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Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, that at a breaks o fast at Lady Willoughby's house in May or June, 1802, &c.

[Extract from Lady Douglas's Deposition.]

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It being material to ascertain, as far as possible, the truth of this fact, I am to



your Lordship will have the goodness to desire Lady Willoughby to put down in writing every, circumstance in any manner relative thereto (if any such there be) of which her Ladyship has any recollection; and also to apprize me, for his Majesty's information,,, whether at any time, during the course of the abovementioned year, Lady Willoughby observed any such alteration in the Princess's shape, or any other circumstances, as might induce her Ladyship to believe that her Royal Highness was then pregnant.

I am, &c.
A true Copy,
J. Becket.


(No. 14.)

Sidmouth, 21st June, 1806. MY DEAR LORD, In obedience to your commands, I lost no time in communicating to Lady Willoughby the important subject of your private letter, dated the 20th instant, and I have the honour of enclosing a letter to your Lordship from Lady Willoughby.

I have the honour, &c. A true Copy,

::8: J. Becket.


(No. 15.) MY LORD, In obedience to the command contained in your Lordship’s letter communicated to me by Lord Gwydir, I have the honour to inform you, that I have no recollection whatever of the fact stated to have taken place, during a breakfast at Whitehall in May of June 1802 ; nor do I bear in mind any particular circumstances relative to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, at the pe-" riod to which


I have the honour, &c.

!!! WILLOUGHBY. June 21, 1806.

3201 EARL SPENCER. A true Copy,

J. Becket.

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(No. 16.) Extract from the Register of the Births and

Baptisms of Children born in the Brownlow

street Lying-in Hospital. Born


May, 8, Thomas, of Richard and Elizabeth Austin, 20

July, 11, William, of Samuel and Sophia Austin, 15

The above are the only two entries under the name of Austin, about the period in question, and were extracted by me. No description of the children is preserved.

CHARLES WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN. June 29, 1806. A true Copy,

J. Becket.

(No. 17.)

The Deposition of Elizabeth Gosden.

I AM the wife of Francis Gosden, who is a servant of the Princess of Wales, and has lived with her Royal Highness eleven years. In November, 1802, I was sent for to the Princess's house to look after a little child; i understood that he had been then nine days in the house. I was nurse to the child. One of the ladies, I think Miss Sander, delivered the child to me, and told me her Roya Highness wished me to take care of him. The child never slept with the Princess. I sometimes used to take hiin to the Princess before she was up, and leave him with her on her bed. The child had a mark on the hand, it appeared to be a stain of wine, but is now worn out. I was about a year and three quarters with the child. The mother used to come often to see him. I never saw the Princess dress the child, or take off its things herself; but she has seen me do it. The child is not so much with the Princess now as he was.


Sworn at Lord Grenville's house in Downing-street,

the 23d day of June, 1806, before us,


A true Copy,

J. Becket.

last two years.

(No. 18.) Deposition of Betty Townley. I lived at Charlton sixteen years, and till within the

I was a laundress, and used to wash linen for the Princess of Wales's family. After the Priness left Charlton and went to Blackheath, I used to go over to Blackheath to fetch the linen to wash. I have had linen from the Princess's house the same as other ladies : I mean that there were such appearances on it as might arise froin natural causes to which women are subject. I never washed the Princess's own bed-linen, but once or twice occasionally. I recollect one bundle of linen once coming, which'I thought rather more marked than usual. They told me that the Princess had been bleed with leeches, and it dirtied the linen more : the servants told me so, but I don't remember who the servants. were that told me so. recollect once,


came to town and left the linen with iny daughter to wash ; I looked at the clothes slowly before I went, and counted them, and my daughter, and a woman she employed with her, washed them while I was in town. I thought when I looked them over, that there inight be something more than usual. My opinion was, that it was from The linen had the appearance of

1 believed it at the time. They were fine damask napkins, and some of them marked with a little red crown in the corner, and some without marks. I might mention it to Fanny Lloyd. I don't recollect when this was, but it must be more than two years and a half ago; for I did not wash for the Princess's family but very little for the last six months. Mary Wilson used to give me the linen, and I believe it was she who told me that the Princess was bled with leeches; but the appearance of the linen which I have spoken of before, was different

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from that which it was said was stained by bleeding with leeches. I remember the child coming. I used to wash the linen for the child, and Mrs Gosden who nursed the child, used to pay me for it. I kept a book, in which I entered the linen I washed. I am not sure whether I have it still:--but if I have, it is in a chest at my daughters, at Charlton, and I will produce it if I can find it,

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Sworn, at Lord Grenville's Housę iu Downing-street,

the 2sd day of June, 1806, before us,


A true Copy,

J. Becket.

(No. 19.)

Deposition of Thomas Edmeades, of Greenwich,

Surgeon and Apothecary,

I Am a surgeon and apothecary at Greeņwịch, and was appointed the surgeon and apothecary of the Princess of Wales, in 1081. From that time I have attended her Royal Highness and her household, I knew Fanny Lloyd who attended in the coffee-room, at the Princess's. I frequently attended her for colds. I do not recollect that I ever said any thing to her respecting the Princess of Wales. It never once entered my thoughts while I attended the Princess, that she was pregnant. I never said that she was so to Fanny Lloyd. I have bled the Princess twice;

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