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hell, but chiefly because I have done so much injury to my God, because I have crucified Thee, O my Jesus, and become the cause of Thy death.

I mourn and shall mourn for it unto my dying day.

Therefore I accuse myself before Thee with all my heart, and confess that I have done great evil and wrong.

I confess that I am truly worthy of hell and deserve to be damned forever.

But I humbly ask mercy and pardon for my grievous sins.

Pardon me, O my God, ah, pardon me! Pardon me, 0 my Jesus, ah, pardon me!

For the sake of Thy infinite goodness, pardon me! For the sake of Thy boundless mercy, pardon me!

For the sake of Thy bitter Passion and ignominious death, pardon me! For the sake of Thy burning tears and Thy precious blood, pardon me!

I purpose nevermore in my life to commit sin, nevermore to offend Thee!

I will give up everything rather than ever

sin again; I will suffer death rather than offend Thee any more.

I am fully determined to accomplish this, as fully as I am determined to save my soul.

Therefore, O God, let my contrite heart be pleasing to Thee, and for the sake of Thy infinite goodness restore me to Thy grace. Amen.

Incitement to Confidence.

(Bl. Clement M. Hofbauer.)

MY SOUL, why dost thou fear to depart from this miserable life and to leave the prison-house of thy body? Jesus has died for thee, and has satisfied for thy sins. He has taken upon Himself the burden of thy guilt, and has presented Himself before His eternal Father as thy security. He has promised thee paradise, if thou lovest Him, and by His precious merits He has not only prepared the way for thee, but has left thee His most sacred body and blood as a pledge of His love. Think of the innumerable benefits He has conferred on thee, and of all the dangers

from which He has saved thee! He would not have died for thee if He had willed thy destruction; He would not have watched over thee for so long in this life, nor awaited thee with so much patience. He would not have enlightened thee with such a clear light of faith, called thee with such an ardent love, drawn thee to Himself with such mighty force, nor prevented thee with so many graces. He would not have given thee time to do penance, He would not have visited thee in thy sickness nor sanctified thee by means of the holy sacraments, the signs of the elect. If thou sighest to God, He will help thee. Be converted with thy whole heart to thy God, and all thy sins will be forgiven. It is in thy power to gain heaven. It is still time; repentant sighs of penance pierce the clouds, true sincere penance will open heaven.

Desire of Union with God.

(Bl. Clement M. Hofbauer.)

O MOST BENIGN JESUS, compassionate Physician of the sick, Father of the poor, Comforter

of the afflicted, Redeemer of captives, sole hope of sinners! Behold, I, a miserable man, appear before Thee; Thou knowest my heart which burns with an eager desire of seeing Thee, and languishes with longing after Thee. O most kind and tender Saviour, come quickly to release my soul from prison, lead her from the misery of this life to the beloved fatherland. Thou art my sole refuge, my salvation, and my life. I praise Thee, I thank Thee for the bitter sufferings Thou hast willed to endure for my salvation. O how my soul longs after Thee, how it hungers and thirsts with an inward desire of Thee, because in Thee alone it finds true consolation! Come then, O supreme sweetness, and console me! Show me Thy amiable countenance and I shall be healed; let me enjoy Thy presence and my desire will be fulfilled. O how beautiful must Thy dwellings be, and how magnificent Thy palaces! how happy I shall be in heaven when I can rejoice in Thy presence!

Desire of beaven.

(Bl. Clement M. Hofbauer.)

I MUST die: O welcome necessity! I depart from the prison-house of this life in order to go to heaven, to the full liberty of the children of God. I leave the earth to ascend from this misery to my beloved fatherland. I exchange the temporal for the eternal, the vain and mortal for the everlasting and immortal, the manifold sorrow of this life for everlasting bliss. There I shall look upon my God, contemplate Him and love Him; I shall enjoy His presence, rest in the possession of Him, and lose myself entirely in Him. He will enlighten my understanding with clear light, satisfy my will with the abundance of peace, and my memory with the plenitude of His joy. In heaven I find all I desire; I have nothing more to fear and no more evil to expect. No good things will be wanting to me in heaven, for God is my All, and in Him I find all good. This life will not last long; I must soon die. O joyful and long wished for time!

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