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pain together. There is at present a restlessness and

an apprehension on the public mind, in relation to com10 ing events, something resembling the uneasiness and

anxiety occasioned by the atmosphere, which is sometimes the forerunner of an earthquake; like Jerusalem, when Christ entered it on his way to Calvary—the

whole world seems to be moved-in short, all nature 15 seems to sympathise with us, who have the first fruits of 'the Spirit, while we groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our bodies. We have every reason to believe that we are at this moment

standing on the brink of a great moral revolution. The 20 Angel of the Apocalypse baving the everlasting Gospel

to preach to them that dwell in the uttermost parts of the earth, is now on the wing; the shadow of death is in many parts turned into the morning; the dawn of

that day which is to renovate the dominions of darkness 25 has arisen upon us; the delightful anticipations of for

mer ages begin to be realized; the splendid visions of prophecy are now embodying before our eyes; and from the altar of God a fire has been kindled, which,

like the last conflagration, will continue to burn, till the 30 elements of corruption shall melt with fervent heat-till

the earth, or political heavens, which are unfavorable to the progress of divine truth, shall be purified, or shall pass away with a great noise—till every idol in the hea

then world shall be consumed—till the present system 35 of things shall give place to the new heavens and the

new earth,—till the celestial voice shall salute our ears, “ Behold the tabernacle of God is withi men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and

he will be their God.” 40 Were yonder sun turned into darkness and the moon

into blood; were the whole frame of nature dissolved, God would remain. God would be the same in himself as he now is; but the promises contain, virtually con

tain the veracity of God; and when it is said that the 45 glory of the Lord shall cover the earth, as the waters

cover the channels of the great deep, it is enough for me that the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. I take my stand upon the high table-land of promise, and look

forward with certainty to the period, when all the pro50 mises, which respect the future grandeur of Christ's

kingdom, shall be accomplished.-Arise and shine, for thy light is come; let the Directors of this Society arise and shine; let the churches of London arise and shine;

let the ministers of London arise and shine; let the rich 55 professors of religion arise and shine. Zion, the joy of

the whole earth, shall arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord has arisen upon her; her palaces shall be adorned by the just and good of all ages. Multitudes

who live in regions far remote, and myriads yet to come, 60 will arise to call her blessed: the barbarous nations shall

attend at her gates, the numerous tribes of Africa, the millions of Madagascar, and the teeming population of India, and of China, shall be seen pressing forward to

her hallowed courts, bending in her sanctuary, and of65 fering unto God the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving,

The wealth of the nations shall be brought into her treasury, the martial trumpet shall be suspended on her battlements, and the temple of peace shall exhibit the

sword and the spear, to remind us of the triumph of the 70 Gospel. Kings' daughters shall be among her honora

ble women, the daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift, the gold of Sheba and Seba shall be offered unto her, and the rich among the people shall entreat her fa

vor; the light himself shall shine revealed from Heaven, 75 and one tide of glory, one unclouded blaze, shall over

flow her courts.

Duties and Prospects of New England.-Pres. QUINCY

And now, standing at this hour on the dividing line which separates the ages that are past, from those which are to come, how solemn is the thought that not one of

this vast assembly-not one of that great multitude 5 who now throng our streets, rejoice in our fields, and

make our hills echo with their gratulations, shall live to witness the next return of the era we this day celebrate! The dark veil of futurity conceals from human sight the

fate of cities and nations, as well as of individuals. Man 10 passes away; generations are but shadows;—there is nothing stable but truth; principles only are immortal.

What, then, in conclusion of this great topic, are the elements of the liberty, prosperity, and safety, which the

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inhabitants of New England at this day enjoy? In what 15 language, and concerning what comprehensive truths,

does the wisdom of former timnes address the inexperience of the future?

Those elements are simple, obvious, and familiar.

Every civil and religious blessing of New England, all @0 that here gives happiness to human life, or security to

human virtue, is alone to be perpetuated in the forms and under the auspices of a free commonwealth.

The commonwealth itself has no other strength or hope, than the intelligence and virtue of the individuals Q5 that compose

For the intelligence and virtue of individuals, there is no other human assurance than laws, providing for the education of the whole people.

These laws themselves have no strength, or efficient 80 sanction, except in the moral and accountable nature of

man, disclosed in the records of the Christian's faith; the right to read, to construe, and to judge concerning which, belongs to no class or cast of men, but exclusively

to the individual, who must stand or fall by his own acts 85 and his own faith, and not by those of another.

The great comprehensive truths, written in letters of living light on every page of our history,—the language addressed by every past age of New England to all future

ages is this:—Human happiness has no perfect security 40 but freedom;-freedom none but virtue ;-virtue none

but knowledge, and neither freedom, nor virtue, nor knowledge has any vigor, or immortal hope, except in the principles of the Christian faith, and in the sanctions of the Christiun religion.

Men of Massachusetts! Citizens of Boston! descendants of the early emigrants! consider your blessings; consider

your duties. You have an inheritance acquired by the labors and sufferings of six successive generations

of ancestors. They founded the fabric of your prosper50 ity, in a severe and masculine morality; having intel

ligence for its cement, and religion for its ground-work. Continue to build on the same foundation, and by the same principles; let the extending temple of your coun

try's freedom rise, in the spirit of ancient times, in pro55 portions of intellectual and moral architecture,-just,

simple, and sublime. As from the first to this day, let

New England continue to be an example to the world, of the blessings of a free government, and of the means

and capacity of man to maintain it. And, in all times 60 to come, as in all times past, may Boston be among the

foremost and boldest to exemplify and uphold whatever constitutes the prosperity, the happiness, and the glory of New England.

The Sabbath School Teacher.-JAMES.
My fancy has sometimes presented me with this pic-
ture of a faithful Sabbath school teacher's entrance to
the state of her everlasting rest.


of dissolution is closed, the triumph of faith completed, and the 5 conquering spirit hastens to her crown.

Upon the confines of the heavenly world, a form divinely fair awaits her arrival. Wrapt in astonishment at the dazzling glory of this celestial inhabitant, and as

yet a stranger in the world of spirits, she inquires, “ Is 10 this Gabriel, chief of all the heavenly hosts, and am I honored with his aid to guide me to the throne of God?”

With a smile of ineffable delight, such as gives fresh beauty to an angel's countenance, the mystic form re

plies, Dost thou remember little Elizabeth, who was in 15 yonder world a Sunday scholar in thy class? Dost thou

recollect the child who wept as thou talkedst to her of sin, and directed her to the cross of the dying Redeemer? God smiled with approbation upon thy effort, and

by his own Spirit sealed the impression upon her heart 20 in characters never to be effaced.

Providence removed her from beneath thy care, before the fruit of thy labour was visible. The seed, however, had taken root, and it was the business of another to

water what thou didst sow. Cherished by the influence 25 of Heaven, the plant of religion flourished in her heart, and shed its fragrance upon her character.

Piety, after guarding her from the snares of youth, cheered her amidst the accumulated trials of an afflicted

life, supported her amidst the agonies of her last conflict, 30 and elevated her to the mansions of immortality: and

now behold before thee the glorified spirit of that poor

child, who, under God, owes the eternal life on which she has lately entered, to thy faithful labors in the Sun

day School; and who is now sent by our Redeemer to 35 introduce thee to the world of glory, as thy first and least

reward for guiding the once thoughtless, ignorant, wicked Elizabeth to the world of grace. Hail, happy spirit! Hail, favoured of the Lord! Hail, deliverer of my soul!

Hail to the world of eternal glory! 40 I can trace the scene no further. I cannot paint the

raptures produced in the honored teacher's bosom by this unexpected interview. I cannot depict the mutual gratitude and love of two such spirits meeting on the con

fines of heaven; much less can I follow them to their 45 everlasting mansion, and disclose the bliss which they

shall enjoy before the throne of God. All this, and a thousand times more, is attendant upon the salvation of one single soul. Teachers, what a motive to diligence!

EXERCISE 83. Motives of the Gospel.-DWIGHT. To this divine, this indispensable employment, every motive calls you, which can reach the heart of virtue, or wisdom.

The terms, on which these blessings of the gospel are offered, are of all terms the most reasonable. 5 You are summoned to no sacrifice, but of sin, and

shame, and wretchedness. No service is demanded of you, but services of gain, and glory. My son, give me thine heart," is the requisition, which involves them all.

Remember how vast, how multiplied, how noble these 10 blessings are! Remember, that the happiness of heav

en is not only unmingled, and consummate; not only uninterrupted, and immortal: but ever progressive.

To this scene of glory, all things continually urge you. The seasons roll on their solemn course. The earth 15 yields its increase, to furnish blessings to support you.

Mercies charm you to their author. Afflictions warn you of approaching ruin; and drive you to the ark of safety. Magistrates uphold order, and peace, that you

may consecrate your labors to the divine attainment. 20 Ministers proclaim to you the glad tidings of great joy;

and point out to you the path to heaven. The Sabbath

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