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(No. 18.)

Deposition of Betty Townley.

I LIVED at Charlton sixteen years, and till within the last two years. I was a laundress, and used to wash linen for the Princess of Wales's family. After the Priness left Charlton and went to Blackheath, I used to go over to Blackheath to fetch the linen to wash. I have had linen from the Princess's house the same as other ladies: I mean that there were such appearances on it as might arise from natural causes to which women are subject. I never washed the Princess's own bed-linen, but once or twice occasionally. I recollect one bundle of linen once coming, which I thought rather more marked than usual. They told me that the Princess had been bleed with leeches, and it dirtied the linen more: the servants told me so, but I don't remember who the servants were that told me so. I recollect once, I came to town and left the linen with my daughter to wash; I looked at the clothes slowly before I went, and counted them, and my daughter, and a woman she employed with her, washed them while I was in town. I thought when I looked them over, that there might be something more than usual. My opinion was, that it was from **** ** The linen had the appearance of

believed it at the time. They were fine damask napkins, and some of them marked with a little red crown in the corner and some without marks. I might mention it to Fanny Lloyd. I don't recollect when this was, but it must be more than two years and a half ago; for I did not wash for the Princess's family but very little for the last six months. Mary Wilson used to give me the linen, and I believe it was she who told me that the Princess was bled with leeches; but the appearance of the linen which I have spoken of before, was different

from that which it was said was stained by bleeding with leeches. I remember the child coming. I used to wash the linen for the child, and Mrs Gosden who nursed the child, used to pay me for it. I kept a book, in which I entered, the linen I washed, I am not sure whether I have it still but if I have, it is in a chest at my daughters, at Charlton, and I will produce it if I can find it,



Sworn at Lord Grenville's House in Downing-street, the 23d day of June, 1806, before us,

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Deposition of Thomas Edmeades, of Greenwich, Surgeon and Apothecary,

I Aм a surgeon and apothecary at Greenwich, and was appointed the surgeon and apothecary of the Princess of Wales, in 1081. From that time I have attended her Royal Highness and her household, I knew Fanny Lloyd who attended in the coffee-room, at the Princess's. I frequently attended her for colds. I do not recollect that I ever said any thing to her respecting the Princess of Wales. It never once entered my thoughts while I attended the Princess, that she was pregnant. I never said that she was so to Fanny Lloyd. I have bled the Princess twice;


the second bleeding was in 1802, and it was in the June quarter, as appears by the book I kept. I don't know what she was bled for-it was at her own desire it was

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not by any medical advice. I was unwilling to do it, but she wished it. If I recollect, she complained of a pain in "her chest, but I don't remember that she had any illness. I did not use to bleed her twice a year. I certainly saw her Royal Highness in Nov. 1802. I saw her on the 16th ""of November, but I had not any idea of her being then with child. I did not attend her on the 16th November, but I saw her then; I was visiting a child (a male child,) from Deptford. I have no recollection of having seen the Princess in October, 1802. The child must have been from three to five months old when I first saw it. I have "no recollection of the Princess having been ill about the end of October, 1802. I have visited the child very often "since, and I have always understood it to be the same child. The Princess' used sometimes to send for leeches, and had them from me. I don't think that I attended "the Princess, or saw her often, in the summer and autumn "of 1802. I had not the sole care of the Princess's health *during the time I have spoken of Sir Francis Millman Matfended her occasionally.



Sworn at Lord Grenville's House in Downing-street, the 25th day of June, 1806, before us,

A true Copy,

J. Becket.





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I AM a surgeon at Greenwich; have been in partnership with Mr. Edmeades since 1800. Before he was my partner I attended the Princess of Wales's Family from the time of her coming to Blackheath from Charlton. I was appointed by the Princess her surgeon, in April, 1801, by a written appointment, and from that time I never attended her Royal Highness, or any of the servants, in my medical capacity, except that I once attended Miss Gouch, and once Miss Millfield. There was a child brought to the Princess while I attended her. I was called upon to examine the child. It was a girl. It must have been in 1801, or thereabouts. The child afterwards had the measles, and I attended her. When first I saw the child, I think it must have been about ten months old. It must have been prior to April, 1801. I understood that the child was taken through charity. I remember that there was a female servant who attended in the coffee-room. I never said to that womam, or to any other person, that the Princess was with child, or looked as if she was with child, and I never thought so, or surmised any thing of the kind. I was once sent for by her Royal Highness to bleed her. I was not at home, and Mr. Edmeades bled her. I had bled her two or three times before; it was by direction of Sir Francis Millman. It was for an inflammation she had on the lungs. As much as I knew it was not usual for the Princess to be bled twice a year. I don't know that any other medical person attended her at the time that I did, nor do I believe that there did. I don't know that Sir Francis Millman had advised that she should be blooded at the time that I was sent for and was not at home, nor what was the cause of her bei n then blooded. I do recollect

something of having attended the servant who was in the coffee-room, for a cold, but I am sure I never said to her that the Princess was with child, or looked as if she was so. I have known that the Princess has frequently sent to Mr. Edmeades for leeches. When I saw the female child, Mrs. Sander was in the room, and some other servants, but I don't recollect who. I was sent for to see whether there was any disease about the child-to see whether it was a healthy child, as Her Royal Highness meant to take it under her patronage. The child could just walk alone. I saw the child frequently afterwards. It was at one time with Bidgood, and another time with Gosden and his wife. I don't recollect that the Princess was by at any time when I saw the child. I never saw the child in Montague House when I attended it as a patient, but when I was first sent for to see if the child had any disease, it was in Montague House.


Sworn at Lord Grenville's House in Downing-street, the 25th day of June, 1806, before us,

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I CAME first to live with the Princess of Wales in 1801, merely as a friend and companion, and have continued to live with her Royal Highness to this time. I know Lady

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