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I go to rest, I come into the land of the living, into the kingdom of peace, to the heavenly banquet, to the marriage-feast of the Lamb! There I shall see what no eye has seen; hear what no ear has heard, and possess what has never entered into the heart of man to conceive. I go to a country where I shall have no weakness to endure, no affliction to suffer, and no danger of damnation to fear, because I shall look upon God, love Him, praise Him, and extol Him for all eternity.

Desire of beaven.

(St. Alphonsus.)

THOSE Souls who had but a faint desire of heaven will have a special pain to endure in purgatory; that is the so-called pain of desire or yearning. This life is a prison, a place of punishment, where we cannot see God. Therefore David prayed: 66 Conduct my soul out of prison." And St. Augustine exclaims: "Let me die, O Lord, that I may see Thee." Say therefore:

I desire heaven, in order to love Thee, O my God, forever and with all my strength.

When shall I be able to say: My God, now I can no longer lose Thee?

When, O my God, shall I behold Thy infinite beauty and love Thee face to face?

In heaven I shall always love Thee and Thou wilt always love me; we shall then forever love each other, O my God, my Love and my All!

My Jesus, when shall I kiss the wounds Thou hast received for me?

O Mary, my Mother, thou who hast lavished so much love and help upon me, when shall I come to see thee and prostrate myself at thy feet?

Turn then, my gracious advocate, thy merciful eyes towards me, and after this exile show unto me Jesus, the blessed fruit of thy womb!

Sbort Aspirations.

(Father von Cochem.)

JESUS, MARY! Jesus, be gracious unto me! Jesus, be merciful unto me! Jesus, pardon me my sins!

O most bountiful Jesus, have mercy upon me for the sake of Thy bitter suffering; and through Thy bitter death grant me a happy end.

Jesus, for Thee I live!

Jesus, for Thee I

die! Jesus, Thine I am, living or dead!

Jesus, in Thee I believe! Jesus, in Thee I hope! Jesus, Thee do I love from the bottom of my heart!

Into Thy hands I commend my spirit; into Thy faithful Heart I consign my feeble heart; to Thy bitter death I unite my own death!

O Jesus, do not abandon me! O Jesus, do not reject me! O Jesus, do not condemn me, because Thou didst redeem me at the cost of such great pain!

O heavenly Father, Thou hast created me for Thy greater glory! O Christ Jesus, Thou hast redeemed me through Thy bitter suffering! O Holy Ghost, Thou hast sanctified me by Thy grace! Ah, do not permit my soul to fall a prey to the evil one.

I hope in Thy goodness, O benevolent Father! I hope in Thy suffering, O Christ Jesus! I hope in Thy mercy, O Holy Spirit!

I believe whatsoever the Catholic Church believeth, and in this faith will I live and die.

I firmly hope through Thy grace and my own co-operation to obtain everlasting bliss, and in this hope will I live and die.

I love Thee, O my God, from the bottom of my heart, and in this love will I live and die!

I repent of my sins from the bottom of my heart, and in this repentance will I live and die.

I hide myself in the wounds of Jesus Christ, and in these wounds will I live and die.

Jesus, through Thy crimson blood, do not forsake me in my last hour! Through Thy bitter death, I beseech Thee to grant me a happy death! O Jesus, into Thy gentle Heart receive all my pains and bitter anguish !

Holy Mary, assist me! O Mary, do not forsake me! O Mary, pray for me.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for me, a poor sinner, now and at the hour of my death.

O my most beloved advocate, turn thy merciful eyes towards me, and after this exile show unto me Jesus, the blessed fruit of thy womb!

Through the bitter Passion of thy Son assist me in my suffering, and through His most bitter death obtain for me a blessed end.

Into thy hands I commend my spirit; into thy maternal heart, my parting soul!

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