibus in ea.

Soon after the priest and clerk pray alternately:
P. Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini.
C. Qui fecit coelum et terram.

P. Domine exaudi orationem meam.

C. Et clamor meus ad te veniat.

P. Dominus vobiscum.

C. Et cum spiritu tuo.

After the priest has said a Latin prayer, the clerk begins the Confiteor and says Amen to each of the short prayers which follow.


I HAVE now the great happiness to possess Thee in my heart, O good Jesus! I adore Thy infinite majesty, and cannot say aught else but: Who art Thou, O Lord, and who am I, whom Thou hast deigned to visit? At this thought I humble myself in Thy presence as much as I am able.

How infinitely great is Thy goodness! How admirable Thy love! . . . My God, my Redeemer, my Jesus, has united Himself to me! Now I can say with the prophet: "Although I walk in the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for Thou, O God, art with me." . . . I thank Thee, O God of my soul, and would that I were able to thank Thee as I ought. I pray my angel guardian, my holy patrons, and the most Blessed Virgin to praise, bless and thank Thee in my stead. I wish and pray now for nothing else, but that all the sighs and inward

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