Writer's Guide to Hollywood Producers, Directors, and Screenwriter's Agents: Who They Are! What They Want! And How to Win Them Over!

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Prima Pub., 1997 - 402
Many aspiring screenwriters suspect there is a secret path to a successful Hollywood writing career. There are secrets, but most books offer only partial solutions. Now, someone has written a screenwriting atlas, with a detailed directory of producers, directors and agents included. Better news yet is that writers no longer have to move to Tinseltown to break in. Armed with only a computer, a modem and this book, screenwriters everywhere--amateur or otherwise--now have Hollywood access.
Based on years of experience and interviews with major Hollywood players, "Writer's Guide to Hollywood Producers, Directors and Screenwriter's Agents is a road map and a trip rolled into one. In this latest addition to Prima's Writing Guides Series, screenwriter and entertainment journalist Skip Press personally escorts aspiring writers past the ever-changing Hollywood roadblocks and detours to reach their ultimate destination--a sold screenplay.
One chapter offers descriptions of must-visit World Wide Websites, with hard-won advice on ways to access and interact with producers and other online mentors. Another covers screenwriting software, A to Z. In other chapters, readers learn:
- How to avoid major amateur mistakes
- How to create a "high-concept" pitch to get a story noticed
- Why some scripts are taken seriously and others are not
- Why writing a book might be a better ticket to Hollywood than a screenplay
The guide also lists hundreds of contacts, what they want and how to reach them. It includes a Question & Answer section with agents from one of the top three agencies, along with comments from agents and managers at all levels of the spectrum.
About the Author
"Skip Press has been a paid novelist, screenwriter and producer for over a decade. He is the author of "How to Write What You Want and Sell What You Write (Career Press), as well as 20 other titles and hundreds of entertainment articles. He writes frequently for "Writer's Digest magazine and lives in the Los Angeles area.

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Informacje o autorze (1997)

Skip Press is a journalist and fiction writer. He has also written for film, television, and websites. His works include the following: How to Write What You Want and Sell What You Write, Writer's Guide to Hollywood Producers, Directors and Screenwriters' Agents, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting.

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